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  • Taisia
    Yes (0) Color: Silver
    Best Power Bank
    Perfectly balancing portability with capacity, the Xiaomi power bank's feature list and specification is also much bigger than you'd expect. Brilliantly designed, the Xiaomi 10,000mAh Power Bank offers extraordinary value. You can't fault the design and build quality either, and if it weren't for the Micro-USB- rather than Lightning input and supplied flat white cable, the Xiaomi would look right at home in an Apple factory. The safeguards extends to the Texas Instruments/MPS-designed circuitry inside, and the smart-control chips feature nine layers of protection, covering everything from temperature resistance and short-circuit protection to input- and output overvoltage. The indented power button at one end can also act as a reset button when required, for the power bank itself will automatically begin charging when you attach a phone or tablet. With a single USB output you'll be able to charge your phone or tablet, rather than both at once, but this helps to keep down size. Plus I like the fact the Xiaomi supports passthrough charging, which means you can charge both it and an attached device at once. With a 10W Micro-USB input, using a similarly specified mains adaptor you should be able to refill the Xiaomi in roughly 5.5 hours. The USB output is also well specified, fast at 10.5W and offering automatic power adjustment to suit the attached device.

    Oct 20,2015

  • Gilberto Pavan
    Yes (0) Color: Golden
    Xiaomi 10400 venduto da GearBest è originale
    Xiaomi 10400mAh, portable power bank è una riserva comoda per casi di necessità in cui non è possibile usufruire di una presa di corrente per ricaricare un apparato mobile. Come si potrà vedere nelle foto in allegato, presenta tutte le caratteristiche originali, il che, permettetemi, mi fa ritenere giusto porre un ringraziamento a GearBest. Intanto il peso è superiore ai 250 gr. mentre le contraffazioni sono intorno ai 200 gr. cosa determinata da una capacità inferiore delle batterie di immagazzinare energia. Altri particolari, come l'involucro in alluminio, risulta più spesso delle imitazioni e presenta i bordi rifilati. La scatola di cartone riporta il sigillo MI e il cavo di connessione presenta un fulmine sulla presa piccola, mentre non ha simboli sulla USB normale, mentre in alcune imitazioni risultano simboli diversi.
    Nessun commento negativo

    Jan 28,2016

  • Alexey
    Yes (0) Color: Silver
    Best power bank ever!
    + Compact size
    + Aluminium case
    + USB current up to 2 AMP
    + Good efficiency

    I ordered three PwrBnk and compare them with my first Xiaomi PB ordered year ago.
    Tested by Charge Doctor (white)
    Old PB (inside was LG battaries) - discharge with 0.8-0.9A get 6970mAh. Charged with 9290mAh
    New 1 (inside was SANYO battaries) - discharge with current 0.8-0.9A get 6960mAh
    discharge with current 1.7A get 6660mAh. Charged with 9400mAh
    New 2 (inside was LG battaries) - discharge with current 0.8-0.9A get 7130mAh
    discharge with current 1.7-1.8A get 6790mAh. Charged with 9450mAh
    New 3 (inside was LG battaries) - discharge with current 0.8-0.9A get 7200mAh
    discharge with current 1.7-1.8A get 6810mAh. Charged with 9460mAh
    - Only one usb port
    - Sanyo battaries not so good like LG T__T

    Sep 29,2015

  • Shilkin
    Yes (0) Color: Red
    "Колодец" для мобильника
    Сколько раз я терял драгоценные кадры в путешествии, когда когда телефон говорил "...sory" и выключался. Телефоны становятся всё больше и умней, но, за это их нужно "кормить". В автономке мой телефон за день активных прогулок можно "высадить" раза три, и больше. При том, что у моего NEXUS 6 3100 мА/ч аккумулятор.
    Я много читал и выбрал Xiaomi. Это вещь, которая сочетает в себе великолепный дизайн, качество и цену. Его всегда приятно взять в руки, увидеть, прикоснуться, и при этом, я получаю от него то, на что рассчитываю- великолепные характеристики, заявленные производителем, во всём. Ни разу не пожалел о потраченных деньгах.
    Розовый алюминий шикарен, покрытие качественное, прочное.
    Мне бы встроенный фонарик, не помешал, и такие п.банки есть. Но дизайн Xiaomi меня подкупил. А USB фонариков сейчас пруд пруди, на любой вкус. Есть это и здесь, и родной Xiaomi, мне понравился.

    Jun 20,2015

  • Aris M.
    Yes (0) Color: Silver
    A power bank, a power tool!
    With a price tag of €15 this is a value for money item.
    A well structured body, combined with a very stylish design.
    You can charge an I phone more than 5 times. Although GB claims that
    this is a genuine device, and I trust their word, while registering the
    scratch code through the Mi official website I got a green OK but also a
    five time query of this code, which means that the sticker on the label on
    the box was used more than once. I'm not sure this is a con but it's worth
    mentioning. Overall the device seems genuine and complies with all the
    original characteristics that this power bank should have.
    For the price tag, none.

    Mar 29,2016

  • Ashan
    Yes (0) Color: Silver
    Best power bank ever
    - high capacity - 10400 mAh - I charged my Samsung Ace 3 phone 4 times!!! yes 4 times fully charged!!!

    - Elegant design - looks really good and feels really good.

    - Original Xiaomi - I checked it on the website. First scrape the Grey colour 1cm x 1cm thing on the box. It has a 20-digit code. Then go to and enter that code. You will get a message saying, " the product you are checking is MI power bank. This security code has been queried 1 times". I have attached a screenshot of this.

    - LED indicators are so subtle.

    - Really cheap and good quality.
    - A little bit too big than the 10000 mAh MI powerbank. So may be not the ideal pocket size. ( just my idea ). I have attached an image of 10000 & 10400 together.

    Jan 05,2016

  • cixxk
    Yes (0) Color: Golden
    Отличный аккумулятор от Xiaomi
    Большая емкость
    Защита от самозарядки
    Интеллектуальная плата подбирает выходные значения сама
    Отличное соотношение цена/емкость
    Заряд не теряется, когда аккумулятор просто лежит в сумке
    Сразу стоит брать с силиконовым чехлом
    Заказал себе еще один такой :)

    Large capacity
    Smart Board selects the output values itself
    Excellent price/capacity
    The charge is not lost when the battery just sits in the bag
    It is worth to take with a silicone cover
    Ordered another one like this :)
    тяжеловат для дам

    too heavy for ladies

    Mar 02,2016

  • Errol Kist
    Yes (0) Color: Silver
    Great deal for this charger
    I purchased the Xiaomi Charger (10,400mAh capacity) for outdoor trips that I go on where outlets are scarce or I plan on using my devices for most of the trip. I have previously used one of those tiny lipstick like battery packs and my experience with those have been mixed. So far my experience with the Xiaomi has been very good. It's a very capable charger that is easy to use, convenient and practical. Really beyond my expectations at this affordable price point for an external battery. Definitely easy to give two thumbs up for this. Great to always have the convenience of extra power when and where you need it, esp. for power-hungry devices.
    I went for the silver one but will order the gold version for my sister.

    Feb 08,2015

  • Evgeny
    Yes (0) Color: Silver
    The must have thing!
    Well this powerbank is extremely efficient stuff , because now electronic gadgets are very powerful and consume a lot of energy, but their batteries are still at the same level, usually 2000 mAh if it is phone, But this powerbank can charge them 5 times! I take it with me when I go to a picnic for the whole day or when I go fishing or bycicle riding etc , so some place where is no electricity power plug , and I dont have to limit myself of using the gadget because I am sure I can charge it with XIAOMI powerbank!
    Very stylish and good looking powerbank! Not very heavy. Metallic. True capacity! Well packaged and fast shipped.

    Oct 26,2015

  • d-i-e-h-a-r-d
    Yes (0) Color: Silver
    Xiaomi 10400mAh PowerBank
    Long suffered with the fact that the battery of my phone was missing for a while. Finally decided to buy a powerbank. Long chose, stopped on the model from Xiaomi 10400mAh. The cheapest price found on GearBest. My PowerBank arrived to me exactly a month. Packed paper envelope with bubble wrap inside. PowerBank still Packed in a white box from Xiaomi, the side of it there is a code to check on the website this is a real product or a fake. /N I can not check because I do not know the Chinese language :). However, by referring to the real goods.Works fine. I'm happy with the purchase.
    Definitely recommend to buy this, very helpful when true smartphone battery and no outlet nearby.

    Jun 02,2015