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  • Hyperiox
    Yes (0) Color: Carnation Pink
    I love this fidget spinner !!! Other fidget spinners that I have purchased in the past didn't seem to spin that long, this one may be smaller then the other ones but it has a very long spin cycle to it, although I would not recommend buying it for smaller kids because like I said it is small and it does seem like the center piece, like they were saying on other fidget spinners

    Nov 02,2018

  • Valentino
    Yes (0) Color: Deep Sky Blue
    Novelty Fidget Spinner Decompression Toy - DEEP SKY BLUE
    Nice nice Novelty Fidget Spinner Decompression Toy - DEEP SKY BLUE
    geras spineriukas labai lengvas vaikas neužsigaus, gali pažaisti kaip su kubiku rubiku...

    Jul 20,2018

  • red dragon
    Yes (0) Color: Carnation Pink
    This is my first fidget spinner and has spiced up otherwise boring meetings and focuses my `` fidgeting'' discreetly by spinning this under the table and prevents me from distracting others by shaking my legs and such, it has a nice heavy weight to it that is satisfying and spins very quietly

    Nov 29,2018

  • Giwrgos_225
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    floppy cube spinner
    Nice product, as a spinner is good spins for almost a minute, as a cube is decent, it doesn't turn like a quality cube, but for that price is ok

    Oct 04,2018

  • pstaffor
    Yes (0) Color: Carnation Pink
    I absolutely love this fidget spinner, it is the smoothest spinning toy I've ever had and or played with before in my life, nice weight, it's the best fidget spinner I have ever owned

    Jun 08,2018

  • Clayton Coffey
    Yes (0) Color: Carnation Pink
    Literally the best balanced fidget spinner I've ever owned and I own several, I own several typical fidget spinners and cubes, and I have to say this is hands down my favorite one

    Nov 13,2018

  • Kristin Hoover
    Yes (0) Color: Carnation Pink
    Can't have enough fidget spinner, very good balance, the finish and packaging is perfect for gifts, otherwise a great fidget spinner

    Oct 11,2018

  • CackCrusher
    Yes (0) Color: Carnation Pink
    Out of all the fidget spinners I have used, the metal it is made in makes the fidget spinner high quality

    Nov 23,2018

  • Cara Boroda
    Yes (0) Color: Carnation Pink
    He spins this in one hand and writes in the other, I must admit that the fidget spinner is very calming

    Dec 15,2018

  • MiM R.
    Yes (0) Color: Carnation Pink
    I bought this fidget spinner for my daughter, this fidget spinner is quiet and spins easy

    Sep 01,2018