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  • David
    Yes (0) Color: Silver
    Gyro anti-shake image stabilization is nice
    What’s new and improved over past versions of this camera:
    1) Gyro anti-shake image stabilization – I haven’t yet devised a way to test this more scientifically other than shaking the camera with my hands. It can’t remove all the shaking, but it does dramatically improve the video.
    2) Adjustable field of view – you have your pick of 170, 140, 110, and 70 degrees field of view. The 110 and 70 degree settings look the same to me. I can’t tell if they are just using digital zoom and cropping the image down or if the camera actually moves the lens. The image quality looks a little worse to me on the narrower field of view settings, but not significantly.
    3) 4k video at 24fps – I haven’t played with this much.

    The time lapse function works well if you keep it plugged into power. I tried it unplugged and it lasted maybe an hour or two.

    The camera took about a week to ship and arrived about a week later.
    - The 110 and 70 degree field of view settings look the same.
    - The camera battery doesn't last very long in time lapse mode

    Dec 05,2015

  • Blade87
    Yes (0) Color: Silver
    Ottimo acquisto
    La cam è arrivata in 10 giorni. L'ho ordinata il 2 aprile ed è arrivata a casa con corriere Bartolini il 13, davvero veloce, non me lo aspettavo! Ottimo imballo e soprattutto grande cam, non ha deluso per niente le mie aspettative. La qualità costruttiva generale e delle immagini/video è da 9, davvero nulla da invidiare alle altre concorrenti. L'unico neo è l'app dedicata che potrebbe funzionare un pò meglio. Tengo a precisare che la batteria della versione ELITE X è identica a quella delle altre versioni serie 4000/5000 quindi, andate tranquilli nell'acquisto. È una cosa che sembra scontata ma in nessuna recensione ne fanno menzione. Altro consiglio è la spedizione Italia Express, 0 costi di spedizione/dogana e spedizione ultra veloce. In più c'è solo da inserire l'assicurazione sulla stessa per una questione di tranquillità personale che costa poco più di 3 euro ma che dà la sicurezza che in caso di furto/smarrimento o danneggiamento della restituzione dell'intera cifra spesa.
    Che dire, più che soddisfatto!
    Consegna in 10 giorni lavorativi con corriere Bartolini. Spedizione Italia Express che garantisce 0 costi di spedizione/dogana ed il tracking della stessa.

    Apr 14,2016

  • Patrick
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    A Great Go-Pro Clone For Those On A Budget!
    - Very comparable to the Go-Pro line but more than 3/4 the price.
    - Lighter in weight than the Go-Pro Hero 4.
    - Many options and settings to choose from, especially with the latest firmware update.
    - Very good video and picture quality...with exceptions as listed below.
    - Comes in several different faceplate colors.
    - Faceplate is interchangeable.
    - Comes with so many attachments and so much more to choose from on the GearBest website and at very affordable prices as compared to Go-Pro brand accessories.
    - Have tested this camera in the water with the waterproof housing and have had no issues with water leaking into the housing. It is sealed around the back cover, the lense and buttons very nicely.
    - Camera is so compact that you can put it in your pocket and take it anywhere with you.
    - Video colors look good in 1080p at 60fps, but very bright white tends to over saturate the video.
    - Can only use zoom function with FOV (Field of View) turned off.
    - When using the zoom function, video is very grainy, especially in the dark.
    - Still pictures look good at 12MP, but when zooming in, weird patterns appear within the picture. Does not look good to me.
    - Very easy to power on/off camera accidentally due to its location on the front faceplate next to the lense
    - Delete function is not very user friendly.
    - The battery compartment cover is not very easy to remove. The latch and the cover removal notch are so close together that you need a tool or smaller hands to remove the battery cover. It usually takes me about a minute to remove the battery cover.
    - Wi-Fi function to your camera works fine, however, connection between this camera and my Samsung Galaxy S5 intermittently cuts out. Not a very stable connection.
    - Although the Android App is functional, some functions could be improved.
    - Needs a touchscreen. It would pay extra for that.

    Jul 31,2016

  • Guillermo
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    La mejor CAM
    En primer lugar quiero destacar la gran relacion calidad precio de esta camara, tiene las mejores caracteristicas a lo que camaras deportivas se refiere, y si es cierto que los 4K que graba no son reales si no interpolados, la definicion que alcanza en la grabacion 2K es realmente buena. Ademas de que los demas modos de grabacion a parte de tener gran calidad pueden llegar hasta los 120 fps lo que permite grabacion a camara lenta. Otro gran punto positivo de esta camara es que viene con todos los accesorios que puedas necesitar, simplemente añadiendo un palo selfie o un mini tripode tienes la camara preparada para cualquier tipo de video o foto. Tambien destacar el gyro, el sensor sony y la capacidad de remoto por WiFi. Es en mi opinion la camara mas completa y mejor calidad respecto del precio
    No permite tarjetas SD de mas de 32 Gb de capacidad, o al menos es lo que tengo entendido.

    Aug 10,2016

  • ~Sasha~
    Yes (0) Color: Blue
    Original SJCAM SJ5000X 4K Sport Camera
    1) Full HD video format. And many other formats with different framerate. Also bitrate can be changed.
    2) Large LCD display. Very usefull.
    3) Gyro anti-shake stabilization. Great feature when using this camera on the road.
    4) Time lapse mode. Video output file available.
    5) Car DVR mode. There're such features as motion detection and cycle recording.
    6) Can be used as PC camera.
    7) Variable wide angle.
    8) Video outputs - both AV-Out and HDMI.
    9) Many different settings in menu.
    10) Many accessories included in package.
    1) No input for an external microphone.
    2) No ability to use RF wrist remote control (like for model M20).

    Nov 13,2016

  • silvia
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    sjcam sj5000x elite
    SJ5000X Elite Edition risoluzione video 4k (interpolato) a 24fps e 2k a 30fps, un ottimo sensore fotografico Sony IMX078 da 12,4Mpx, processore Novatek 96660, wifi e uno stabilizzatore Gyro
    permette di registrare video alla risoluzione 4k ( 2880×2160) con un frame rate di 24fps, 2k a 30fps o 1080p FullHD a 60fps
    La SJ5000X può registrare a queste risoluzioni video:

    4K “ridotto” ( 2880×2160) – max. 24fps
    2K – max. 30fps
    1080p – max. 60fps
    720p – max. 120fps
    angolo di visione della lente:

    ancora nessun contro

    Jul 06,2017

  • Ирина
    Yes (1) Color: Black
    Original SJCAM SJ5000X 4K
    Итог(кому лень читать многабукф):
    1. Звук записи, как и у всех - тихий;
    2. При тусклом освещении сильные шумы, реальный фреймрейт не больше 60fps, т.е. при 120fps происходит искусственная подгонка 60fps до 120fps путём дублирования кадров, по отношению к 240fps та же история - по 7 идентичных кадров;
    3. При ярком дневном освещении реальный фреймрейт видео соответствует заявленному, т.е. 120fps - это действительно 120fps, без дублей;
    4. При включённом Gyro камеру дико глючит, что заключается в отказе записывать видео, либо обрывать запись через несколько секунд после её начала.
    Свои деньги оправдывает. Полностью. Учитываю приобретение по флэш цене

    Jul 30,2017

  • DaveK
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Semi Pro "Retired"
    Well constructed, Fairly easy to set, Factory Backs up there products with Down loadable Firmware upgrades, lots of Accessories included [fits that Famous Brands, Also]. This is my Second one, as the first one the Camera Section was Bad, and the Co. Wanted it returned to see why, This one is Good, and the 5000X uses a Sony sensor, Contrast is Decent, shadows to Brightness, are hard to capture correctly, Colors are Very good. Battery life is around 45min max,in Video, Photo is Longer.. Yes I would recommend this unit..
    Battery Life

    Mar 02,2016

  • Aaron Leon
    Yes (0) Color: Yellow
    Bought for my son's Christmas present in 2015 and he loves it!!
    Everything is great including the prices and the image and video quality it delivers. I paid 300 bucks less for this compared to my brothers GoPro Hero 3, and I don't notice any major differences, not enough to justify paying 300.00 more for a GOPRO anyway. It's amazing to use as well and perfect for all outdoor adventures. All of the attachments are universal and the camera can mount on any available attachments in local stores.
    Can't think of any.

    Aug 24,2016

  • Alessandro
    Yes (0) Color: Blue
    Buon prodotto
    A due anni e più dall'acquisto posso ritenermi più che soddisfatto dal prodotto in questione, ha svolto egregiamente il proprio lavoro, alcune pecche tipo la corsa dei pulsanti della custodia troppo lunga, cosi facendo se si preme troppo si possono rompere i tasti della cam, cosa che è successa, fortunatamente era il tasto del wi-fi di secondaria importanza (nel mio caso) e attivabile comunque tramite un oggettino appuntito tipo stuzzicadente.
    Ottime le riprese e le fotografie per un prodotto tutto sommato economico.
    Ottimi gli aggiornamenti software, se dovessi ricomprare una cam valuterei attentamente Sjcam.

    Nov 08,2018