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  • GB_Guest
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: HK Warehouse
    A Speed Demon And Overall Beast
    By far the fastest and smoothest phone I've ever had. Apps and games open at ridiculous speeds.

    1080p Amoled 6 inch 18x9 screen is the most beautiful I've seen. Just produces beautiful colors.

    Battery life, which has averaged between 8 to 10 of screen on time, is simply amazing. Wasn't expecting that to be honest.

    Aluminum build quality seems solid and appears very strong. I like it's elegance.

    Love the always on display that lights up when you pick up the phone.

    Call quality and instant messaging is solid.

    LTE reception has been good and solid in the US. Bands 2 and 4 are very responsive. Have never gotten band 12, but band 12 isn't strong where I live.

    Built in speaker is pretty loud and has a rich sound.

    Headphone speaker jack produces great and rich sound.

    Overall this is a major purchase for me and I'm having no regrets. Gearbest gave me a slight discount on it, which I appreciate. Loving this phone and think I could use it for 2 years easily.
    There is no expandable storage, so you'll have to live with 64gb or 128gb.

    No official waterproof rating.

    No wireless charging, which is impossible with an aluminum phone.

    No stereo speakers.

    I actually don't like the launcher it comes with, and had to change it to one I do like.

    Apr 13,2018

  • Сергей
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: HK Warehouse
    Восторг от Oneplus 5t
    Телефон огонь, товарищи. Брал по распродаже на др сайта за 480$. Качество сборки огонь, в руке лежит как влитой, не скользит, не вылетает. Работает просто огонь, все супер быстро. Камеры хватает для снимков в дневное время, хотя конечно не сравнить с флагманами(но может все дело в руках :D).
    Зарядка за 1.15 до 100% - это космос. Сеть ловит хорошо (но Iphone лучше имхо). Чехол силиконовый прозрачный в подарок - приятно. Сразу заказал чехол от Nilkin - он вообще садится как влитой, даже с трудом одевается и снимается.
    Яркости на минимум с головой хватает в темной комнате, на максималке при любом солнце.
    Конечно радует и наличие 3.5 джека.
    Переключатель режимов - вещь!!! Не шатается - сборка отличная. Орет при звонке так, что коллеги в кабинете подпрыгивают.
    Разблокировка по лицу срабатывает моментально(в темноте не всегда работает, но не считаю это минусом). Дактолоскопический датчик срабатывает в момент.
    Продавец положил переходник на евровилку - приятная мелочь)))
    На день хватает при среднем использовании инета, просмотра видео, серфинга, музыки и немного игр - но хотелось бы конечно большей батареи, все таки экран не маленький.
    Bluetooth соединение разрывается при расстоянии в 3 метра с моими Xiaomi sport mni (но может дело в наушниках, с другими устройствами не тестил) так что не такой уж это и минус.
    Не понравилось смахивание при приеме звонков вниз-вверх.

    May 06,2018

  • Nicolas
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: HK Warehouse
    Super téléphone
    Je mets rarement des avis mais pour une fois je me prête au jeu car ce produit mérite d'être connu. Je l'ai eu en promo à 377€ il y a 2 mois environ. Je suis passé d'un iPhone 4S 16Go à ce OnePlus 5T 64Go. Il est très rapide, complet, de bonne qualité et je l'adore. Sa taille d'écran est appréciable, il n'y a pas d'application du fabricant comme chez Samsung, l'appareil photo est très bien, le déverrouillage par reconnaissance faciale marche super bien et est très pratique. Bref je le recommande sans aucune hésitation. Ma femme a acheté en même temps un Huawei P20 lite et elle est déçue en comparaison du mien. J'ai acheté une coque spigen et j'ai gardé le protège écran d'origine ce qui va très bien. Le temps de chargement est très rapide avec le chargeur 4A.
    Délai de livraison un peu long (23 jours) mais cela valait le coup d'attendre
    Le chargeur à un adaptateur US- Europe et une prise direct Europe aurait été mieux. L'adapteur à un peu de mal à tenir si on met le chargeur en position horizontale donc il faut faire attention mais on s'y habitue

    Jul 25,2018

  • Rony Gomes
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: HK Warehouse
    O Celular dos Sonhos
    Por mais que o telefone tenha demorado pra chegar (5 Meses) por causa dos correios do brasil, o celular é realmente perfeito e atende a todas as minhas necessidades em um unico celular. É completo, grande, compativel a varias coisas e muito otimizado, facilitando o uso no dia a dia.
    A maior vantagem dele para os demais é que ele é completo e tem um ótimo custo beneficio, comparado aos outros que não conseguem ser tão bons assim, sendo sempre bom em algo especifico e simples em outros aspectos. Recomendo para todos os que puderem comprar o celular no momento, pois com ele sinto que demorará anos pra eu ter a necessidade pra comprar outro celular

    Sep 01,2018

  • Sphax
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: HK Warehouse
    One of the best phones
    Really nice phone. Vera fast, I love the screen and the design is perfect for those like me who don't really like the curved screens on the Galaxy/Note8. Also having a screen protector and a small case in the box is great and should be included by every manufacturer. Wouldn't exchange it for a Note 8, I love it!

    Received in 16 days, but it took a week before the transporter reported that the package was collected... Still, 16 days aren't bad.

    4 stars for refund, customer service and return because I just haven't tried them.
    As for every phone, a bigger battery would be nice, but you can still use it for a full day and I guess it couldn't be so thin (it's really thin).

    The box wasn't in a very good condition, but it's the phone you're gonna use, not the box, so not a big deal.

    Feb 12,2018

  • Goran M
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: HK Warehouse
    Awesome product
    As a proud owner of first OnePlus One for four years without any issue I'm sure the 5T will be as Great as the first generation.
    It's built from quality materials and offers as much as some other "Big name" company's new model if not even more, but for a reasonable price.
    It has 3,5 jack that most of new models don't have any more :-)
    I would recomend this product and I'm sure that users (owners) will be more than satisfied wit new OnePlus 5T.
    Nothing at this time :-)

    Apr 19,2018

  • Glebo
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: HK Warehouse
    Perfect, just perfect phone
    - Beautiful OLED display, no problem with discoloration of deep gray color.
    - Excellent battery life, especially on standby
    - Very fast and fluid OS based on Android Oreo
    - Quick charging which is very efficient
    - audio jack
    - multicolor LED
    - camera performance excellent in steady shots, average in video mode (lack of OIS, only EIS available)
    - fresh production: 02.2018
    - power button on the opposite location to the volume rockers. Fortunately there is a double tap gesture for waking-up screen.
    To Gearbest:
    Please pack these phones at least in bubble-foil envelops. There are many dents and scratches all over the box. Fortunately the phone itself came intact. But I don't know what will happen next time.

    Apr 26,2018

  • Thomas
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: HK Warehouse
    Smartphone eccezionale
    Su questa fascia di prezzo, il OnePlus 5T è quanto di meglio si possa volere. Sotto la scocca un hardware da top di gamma, che tiene testa a terminali ben più costosi. Esteticamente perfetto, personalmente il miglior design ad oggi: ottimo il rapporto dimensioni schermo che copre quasi l'intera superficie, colori vividi, altissima reattività e buona durata della batteria. Fotocamera buona, ma migliorabile.
    Manca l'adattatore europeo per l'alimentatore nella confezione ma il dash charge funziona a meraviglia.
    Davvero gradita la presenza di pellicola già installata e di una cover morbida: il grip del telefono 'nudo' non è dei migliori.

    Sep 13,2018

  • Oneplus 5t
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: HK Warehouse
    The price-quality ratio is unbeatable
    The mobile is a speed beast.
    In the photographic aspect, in the reviews they consider that it has a mediocre camera with low light (It was the biggest doubt I had), but I have taken the pictures and get very good pictures in low light if the lens is relatively close.

    The mobile charger works at 4 amps
    In pictures of landscapes in darkness, it loses a lot, but for 400e it's a good choice :)

    Apr 11,2018

  • Romco
    Yes (2) Color: Black Size: HK Warehouse
    OnePlus 5T 64GB
    I was owner of OnePlus One as first in my country and was very big fan of it, so I decided to buy this also.
    Best budget phone in the world
    Awesome camera
    Always updated Android
    Design (kinda copy of iPhone)
    Dual SIM- great network support
    Community support
    OnePlus warranty policy - can root, unlock bootloader
    comes with transparent case + pre-applied film
    no OIS, but EIS is pretty good but not natural,
    not great slow-mo,

    Mar 09,2018