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  • Wallabe
    Yes (2) Color: Colormix
    ORICO Reusable Velcro Cable Ties, 5-pack
    Perfect for organizing cables. Durable and reusable, the velcro is strong and of good quality. Much more elegant than plastic twisty-ties. Different colours provide for organization via colour-coding, or just mixing them for aesthetic reasons. Will be definitely getting more of these.

    + Original ORICO product.
    + Simpler to operate than twisty-ties, while being just as strong.
    + Nice colours, for color coding or aesthetics during cable management.
    + The 5-pack is good value - 5 rolls of 1 meter each, in total - 5 meters worth of velcro tape.
    + The price.
    - None!

    Apr 30,2016

  • Fabio
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix
    Good solution to ties cables
    - The material is very good
    - The velcro keep it well bound
    - Five colors are good enough to differentiate the ties
    - Great price for the quality
    - Can stick some paper tape on the surface and write some label on it
    - Can be used to tie and untie quickly also other objects being not too thin

    Jun 28,2016

  • Uktradingonline
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix
    Work well & look good
    Works well & doesn\'t come unstuck on its own,
    Tidy\'s the cables & looks alot better than when they are loose,
    Can buy different colours,
    Can be used to hold or strap anything not just cables,
    Can be cut to what size you need,
    Cheap to buy

    Aug 04,2016

  • smr.arche
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix
    Одна из самых полезных вещей купленных тут
    Это не вероятно, казалось бы такая простая вещь, способно творить чудеса в организации порядка.
    у меня в пользование больше количество электро инструмента, при его хранение постоянная проблема это провода, которые путаются между собой.
    с помощью этого набора навел порядок в инструментах. на рабочем столе (провода компьютера). Медиа сервера с телевизором. Даже фен и плойка жены, теперь аккуратно сложены в ящике :)

    И еще не все израсходовал.
    никаких, одни только плюсы.

    Aug 31,2015

  • Netanel
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix
    Excellent Product!
    This product is great, made of quality materials, very easy to work with.
    I used it to organize my cables, it did a great job, much better then other cable organizers i had experience with in the past.
    All in all a great simple product, made with attention to quality, at a reasonable price.
    A must have in any desktop environment.
    no cons here, perfect for its purpose!

    Jan 13,2017

  • Dario
    Yes (1) Color: Colormix
    Nastri in velcro
    Bellissime strisce in velcro per tenere fermi le varie bobine di cavi e cavetti del pc o smartphone o tv.
    Comodissimo che sono di 5 colori diversi in modo da poter distinguere subito un cavo dall'altro.
    Orico come sempre è una garanzia, li consiglio,

    Aug 23,2018

  • Vladimir
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix
    Качественная вещь
    Ну ооочень качественній продукт. Приятно брать в руки. Эта лента нужна для того чтобы сматывать провода. Можно использовать и в других целях... На одной стороне обычная пухнастая поверхность как на обычной липучке, а другая сторона, гладкая поверхность, за которую удивительным образом цепляется пухнастая. Держится отлично. Надеюсь отзыв будет Вам полезен.

    Oct 23,2016

  • John
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix
    Awesome Product
    Really perfect product, good quality, well made.. you can keep your cables organized, vivid colors which make it easy to know what cable goes where in a long cable run. Recommended and huge satisfaction.

    Feb 24,2017

  • Jana K
    Yes (1) Color: Colormix
    ORICO CBT-5S 5pcs Reusable Cable Ties
    - 5 different colours in ona package
    - Easy to use
    - Usefull for more thinks, like cable sorting or so on...
    - Good to have in my toolbox

    Dec 19,2018

  • Peter
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix
    Similar to the brand named hook and loop Velcro but with a much smoother outer side. The item is ideal for short term or long term use for attaching cables into one neat bundle. The colours make it easy to know what cable goes where in a long cable run. I will be getting more :-)

    Aug 23,2016