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  • gordon
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Oneplus 2 just buy it.
    Coming from a Samsung s6 to this has to be battery power. Being a heavy user it lasts about one and a half days. The build quality is very high with no noises as you handle the phone. The screen is pin sharp for 1080p and responds to your touch very well with no miss reads of my fingers position. The finger print reader is fast and so far has got it right every time.
    As its running Android with oxygen os on top I expected it to be way off from stock Android but this is not the case as its pretty stock looking with the right amount of custom options if you wish to change the look your self.
    And finally it comes well packaged in a red soft feel box all nice and presented giving you the impression of a premium quality that flows right through the whole user experience.
    There's not much to put here other than there is no nfc out the box as you have to buy another battery cover with the chip installed to gain the use.
    And that there was no point in having USB type c other than to say it has it as there is no fast charge and now limits you on cables you can use to charge with if your like me and has all micro USB devices.

    Nov 29,2015

  • Nick Mazaev
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Настоящий флагман
    Получил не так давно данный аппарат. Впечатления просто нереальные!!! =) Смартфон достаточно компактный для своих 5,5' и лежит в руке отлично. Качество сборки на высоте, ничего не скрипит и не люфтит. Производительности хватает за глаза, любые игры идут только на ультра графике и даже без намеков на тормоза! =)
    Магазин немного тянул с отправкой (2 недели), но телефон даже с этим учетом пришел за месяц в Беларусь!!! Это достойный результат

    +snapdragon 810 не греется
    -нет -)

    Dec 05,2015

  • MuslimGamer (Officia
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Oneplus 2 review by MuslimGamer
    Asalamu Aleykum people.
    Please check full review of this phone on my youtube channel:
    Oneplus 2 Review by MuslimGamer (Official)
    Number 1 Budget Android phone of 2015
    -large Screen
    -3300mah battery
    -Fast and smooth
    -dual sim
    -dual sim
    -snapdragon cpu
    -4GB RAM
    overheating, not super hot but will put it in the cons section

    Feb 17,2016

  • Vjacheslav
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    OnePlus Two достойное продолжение первой модели OnePlus
    - Высокое качество сборки и применяемых материалов
    - Качественный экран
    - Высокая производительность
    - Удобство использования
    - Быстрый сканер отпечатков пальцев
    - Поддержка 2-x симкарт
    - Очень хороший звук в наушниках
    - Обновление по воздуху и качественный софт.

    Телефоно однозначно получился и не разочарует своих потенциальных покупателей.
    - Хотелось бы побольше батарею, но понятно, что конструкторы искали баланс между габаритами и автономностью.

    Nov 24,2015

  • Umar Chaudry
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Best smartphone on the market today.....
    What can I say! It's make other smartphones look average. This is the best smartphone on the market at the moment. High build quality, high spec and half or a third of the price on the so called market leaders!!

    With is slick design and quality finish along with its smooth fast operating system, there is nothing better. 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM, Octo core processor, high end camera....with and unreal price. So happy with this product....

    Jan 22,2016

  • Karpov Rustam
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Отличный смартфон!
    Хороший апгрейд с первой версии смартфона OnePlus One. Отличный дизайн, софт, железо. Сильно сомневался перед покупкой, но теперь ни капельки не жалею. Могу только рекомендовать. Может, конечно подойдет не всем, так как рассчитан прежде всего на любителей гаджетов, а не простых юзеров. Последняя на октябрь 2015 года прошивка Оксиджен просто летает.
    Не нашел.

    Oct 03,2015

  • Lazarovski
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Excellent service
    -Gearbest thanks - ordered the phone on Sunday eve 13/09/15 got in Tuesday am 15/09/15, less then 2 days!! Good thing is that their EU warehouse is in UK so for UK costumers Gearbest are ideal.
    - the phone is great after updates
    - fingerprint works 99% of tries
    - I like their skin functionality called Shield (all your frequent used apps and contacts show if you scroll left).
    - great performance according to Antutu 61000 +
    this is A2001 model meant for China market means that they had to replace the HydrogenOS China software to OxygenOS (rest of the World). Therefore the OTA update doesn't work to you have to go to Oneplus site, download the update and flash it on the phone manually. Although they have twicked your phone it is still unrooted to apps like Barclays Banking that doesn't work on rooted devices, works on this one.
    - price dropped £10 couple of days after I bought the phone. For potential buyer this is pro, for me con :)

    Sep 17,2015

  • Roberto
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Producto fantástico
    Sin duda alguna tras una semana probando este fantástico smartphone, solo puedo decir q el diseño es fantástico, el rendimiento fenomenal, en ningún momento me he sentido limitado, colectividad, GPS, calidad de sonido, cámara todo esta cumpliendo con mis expectativas. Por otro lado el envío se produjo en los plazos estimados y por mi parte está era mi primera compra en gearbest y ha salido todo perfecto. Muy contento y muy recomendable este one plus two
    Seguiré buscando defectos, quizás la batería es lo q más me "limita" pero aguanta un día a gran rendimiento

    Dec 24,2015

    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Sehr stabiles,sehr schönes Handy.Seit 6 monaten besitze ich das Handy.Qualität merk man sofort.In 10 tage ausgelifert.OTA Updatet.Lauft schon MARSHMALLOW.Akku ist stabiler und handy ist schneller geworden.Handy preis ist ok.Kann man weiter empehlen.

    Jul 10,2016

  • Ignacio
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Nice phone
    -Very good camera. The OIS and the laser focus are pretty nice and very usefful when taking night photos.
    -Nice battery comsumption at idle (not when the screen is turned on)
    -Nice screen and very loud speakers
    -Pretty fast fingerscanner
    -Weird back of the phone, it is like the ground
    -Not very impressive battery duration with hight load cpu apps
    -In my case, vibration doesnt works. But It is only my phone

    Dec 21,2015