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  • Mrinmoy Das
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    The Sjcam SJ6 Legend is a solid action camera
    The Sjcam SJ6 Legend is a solid action camera. It delivers stabilized 4K video in a small, affordable package, and it's quite easy to access all of its features thanks to a touch-screen interface. Add a standard tripod mount, a front information LCD, a waterproof case, and plenty of included mounting accessories, and you have an excellent value for $160. You sacrifice some polish and video quality compared with pricier models like theGoPro Hero5 Blackand YI 4K+, but the SJ6 Legend is a top-notch option for budget shoppers.

    Still images are captured at 16MP resolution in JPG or Raw format. The Raw format is proprietary, and doesn't enjoy wide conversion support—you can't just load it into Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw as you can with a DNG file. You can grab anopen sourceRaw converter if you use Windows or Linux. JPG photo quality isgood. Details are crisp close to the lens, though the ultra-wide nature of the camera means that distant subjects aren't drawn with the same level of clarity. It's on par with a goodsmartphone camera.

    Video Quality
    The SJ6 records video at up to 4K quality with a 25Mbps bit rate and 24fps frame rate. That's great for a cinematic look,

    The camera arrived in the known SJCAM packaging and it must be noted that it also came with the anticipated number of accessories. So, what can we actually find in the package? Besides the expected SJ6 Legend which looks at us right from a window of the box in a waterproof case, in two pockets, we can find the following accessories:
    1.Waterproof housing (attachable to other accessories)
    2.Spare back cover for the housing
    3.USB Cable
    4.Belt mount
    5.Holder for the camera without the waterproof housing (attachable to other accessories)
    6.1000mAh battery (inside the camera) – mind that the camera uses a new battery type
    7.Adhesive mount
    8.Rounded adhesive mount
    9.Rotational adhesive mount
    10.Rounded rotational adhesive mount
    11.Spare 3M™ adhesives (both usual and rounded)
    12.SJCAM cleaning cloth
    13.Spare mount (for attachment to the adhesives)
    14.Thread adapter
    15.Tripod mount adapter
    16.Long connector rotary by 90°
    17.Short connector, short connector rotary by 90°
    18.Frame (attachable to other accessories)
    19.Lens protector
    20.Two SJCAM stickers
    21.English manual

    Feb 02,2018

  • Vittorio
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Sjcam SJ6 Legend
    La SJ6 Legend a livello costruttivo e qualitativo dei materiali è di ottima fattura. Monta il processore Novatek 96660 e il sensore fotografico CMOS Panasonic MN34120PA da 16MP, con uno stabilizzatore elettronico Gyro e il WiFi per essere controllata via app. Microfono interno di buona qualità e la possibilità di usare un microfono esterno per avere una qualità audio ancora maggiore, uno schermo touchscreen da 2″ oltre a un piccolo display frontale per visualizzare il tipo di registrazione, la carica della batteria e varie opzioni.
    Per quanto riguarda le risoluzioni video, si va da un 4k interpolato a 24fps (2880×2160), al 2k a 30fps fino al 1080p a 60fps e il 720p a 120fps. Le foto hanno una risoluzione massima di 16MP. La batteria è da 1000mAh e permette una registrazione di circa 1h20m a 1080p. La SJ6 Legend è dotata di stabilizzatore elettronico giroscopico Gyro, che elimina le vibrazioni e i movimenti indesiderati restituendo video stabili e fluidi. La confezione comprende tutto il necessario per iniziare a usare la cam da subito, a partire dal case subacqueo fino a 30m utile non solo sott’acqua ma anche per tutti gli sport acquatici come kayak o le situazioni in cui si rischia di prendere schizzi. Troviamo inoltre un comodo frame con attacco tipo gopro utilissimo per utilizzare la cam aperta con agganci gopro senza pregiudicare l’audio. Ci sono poi una serie di attacchi piatti e curvi che possono ruotare a 360° e possono essere attaccati su molte superfici tra cui caschetti utilizzando gli adesivi 3M forniti. Si trova come da tradizione SJcam un attacco da manubrio, un aggancio tipo gopro da una parte e con vite filettata da 1/4″ dall’altra, un adattatore con filettatura da 1/4″ per attaccarlo ai treppiedi e attacco gopro, vari snodi e il cavo micro USB.
    4k interpolati

    Jun 18,2017

  • Jamaica
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    SJCAM SJ6 Legend 4K is amazing and more than enough!
    This is the very first item I bought last year from GearBest. All I can say, this is an amazing action camera and it is 4K! It is well recommended and good alternative if you cant afford to buy GoPro action camera series.

    1. Delivery : 5 out of 5
    Delivery on time | 2 weeks waiting time | I don't have to pay any custom fees

    2. Item condition upon arrival : 4 out of 5
    Packaging was okay, there is just a bit folds on the box of item. Suggested to use a better packaging. But items is working fine amazingly.

    3. Product itself : 4 out of 5
    Very amazing product. Camera is very clear and I can say durability wise it will last long, I do recommend this product for those people who are looking for a budget action camera. For me I'm more than satisfied with it. It works like GoPro. The only downfall for this product is I'm experiencing an issue where in it resets time and date without me noticing it. Mostly if I bring it too much underwater suddenly it will turn off, then time and date was reset. Overall, I'm good with it. It is working fine until now! I've been using for almost a year. It comes with accessories for you to mount on your bike, helmet, skateboards. etc. Battery life wise, is very good. But for me who is sometimes doing heavy duty camera usage, I suggest you buy a back up one.

    Overall, I'm satisfied with the product, will recommend it to everyone! I bought SJCAM exclusive accessories as well along with this product to utilize my usage of this product.

    Nov 12,2018

  • Christian
    Yes (1) Color: Pink
    Einfach Super!
    Auf Amazon kostet diese Actioncam 159€ hier mit den richtigen Codes nur 117!

    + Gute Videoqualität, Stabilisierung durch Gyrosensor effektiv, wenn keine überstarken Schwenks gemacht werden.
    + Fotoqualität nur im 4:3 Format möglich.
    + Touchscreenbedienung intuitiv.
    + Bedienung, wenn im Schutzgehäuse OK ohne touch
    + Remote-Bedienung über die Smartphone-App OK, wenn auch gewöhnungsbedürftig. Über die App wird auch die Firmware aktualisiert, das ist gut gelöst.
    + remote Armband nur zu Empfehlen!
    + Verarbeitung, Haptik OK. Man hat nicht das Gefühl, ein billiges Chinagadget in der Hand zu halten sondern etwas hochwertiges!

    neutral: Akkulaufzeit bisher ca. 70 Minuten. Zusatzakkus sind empfehlenswert!

    + Die Kamera kommt mit viel Zubehör


    Hab mir gleich auch ein gimbal darzubestellt!
    - gibts nicht!

    Jan 14,2017

  • Felipe
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    Action cam top
    Pesquisei MUITO antes de comprar esta belezinha, tomei a decisão de comprar e não me arrependo. Assim que chegou, já atualizei para o firmware mais recente que está disponível no site da fabricante e é bem fácil de atualizar.O áudio é ótimo, você consegue configurar a sensibilidade do microfone nas configurações, comprei o microfone de lapela específico para ela (mesma fabricante) mas não chegou ainda, creio que a captação que já é boa se tornará muito melhor com o microfone externo.Para quem está pensando no 1080p 60fps, é uma câmera fantástica que em boas condições de iluminação vai te dar uma imagem bacana, com boa estabilidade e bom contraste.Oferece 4K 30 FPS, mas sinceramente eu não vi a necessidade de utilizar essa qualidade pois a relação qualidade x tamanho do arquivo não compensa, mesmo com um cartão de 64GB, você só conseguirá algo próximo de 2 horas de vídeo, enquanto conseguirá fazer até 5 horas em 1080p 60fps.

    Aug 02,2018

  • Prereet Soni
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    My first action camera!
    I am from India having keen interest in wandering and riding. I wanted to buy an action camera since very long and so I was suggested for a SJCAM by a friend. I found the best deal on Gearbest and so I bought it. I ordered the cam on 23rd July 2018 and received the same on 1st August 2018 i.e., in just 9 days! Choose India Direct mail while shipping to avoid customs issue. Packaging was decent enough to keep the parcel safe. Received brand new and original SJCAM, verified the same on its website. Camera works perfectly fine. Mounts provided are of very good quality. Have to do R&D to make the best use of it. If your budget is medium then I would definitely recommend you for this cam.
    Cons: Nothing as such. The mounts are very hard which is a good thing anyway but I am frightened to break it while mounting and unmounting. More pros and cons review after I use it further!

    Aug 08,2018

  • Salih
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Sjcam Sj6 Legend
    Kamera kaliteli olduğunu elinize aldığınız an hissettiriyor küçük olmasına rağmen ağır bir yapısı var kaliteli hissettiriyor yanında birçok aparat sahibi oluyorsunuz ayrıca almaya çalışırsanız cebinizden çıkacak para bir hayli artacaktır o yüzden sjcam bu konuda cep dostu bir marka. Kamera türkçe dil desteğine sahip kafanizda bir soru işareti olmasın uzun süreli kullanma firsatim olmadı henüz ama yanında gelen aparatlar da sağlam gözüküyor. Kameranın açılış süresi gayet iyi hızlıca açıp çekime başlayabiliyorsunuz video da görebilirsiniz ne kadar hızlı açıldığını. Satıcıyla irtibata geçmenizi tavsiye ederim yoksa gümrükte yüzde 20 vergi ödemek zorunda kalırsınız. Ben 25 dolar yazmalarını rica etmiştim kutusuna ama 53 dolar yazmışlar 50 tl vergi ödedim.
    Yanında normal olarak hafıza kartı gelmiyor her marka gibi sjcamde de yok ekstra olarak almanız gerekiyor ve yüksek hızda olmasina dikkat edin yoksa 4k çekim yapamazsınız ya da 1080p 60fps çekim yapamazsınız samsung evo plus uhs-1 u3 hafıza kartını tavsiye edebilirim.

    Aug 10,2018

    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Superb Product
    I would like to thank Gearbest.

    1. Order was delivered on time.
    2. Product was in perfect condition.
    3.I was not able to hear audio but due to settings and my friend helped me out solve the settings but I appreciate gearbest service who gave me swift response on my ticket on the issue I was facing. I like this and I am thankful for this.
    3. I would recommend my friends to buy this product from gearbest and as the service is good and product is also good.
    4. Clarity is superb.
    4. I got it in very less price compared to my friend.


    Sep 21,2018

  • Manuel
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Good action cam
    Good action cam, well build. Fast ship from UE stock to France.
    Bonne caméra, bien stabilisée. Arrivée rapidement des dépôts UE jusqu'en France.
    Très bonne qualité de vidéo, la stabilisation est super ! Filme bien en 4K à 24fps mais en interpolé (petit détail qui peut avoir son importance).
    Bonne qualité de construction et accessoires fournis plutôt complets !
    L'accessoire qui entoure la caméra pour l'accrocher au reste me semble fabriquée dans un plastique un peu fragile. A voir s'il tient avec le temps...

    Mar 06,2017

  • Nizar deen
    Yes (1) Color: Black
    best budget action camera
    it's is an awesome camera with good quality.
    I am from India,tamilnadu.
    I ordered this product on 14.12.2017
    get it on 29.12.2017.
    don't worry that you can't track your order from gear was on the way to your doorstep.
    even I can't track my order and get the very clear and perfect original product.
    Happy with gear best service
    I can't track my package
    in the website it said about you get your product on 19.01.2018 and I shocked to see that expected delivery date.
    anyway I got my product early...

    Dec 30,2017