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  • John Taylor
    an amazing product
    I worried I had something stinky in my heating ductwork. I called every company I could think of to see about either examining the ductwork, or cleaning them. Ther massive cost just to have someone consult about it was outrageous! This handy endoscope was half the cost of having someone come out just to talk about it! I ordered the scope. Took 10" to figure out the unclear app setup, but took less than 5" to discover the source! I estimated that I saved over $1000 by the time I removed the dead possum! This rigid scope is stiff enough to go far down the duct, and flexible enough to get around sharp corners. Fantastic fun gift for anyone!

    Aug 21,2020

  • Shannon Lowe
    The effect is very good and very convenient.
    This endoscope can work well with the recommended 3rd party software on my Galaxy S9+. I have used it many times in automotive projects to inspect the piston crown, the inside of the fuel tank, etc. The picture quality is very good. If you are in a dirty or dusty environment, the image will become blurred if you are not careful. It does not require much dust or moisture to cover such a small lens, but it is a problem for any such camera. Just wipe it off and go again. The light is very bright and the level is well controlled. I am very happy.

    Sep 02,2020

    quality of the endoscope is quite good.
    If you are looking for a camera to check out places that are hard to see, then this what you need. It has a telescoping endoscope so that you can see the smallest of things in dark places. Good quality. Worked straight from the box.It's own veiwing unit rather than needing to be connected to a phone,tablet or computer. It has a clear picture, and take clear, crisp pictures. My husband no longer procrastinates on jobs that in the past he would have to tear things apart to evaluate. My friend had a cheaper one he lent me that just didn't do the job. This one is way better at a reasonable price.

    Aug 21,2020

  • GutZ
    The seller service is great
    This product is really good, fast delivery store service good, clear camera,easy to use.Before I bought it, I watched a lot of comparison videos to see if it was clear, but it's clear now.They will tell you how to use it. I have to say I am very happy to buy it this time

    Aug 21,2020