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  • Nico
    Yes (0) Color: Blue
    Great Phone in nearly every aspect
    After using it for a couple of days, here are my pros and cons:

    + The large 90hz QHD screen is the best and most fluid smartphone experience I ever had. Every game, every menu is just flawlessly fluid and the bezelless design is just so sexy to look at

    + Performance is the key aspect of this phone. Thanks to strong hardware and OxygenOS there are no stutters whatsoever. Combined with the 90hz everything not only happens instantly but also feels great.

    + The Design is just fabulous, the blue color looks amazing.

    + The In-Display fingerprint scanner is fast ans doesn't make the phone look worse like other solutions. Face unlock also works fast, but is not as secure due to the lack of 3D sensors.

    + Warp Charge loads the phone to 60% in 30 minutes.

    +/- The front Popup Camera is great overall. The back camera provides a large variety of options, sometimes the quality lacks a bit in detail, but overall the images look good with great color. Google Camera fixes some issues.

    + Large UFS 3.0 storage (I got the 256/12 model), should be enough for the whole lifespan.

    +/- Water resistant but no official rating.

    +/- Personally, I would have been happy if the phone would be a bit smaller.

    - No wireless charging although being made from glass. Would be useful and comfortable in some situations, especially when the competition can do 20W wireless.

    Nov 03,2019

  • Darryl Felder
    Yes (0) Color: Blue
    Top of the line
    The OnePlus series has been hailed as the “flagship killer” and I am a big fan of OnePlus. So I did not hesitate to put this order.
    Thanks for the fast delivery and rigorous packaging.
    The design of the mobile phone is very strong. I think OnePlus should keep the body size of the OnePlus 6T - smaller, because there are no grooves and very small borders in the OnePlus 7 Pro and 6.67in display not suitable for one-handed use. Also satisfied is that the unlocking mechanism are really fast and accurate. I am truly amazed at how much this phone can do. Just Google it for your self.

    Jul 21,2019

  • chris
    Yes (0) Color: Blue
    Every penny is worth it!
    This OnePlus 7 Pro is really awesome and great! It feels like a device that enters high-end space. It's bigger and faster than any previous OnePlus. Of course, you need to pay more to enjoy this high-end device. Obviously, OnePlus clearly listened to fans about this phone design, but it also added direct competition with samsung and huawei - the price has proved this point. The new high-resolution 90hz display looks great and feels amazing! In addition, OnePlus 7 Pro has a key advantage: 4000mah battery life. In short, every penny you spend is worth it!

    Jul 18,2019

  • Lenard G
    Yes (0) Color: Blue
    Thanks One Plus!
    I love this phone! Awesome display! So fast, awesome gaming. OP7 P should be the current largest, fastest and most expensive phone. When you plug in your phone, you will see a special animation. It is great to be able to charge the battery very quickly. Its charger can prevent the phone from overheating by converting the voltage of the charger itself instead of processing the conversion. Its edge-to-edge display is used for the gap of the mechanical pop-up self-timer camera. Definitely my daily driver! Just incredible! Thanks One Plus!

    Jul 19,2019

  • Mezabrolis
    Yes (0) Color: Blue
    One more miracle from OnePlus
    So, it's OnePlus 7 Pro 12-256!!! Another great device from OnePlus company, i really love it! When you take this apparatus in your hands, you begin to realize that your money is not wasted! I don't need any other phone but this one. This phone is really the best and most beautiful on the market today, so TY Gearbest for good price and TY for your individual approach to me as your client!
    Only one downside is that I can't buy OnePlus bullets wireless 2 headphones from you, what a shame :((( This product must be on your shelf! Now I need to look for this headset somewhere else! :(

    Oct 26,2019

  • bobodela39
    Yes (0) Color: Blue
    one plus 7 pro 12 go
    rien à dire sur le téléphone, il est superbe, rapide et comme le dise tous les tutos c'est peut être le smartphone de l'année.
    Par contre pour le site, j’émets quelque réserve. ma commande est passer fin juin, j'ai reçu mon portable le 20 aout,
    avec des problèmes d'article plus en stock malgré une pub sur le site qui dit le contraire. le dialogue par mail c'est bien passé malgré la barrière de la langue,
    Enfin tous c'est bien fini le colis est arrivée avec une boite bien bosselé mais le principale n'avait rien.
    Je dois commander une tablette mais je suis encore un peu hésitant....

    Aug 23,2019

  • RockNBubbles
    Yes (0) Color: Blue
    Great device worth the wait
    This is a great device for a great price!

    You get premium performance only found on more expensive devices and quiet often surpassing them.
    The phone is beautiful with its full display. 90hz is amazing so fluid and lagless. Great software support for the oxygen os android system.

    Aug 06,2019

  • Juliano Carrilho
    Yes (0) Color: Blue
    Celular top de linha! Muito lindo! Demorou pra enviarem por causa que não tinha no estoque. Mas quando enviaram, chegou bem rápido. Valeu muito a pena esperar. Recomendo!!

    Sep 06,2019

  • Cristina
    Yes (0) Color: Blue
    Un espectáculo de móvil
    Me encanta este móvil, es muy fluido en sus respuestas y se ve de maravilla.
    Soy una fans de One Plus y cada terminal que me compro me sorprende más y mejor.
    Es muy rápido y su pantalla es impresionante. Me encanta su cámara para selfis .
    Lo único que no me gusta por poner una pega es que no tiene luz para avisar cuando la batería está cargada.
    Lo volvería a comprar sin duda.

    Nov 07,2019

  • D. Stewart
    Yes (0) Color: Gray
    It’s a great product with a great price
    I loved everything about this product, had no problem switching to my account from the old phone. The phone is bigger than I was expecting with a good clear crisp display. Nothing to complain about

    Jul 22,2019