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  • Volha
    Yes (2) Color: Purplish Blue Size: EU Plug
    Показатели напряжения теперь обновляются каждые 30 секунд, что в 2 раза чаще, чем в предыдущей версии.
    Исправлены неточности в показаниях мАч на некоторых Li-Ion аккумуляторах (в частности Panasonic NCR18650B, NCR18650PF). Для этого максимальная амплитуда напряжения при заряде была снижена с 5В до 4.65В).
    Улучшена работа алгоритма измерения нагрева платы контроллера. Устройство, с помощью кулера, теперь более эффективно поддерживает оптимальную температуру, не допуская перегрева, что особенно важно при заряде/разряде Li-ion аккумуляторов.
    Погрешность измерения силы тока во время заряда/разряда снижена с 5% до 3%. Точность замера напряжения аккумуляторов также повышена.
    Удалена функция предварительной зарядки с помощью импульсного тока. Сделано это для предотвращения зарядки при неправильной установке аккумулятора в слот. Ранее, устройство определяло перевернутую батарею, как имеющую напряжение в 0В (т.е. полностью разряженную и требующую предварительной зарядки) и начинало ее заряжать.
    Добавлена функция автоматической подзарядки для Li-ion аккумуляторов, устраняющее проблему разряда батареи после полного заряда (через устройство, а также из-за саморазряда). Подзарядка активируется автоматически при снижении напряжения в аккумуляторе до 4.12В.
    Уменьшен нагрев Ni-MH аккумуляторов во время зарядки.
    Время полной зарядки 4.35В и 3.7В аккумуляторов оптимизировано. CV режим зарядки для таких батарей теперь стартует при напряжении 4.26В и 2.8В соответственно.
    греется вентилятор, немного завышает емкость акумуляторов

    May 24,2016

  • p5bdkw
    Yes (2) Color: Purplish Blue Size: US Plug
    BT-C3100 V2.2, An Excellent Charger
    Backlit screen (will turn it off after 20 seconds)
    Backlit can be turned on permanently by pressing "DISPLAY" for 3 seconds.
    Charges Ni-Cd, NiMH and Li-ion batteries.
    Rubber feet.
    Approx. 3/16" bottom clearance
    6 internal temperature sensors.
    Small fan to exhaust heat.
    Fan noise has been improved from previous version (BT-C3100 V2.1).
    Excellent build quality.

    Has 5 MODES:

    Charges battery to maximum capacity.

    Discharges battery. Reduces the memory effect in the battery.

    Discharges, then charges battery 3 complete cycles to optimize it's
    maximum capacity.

    Checks the capacity of the battery.

    The charger checks the dynamic internal battery resistance.
    Consult manual for further details.

    This is an excellent, fun, easy to use, charger, that gives you total control of how
    you want to charge and maintain your batteries. A big plus is the ability to get the
    capacity of the batteries. The fan noise is considerably less annoying than the one
    on the V2.1 charger, IMHO. This charger is a great companion to my XTAR VP2.

    GearBest got it to me, fast!!!

    May 03,2015

  • Lazzaro20
    Yes (1) Color: Purplish Blue Size: EU Plug
    Good charger
    This charger meets all my needs:
    It has a single channel charge, that is, you can upload an unlimited number of batteries, so that only one, two, three or all four simultaneously. This is important for me because I have a number of devices that only need a battery or three.
    Ordinary charger can only pairs (ie 2 or 4 at a time) load.
    You can combine the types of batteries colored, so you can simultaneously charge different capacity NiMH batteries and lithium ion batteries.
    Each span can individually adjust the charging current and the function.
    Functions dominates the charger following:
    * Download (Sure)
    * Exhaust (in order to avoid any memory effects with NiMH)
    * Refresh (charger repeatedly discharge and charge cycles until improvement in battery capacity you get more. So you can old batteries, or those who have long remained, still breathing a little 'life)
    However, Opus can also deal with Li-Ion batteries, and I have the chance to request a particular device in your home. Moreover, the battery of tests (measurement of internal resistance).
    I hardly use this feature however.
    A fan, the device is also to cool the batteries, which should become warm during charging. I was able to observe that the fans have already activated, very hot but the batteries were not.
    Conclusion: excellent charger handyman.

    Oct 28,2015

  • GearDeal
    Yes (0) Color: Purplish Blue Size: EU Plug
    Opus BT-C3100 Version 2.2
    Chargeur universel intelligent livré dans une boite en carton avec une notice d'utilisation et un adaptateur EU.
    La finition du produit est correcte mais le plastique pas assez costaud pour lui offrir une
    résistance aux éventuelles chutes.
    A part ça, ce chargeur est intéressant du point de vu de ses possibilités et de son prix.
    Durant le chargement, le ventilo, de temps à autre, se met en marche et se fait entendre pendant quelques secondes.
    Globalement satisfait on verra dans le temps.

    This Opus version comes in a nice carton box with EU adapter and an operating
    instructions notice.
    Charger build quality is correct but plastic material is not strong enough in case of drop.
    Easy to start and use.
    One can easily follow charging phases individually and adjust features using different mode.
    Charging time is quiet fast.
    While charging fan become noisy for a few seconds (time to time)
    For now satisfied hope it will last.
    Last Gearbest price for this item is very competitive

    Vidéo de déballage /Unboxing :

    Feb 25,2017

  • Roman
    Yes (1) Color: Purplish Blue Size: UK Plug
    even better
    Bought it as a replacement to my 1st version of bt-c3100 by powerfocus that broke after inserting the battery in opposite way.
    It does much better job: you can top up battery that has for instance 4.16V - while previous version just notified about full battery
    It is much less obtrusive less noise from the fan, which works quieter and is on only when required.
    It does charging in some different way, battery that is old and has high internal resistance charges with smaller current, ends of charging cycle with smaller current than previous version of the charger
    Can charge two battery with 2A while previous version often just reset itself upon choosing 2 slots with 2A charging
    Overall I am very very happy about purchase, one can experience that this one is just better more refined device than previous one, however in the meantime I have notice there is new more advance charger available here - unfortunately
    The price here is the best I have came across by 30% than somewhere else!!!
    I wish it be able to charge with 3A....
    1 month in transit (but its my fault I have chosen Nederland surface post)

    Dec 08,2015

  • Denis
    Yes (0) Color: Purplish Blue Size: EU Plug
    Одно из лучших решений на рынке.
    Поддержка NiCd, NiMH и Li-ion (10340,10440, 14500, 16340, 18500, 18650, 26650, 26500)
    Ток заряда: 1-4 аккумулятора: 200, 300, 500, 700, 1000mA. 1-2 аккумулятора (зарядные отсеки 1 и 4): 200, 300, 500, 700, 1000, 1500 и 2000mA. Умеет разряжать аккумуляторы (еще имеется режим "Test" и "Refresh" - в первом случае аккумулятор полностью заряжается, после чего полностью разряжается и снова полностью заряжается, после чего показывает его реальную емкость, а во втором проделывает эти шаги три раза, после чего так-же показывает емкость). Инструкция на русском - (полная) и!.doc (укороченная). Покупкой доволен на все 100%.
    За неделю использования не обнаружено.

    Jul 02,2015

  • andrey
    Yes (0) Color: Purplish Blue Size: EU Plug
    Opus BT-C3100 V2.2
    Product description matches product.
    Functionality is excellent and the device is easy to use.
    The build quality is sufficient.
    The charging algorithm has nursed a number of my cells back to life.
    can charge external batteries too after some remaking.
    comes in a well made box with a manual.
    universal device with outstanding price for it's abilities.
    can charge/disharge/test/refresh ANY type of battery - NiCd, NiMh, Li-ion with power rating at 200ma, 300ma, 500ma, 700ma, 1000ma, 1500ma, 2000ma
    can test battery resistance in Omhs.
    Li-Ion batteries can be charged up to 3,7v 4,2v 4,35v depending on the battery chemistry.
    has powerful durable power supply (12v 3A mean 36W)
    and built-in on-demand cooling fan.
    precise built-in voltmeter and ampermeter.
    good designed controls and display with backlight.
    Really none, except maybe for too weak and noisy fan.....

    Aug 08,2018

  • Riccardo
    Yes (1) Color: Purplish Blue Size: EU Plug
    Uno dei migliori in assoluto
    Secondo me il migliore caricabatterie esistente. Compatibile con quasi tutte le batterie e di ogni tipo, non solo carica ma analizza e corregge le batterie guaste/anomale, fornendo tutti i dati che si possono immaginare su di esse. 4 slot, ognuno dei quali gestito da un microprocessore. Si potrà decidere se fare carica, scarica, test delle batterie approfondito o veloce. In questo modo, si avranno tutti i dati delle batterie, carica effettiva, capacità effettiva, potenza in uscita e in entrata. E in questo modo, purtroppo o per fortuna, ho scoperto che molte batterie (soprattutto al litio cinesi) non hanno la capacità dichiarata (ma nemmeno lontanamente).

    In Italia costa più del doppio, acquistatelo qui tranquillamente, in 18 giorni lavorativi lo troverete a casa e avrete finito di spendere soldi per caricabatterie che si rompono dopo un mese.

    Consigliato a tutti

    Jan 18,2017

  • Nas
    Yes (0) Color: Purplish Blue Size: EU Plug
    Great multipurpose Tester/Refresher/Charger
    This is the best vape charger for 18650 batteries. You can charge 2 batteries at 2A or all 4 batteries at 1A each.

    I love the "mAh meter" telling me how much charge was added to each battery, which also lets me know when it's time to recycle a battery for good because it isn't holding a charge as well.

    The fan is a little loud at times (especially when charging 4 batteries at 1A each) but I like knowing the fan is removing heat from the charging circuit.

    • Product description matches product
    • Functionality is excellent and the device is easy to use
    • The build quality is sufficient
    • The charging algorithm has nursed a number of my cells back to life
    • While charging, the device exhaust fan is a bit annoying, but its purpose is to spin and suck hot air.

    Jul 30,2016

  • Everglade
    Yes (0) Color: Purplish Blue Size: EU Plug
    Opus BT-C3100 V2.2 / Опус BT-C3100 V2.2 EU
    "Заказал зарядное устройство 01.06.17, прибыло в Екатеринбург 22.06.17 (в пути 21 день, быстро!). Была выбрана платная доставка (метод доставки: Russia Post Registered) для нескольких заказов. Трекер отслеживался полностью. Упаковано в полиэтиленовый пакет и воздушно-пузырчатую плёнку, внутри находилось в заводской упаковке, не повреждено. За пару дней успел зарядить и восстановить все домашние аккумуляторы.
    - Зарядник позволит теперь использовать в домашних приборах аккумуляторы, что позволит на длинной дистанции экономить деньги
    - Удобен, информативен, подробная инструкция на русском языке легко находится на просторах интернета;
    - Не подтвердилась информация про шумный вентилятор, я его не слышу совершенно!
    - Провод блока питания 1.35м, мягкий, хорошо гнётся / тип розетки EU"

    Jun 26,2017