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  • Lubomir
    OLAF LED Micro USB cabel - gearbest
    plusy - dobrá cena za kábel z magnetickou koncovkou - spracovanie je OK a kábel pri nabíjaní sviet - led je slabšia - nabíja max 5V 1,7A - magnet je dostatočne silný - udrží aj váhu smarttfónumínusy - kábel je tenší - viac ako som si myslelz nákupom som celkom spokojnýpluses - good price for cable with magnetic ending            - processing is OK and the cable is on when charging - the LED is weaker            - Charges max 5V 1.7A            - The magnet is strong enough to hold the weight of the smartphoneCons - the cable is thinner - more than I thoughtI'm quite satisfied with the purchase

    Jan 07,2020

  • MichaelM
    Powerful magnet, excellent build quality. But NOT fast charge compatible
    I ordered 2 of these for me and my wife. I have a Huawei P20 Pro, she has a Redmi Note 7 Pro They took quite a while to arrive. Other orders I had made after this arrived before this. The cable is very well made, with a heavy woven sleeve. The blue led is great for finding the cable in the dark. The magnetic tip is very powerful, and requires a good tug to separate the cable from the tip. But it comes apart quickly if you trip over it. The only minus point is that the cables are not fast charge compatible. Maybe they are with other phones but as fast charge is a standard I can't see that being the case.

    Dec 21,2019

  • Savion L
    illuminated cable that can't Fast chare or pass data
    this will be my nightly charging cable, if I don't lose the connector.the braided cable feels nice, has an appealing dim blue glow on the connector to let you know where it is in the dark.the magnetic connector is snappy and fits my USB-C phone well.the cable isn't capable of fast charging or data pass through on a computer. shipping took the full 30 days to get to Texas. you lose tracking once it got to the mainland. for these reasons I give it a 3 / 5. its ok

    Feb 07,2020

  • Frankie
    Recommend it
    I liked the fact that the braided cable wasn't stiff. It's braided but very soft and flexible. The magnets stick super well and charges like normal. I use my phone while charging a lot. This cable practically relief any pressure put on the charging connector of the phone. Any slight bend on the connector will just tilt the magnetic connector and release itself from the phone. Now I don't have to worry about breaking the charging connector of my phone.

    Jul 30,2019

  • J&J
    Great innovation
    I really like this product, because it can fit different of plug easily. These things are great. The magnet is very strong, won't fall off. It will come apart if you trip over the cord. They self align also. Great for the car, you just get close and it snaps into position. It brings me back to the good old days when I don't need to worry about my laptop being dragged off the table when someone is tripped by the charging cable.

    Jul 26,2019

  • Todd
    These things are AWE
    Perfect!!! Super simple to use! The led on the cable remains on as long as it is plugged in regardles of whether or not it is connected to a device. A bit difficult to get the little magnetic plug out of the phone, but tweezers do the trick. All you have to do is get your phone charger port with the magnetic charging end close to the magnetic charger and it will connect. All in all these seem like a good product.

    Jul 24,2019

  • Andy
    Nice braided Cables
    I reordered some more of these, they have a quality feel to them. The light on the end is great for finding in the dark and help the children plug in their devices. Why is it they think that something will charge if they leave it near the charging area? With these they don't give up after 1 attempt and wander off as it is so easy to find the magnetic end and bang it on charge.

    Feb 15,2020

  • Darko Loncarevic
    OLAF LED Type-C Micro USB Fast Charge Magnetic
    Great surprise! I don't expect something special but the OLAF Fast Charge Magnetic Cable is really good. Fast in charging and fast in connection. It's actually fun how the connector jump from my hand right to the micro-usb adapter. I'm satisfy. Good job.

    Jan 22,2020

  • Ross
    Cables with the magnetic system of the connector. I took 2 cables with Micro Usb. I tested and they are very good, they allow the passage of high current for a fast charge with the QC3 and QC2. The final part is illuminated with green LED. These cables are very good and I recommend them. Olaf excellent seller

    Jan 27,2020

  • Eden Van
    Sweet charging cables
    These charging cables are so sweet! Easy to attach to your phone, even in the dark or in the car when you can't really look at what you're doing, because you're trying to drive. They are really durable and charge your phone fast. I'm going to buy another set. I HIGHLY recommend these.

    Jul 29,2019