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  • Kelly
    Solid product
    I chose this phone in order to get a rock-solid product that would serve as a business tool, not as a gadget to play games on. In my mind, this phone is the only one on the market that blends high quality core functions with ease-of-use and dependability on a platform that seems exactly what I asked for. It's not only easy to set up and use, it enhances my communicating.

    Apr 08,2021

  • Natasha
    Worth the money
    For the price, I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good reliable business phone. This phone is still a top contender for basic to professional work performance. It works very well. Good app selection and good system. Worth the money. If you like standing out in a crowd, buy this phone.

    Apr 08,2021

  • Joyce
    Best phone
    This is probably the best phone I've had in recent years, it's very similar in design to the older sidekick phones (specifically the Sidekick II) But this phone is on a completely different level when it comes to build quality and mechanics. It's built like a tank and does not scratch easy.

    Apr 07,2021

  • Yale
    best phone
    This one of best phones out there. Its capabilities, design and full keyboard make this phone perfect! I've even connected a USB Keyboard and mouse and use an external LCD as mainscreen and it is like using a PC/laptop.

    Apr 10,2021

  • Abri
    beautifully designed
    The Nokia E7 is probably the most beautifully designed phone, ever. Everything about its physical appearance simply oozes quality and class, with its smooth lines and curves and the 4-inch Gorilla Glass display.

    Apr 12,2021

  • Benedict
    It serves its purpose
    The camera is fine - it serves its purpose. I've used the phone camera a number of times and am well satisfied. It's useful to have the phone camera to quickly document something.

    Apr 08,2021

  • Marilyn
    The display moves up into position elegantly and smoothly, not in a stiff, clunky way some other phones might.

    Apr 13,2021

  • Adam
    I had bought this phone exactly a month ago. When I first held it in my hands, it felt perfect. I recommend it.

    Apr 09,2021