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  • Sidg16
    MI TWS Airdots are good and so is Gearbest
    My review is divided in 2 parts, First related to the MI Airdots, and second related to Gearbest and its delivery service specific to India. Also, I am writing after 20 days of rigorous use.

    First, the MI TWS Airdots are good, not excellent, not bad, but good (not considering MONEY), with its good audio quality, okay comfort, and good battery back up. But for this price these Airdots are the best. Generally such a quality Bluetooth Headset is available for around 4k - 6k INR. But I got these for 1.4k, and that's amazing for what they offer. So definitely go for them guys, without giving a second thought.

    Second, coming onto Gearbest delivery service in India, so expected time was 15 - 28 days, but the Airdots arrived after 35 days, which was totally acceptable considering Indian Postal Services. So yeah, Gearbest is a good platform as it has removed the international Boundaries. The only problem is that there is no Shipping or Tracking information available with Gearbest, as this is handled by seller, and you may feel deceived at first. But the customer service of Gearbest is good to handle that feeling for you :D
    And yeah, your order will surely reach you, unless your country specific postal service screws it up.

    So definitely go with MI Airdots and definitely go with Gearbest.

    Jan 16,2020

  • lost68er
    Bombige Winzlinge...
    Diesmal ging es wirklich schnell: 8 Tage Lieferzeit nach Deutschland ist wirklich fix. Toll! Beim Auspacken war ich überrascht: Die Teile sind viel kleiner als ich sie mir vorgestellt habe, tatsächlich nur so groß wie die Schallkapseln an gewöhnlichen, kabelgebundenen Ohrhörern. Man fragt sich, wo da ein Akku Platz finden soll.
    Nach dem obligatorischen Aufladen zeigte der erste Hörtest ebenfalls Überraschendes: Diese Miniteile(die übrigens keine eigene Lautstärkeregelung haben) klingen tatsächlich richtig gut! Bei Musikwiedergabe liefern sie einen enormen BUMS im Bassbereich, ohne daß die tiefen Frequenzen an Knackigkeit verlieren und den Sound "zumatschen". Die mittigen Frequenzen bleiben unterhalb der "nervtötenden" Grenze, und auch die Höhen sind präsent, aber dezent. Eine solche Soundqualität habe ich von diesen Zwergen definitiv nicht erwartet.
    Die Sprach-und Hörqualität beim Telfonieren ist ebenfalls ordentlich, auch die Gesprächspartner hören und Einen gut, die Umgebungsgeräusche sind gut gedämpft.
    Ob die Teile mit einer Ladung 4 Stunden durchhalten, kann ich nicht sagen, aber ich war damit in der Berliner U-und S-Bahn gut 2 1/2 Stunden unterwegs und habe volles Rohr Killing Joke gehört, ohne Probleme...
    Fazit: BOMBIGE ZWERGE...

    Nov 18,2019

  • Silviu
    Produs bunicel
    The package arrived today 30.10, in perfect conditions, without defects. At first glance it looks like a low-cost toy, that is until you start to unpack the small box in which the headphones are housed. The instructions in Chinese didn't help me at all, but the connection is easy, you have to keep pressing on the headset for 5 seconds until that white LED lights up, you have to do both, then connected to bluethoot and you have some players who at this price are beyond my expectations. They sound good, the bass is grandfather, I have not yet tested the battery but, remember that it came charged 70%, enough to be tested at maximum level 2 hours or even 3. Even if it did not come with a charging cable, what what disappoints me a little, I am pleased and delighted by the speed, the fairness of the seller. I recommend with confidence. Thanks to Gearbest and the seller for their seriousness.

    Oct 30,2019

  • Blenda
    Recomendo loja e produto
    Entrega em 1 mês para Litoral do Estado de São Paulo. Caixa em perfeitas condições: a caixa do aparelho vem dentro de outra caixa de papelão grosso. Os fones chegaram com 80% de bateria, prontos para usar. Só ligar o fone que o Bluetooth se conecta automaticamente. Acompanha mais dois pares de borrachinhas do fone e manual. O único botão serve para atender chamadas e pausa som. Não é possível trocar de música ou aumentar volume.
    Recomendo muito vendedor e produto!!!

    Nov 28,2019

  • Paula
    Really nice product!
    I've very happy with my air dots! Much more beautiful than the AirPods. They connect fast, sound is good, are really comfortable to wear and have a very good microphone. Music, media and calls are incredibly clear! Now I'm always with my airdots: at the gym, on my bike, on the train... I came back to buy more for my kids and boyfriend. It took about a month to arrive for me in Israel. A little slow, but worth the price. Highly reccomend.

    Dec 16,2019

  • Boki
    Mi Basic Earbuds
    I just got them and so far they look decent for there price. The sound its ok but the sound of microphone quality its low. The case looks really good. I don’t know about the battery life since i didn’t have the time to test it.

    All and all this earbuds are ok for there price.

    Dec 31,2019

  • Pautax
    BEST BUY earphones
    At this price there isn't other earphones with such sound Amazing
    At this price there isn't other earphones with such sound Amazing
    At this price there isn't other earphones with such sound Amazing
    At this price there isn't other earphones with such sound Amazing
    At this price there isn't other earphones with such sound Amazing
    At this price there isn't other earphones with such sound Amazing
    At this price there isn't other earphones with such sound Amazing

    Dec 10,2019

  • vova2004
    Наушники понравились: аккуратные, легкие и громкие. Сидят в ухе устойчиво. Звучание приличное. При установке и снятии наушников возможно непроизвольное нажатие на кнопку. В целом впечатление приятные.
    Не понравилась индикация состояния кейса. Светодиод еле видно и трудно определить в каком он состоянии (зарядка или простой). У меня три вида сигналов (постоянный синий, мигающий красный и постоянный красный).

    Dec 26,2019

  • Jonathan Drini
    best buy
    prezzo più che conveniente per un prodotto in scia con i top level del momento. cuffie che non escono in nessun modo dalle orecchie e che si comportano al meglio. materiale buono e sono super portabili.
    unico difetto: pairing iniziale complicato e non esplicato nelle istruzioni.

    Nov 30,2019

  • bon mais ...
    casque plutot correct
    Les airdots sont de bon écouteurs mais il y a mieux. Niveau son c'est correct
    mais la tenue a l'oreille c'est compliquer suivant les personnes qui les utilisent.
    On peut écouter la musique qu'avec une seule oreillette. La connection en
    bluetooth est simple et rapide. L'autonomie est tres satisfaisante ( je tiens facile 5h non stop).
    Merci gearbest et xiaomi

    Dec 21,2019