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  • Gary
    Yes (0) Color: Gold
    Mini Review of the Onda V910 Air 32GB
    Got mine is the 32GB version.. many of the issue like the wifi dropping was not prevalent on my tablet..also shut-down of tablet and switching between Windows to android works flawlessly ..I am very impressed with the whole entire tablet no doubt it's built well and dose exhibit a stellar clear screen-resolution and very good brightness good deep black levels in that i did take notice right away's quick to load applications and yeah it is quite responsive to say the least did come with basic english instruction book and was set for english for me already that to that i say thank you Gearbest ..for its price - performance it did bury many other tablets i had a pleasure and opportunity to try in stores and off friends.. i also own the Samsung Note (2104 addition) to compare to the Onda and honestly the Samsung is in fact a lil faster but that's more or less about it..Screen resolution is brilliant on the Onda v919 ..Onda has bit more sharpness on the videos - Samsung i paid 580USD for that one few years back.. the Onda i got for 130.00USD on Sale how much folks can u get then this . .damn amazing tablet for its price point .. Yes, and many other things was considered when i did compare the two tablets together...even hard to say what one i like more.. Both are indeed top tablets but, for the price the Onda v919 air takes this one hands down.. Winner here i do declare
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    Jul 07,2016

  • Tassos Kard
    Yes (0) Color: Gold
    One of my best purchases ever
    I am an apple user and I consider my iPad probably my bast purchase ever. But... I am not stuck with a particular platform. I want to have my horizons open to new products and ways to do thinks, especially to one of the biggest companies ever trying to make a comeback (microsoft). The Onda v919 with the Win10 from the first sight looks beautiful and works even better.
    The built quality is very good but of course any possible problems are shown after extended use. In example how durable is the screen itself, non functioning buttons, etc. After playing a lot wiht my tablet for one day I had no crashes and all the change settings I've made where succesful (i.e system language). Everything works as was supposed to. The package was sent very well protected. The price is UNBEATABLE. The specifications vs the price is excellent. Of course the rule "what you pay, you get" is always true but up to now I suggest others to buy it and I don't think that I will regret it.
    Main reason I bought it. Win10 OS! It's very very good, finally user friendly and will gain again many many users that left it for Android and iOS. The Android option (I don't think I'm going to use it) it's a plus
    Strongly suggested and, for sure, I will make another transaction from this store.
    Didn't found anything special to comment as negative.
    The camera performance is mediocre but for the price I don't even consider it as a Con. Wifi connections up to now had no issues and delivery time was so and so... it took almost a month to receive it but it was free of charge! I don't think that I can make any other comment on this :)

    Mar 25,2016

  • litania_uk
    Yes (0) Color: Gold
    onda v919 air dual
    Great build quality
    Really light
    Love the dual win10android 4.4.4 boot
    Fast CPU
    Google play is included
    Very cheap price for such build quality
    Screen quality is excellent
    Tracking worked up to UK so I could check when it would arrive

    I seriously reccomend the v919, the one I received has d win button and side SD card slot, so pls ignore the reviews you find, no top slot here, and in gold, the tablet is just gorgeous, so thin as well. I received it with version v7 installed, everything works for both android and win 10.

    Buy it now, or email me for advice.

    Delivery took 2 weeks so next time I'll pay for expedited..But then its more money to pay, you choose.

    Nov 21,2015

  • Quang Le
    Yes (0) Color: Gold
    Chinese Dual OS android and windows 10
    thanks for fast delivery and got it before Christmas.
    Tablet is beautiful in design and color and very attractive. Only one huge problem is chinese language even manual book. This is a big issue if Onda wants to move to english users that everyone on the world can use ịt
    It took me couple hours to change to english because I can not read chinese and finally I upgraded to english windows 10 Home version. Only adnroid one has changed to english but can not update or hard to install apps from google play store.
    Generally, I give 4 stars.
    thanks and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all and wish the GEARBEST all the best.
    thanks GEARBEST

    Dec 27,2015

  • Michele
    Yes (1) Color: Gold
    Tablet ONDA V919 32 giga bello e conveniente
    Il tablet ha un display davvero molto bello e anche la costruzione generale davvero ottima, la ricenzione del wifi è buona e la navigazione web è fluida, molto maneggevole per le dimensioni e pesa il giusto, abbinato con la cover è perfetto. Batteria con buona durata, ha espansione di memoria, cmq al prezzo di vendita è regalato e gearbest ha fornito anche l'adattatore europeo gratuitamente. Sempre molto fluido e reattivo con i suoi 2 giga di ram, windows è il 10 completo senza limitazioni e android 4.4.4. spedizione gratuita e ricevuto in una settimana dalla cina con Italy Express e ha consegnato bartolini
    La memoria è un po scarna su android con pochi giga liberi ma per chi vuole spendere un po di più c'è la versione da 64 giga si risolve con la micro sd, ogni tanto ho avuto qualche blocco per la temperatura ma niente di preoccupante, le fotocamere non sono il massimo e audio della cassa leggermente basso ma per il prezzo è il mio migliore acquisto di sempre

    Jul 20,2016

  • John
    Yes (0) Color: Gold
    treasure gold..:)
    Huge display, android and windows built in it. Work is smooth, switching among operating systems is very simple and works amazing. Design of this tablet is one of the most attractive on the market, golden color is really beautiful. 2 GB RAM is enough for playing advanced games, 32 GB ROM = enough place for your photos, games, videos... Generally the price is very good for such a quality.
    -English user manual for tablet and for windows 10
    - delivery in 2 months
    - Chinese apps (you are not able to distinguish what is important and what you can simply erase).

    Dec 30,2015

  • Luis P
    Yes (0) Color: Gold
    Excelente Construccion !
    Buena Tablet, con una construccion Fina, y excelente, la pantalla se ve bien, pero para sus especificaciones segun la descripcion, no es tan nitida. Pero por el precio esta super excelente.
    Al momento no he podido hacer actualizacion a android 5.0 ,pero funciona bien,
    Trabaja suave, cuando cambias de android a window lo hace muy bien, al momento sigo probandolo, solo tengo menos de un mes con La tableta
    Sonido o el audio esta muy claro y nitido , pero muy bajo. Las camara son de muy pobre calidad, pero para el precio de la tableta estan bien,
    Creo que para los mega pixels que tiene la pantalla deberia verse mejor, pero no esta mal.

    Jan 17,2016

  • Oliver
    Yes (1) Color: Gold
    Very good tablet
    Android and Windows are running very smooth.
    2 GB of RAM are enough.
    The processor is pretty fast so its nice for full-hd videos or movies.
    The WIFI speed is pretty good.
    The display is very bright and very sharp.
    HD display
    Fast delivery and nice packaging (good job gearbest)
    All in all its a very good tablet. Im very statisfied with the product.
    Sometimes bluetooth is a bit buggy in (only in windows), but its not a big problem.

    Dec 09,2016

  • Pelayo
    Yes (0) Color: Gold
    Buen diseño y funcional
    Vino configurada en ingles, tanto en Windows como en Android y este último además sin aplicaciones "raras", con lo básico y con Google Play instalado y funcional.
    La imagen es espectacular, quedé gratamente sorprendido.
    El uso que le doy es principalmente para ver películas y series, lectura y navegar por internet, y su uso tanto en uno como en otro SO es fluido, aunque uso más android.
    Se conecta bien a la wifi y la navegación es fluida.
    La capacidad de 32 GB es algo escasa, hubiera cogido la de 64 si hubiera habido existencias, ya que con las actualizaciones en Windows, enseguida te queda al límite. Aunque se puede arreglar con una tarjeta de 64 GB, al menos en windows.
    El sonido no es muy bueno

    Feb 10,2017

  • Lothar
    Yes (0) Color: Gold
    Impressive and perfect !!!
    The table is amazing !
    Top build quality !
    Impressing display quality !
    Fast and smoothly running on Windows 10 and Android !
    All software ready to use installed.
    Windows 10 runs really good !
    I will recommend this tablet as high as i can !
    No Ipad required !
    Moreover, i don´t like used food ;) like an apple with a bite ....
    Really nothing !!!

    Jul 09,2016