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  • Ben
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    Once you understand the set-up process in the absence of english material, the camera works pretty well.

    The image quality is pretty good, and it can work fairly well in low-light environments even without the night vision turned on.

    FYI, setup the easiest set-up process is:
    1) Download and install the English version of the Chinese app. A starting place could be here:
    2) (optional) put a micro SD card into the slot - this will let you both store data on the camera, as well as upgrade the firmware.
    3) Start the app. Create an account (note, accounts created in the international version of the app won't work - you'll have to create a separate account).
    4) Plug in the camera.
    5) Click on the '+' icon to add a camera in the app.
    6) You'll hear the camera say something in a chinese language. It is an equivalent of 'waiting to connect'. The light should also change color.
    7) Choose "Try QR code config" [I tried the other option, try Wi-Fi Config, multiple times, but was never successful. The QR method worked first try with every camera.]
    8) Enter your wifi network name / password. This will be encoded in the QR code.
    9) Show the QR code to the camera, as prompted on the screen.
    10) You'll hear the camera say something when it recognizes the code.
    11) Wait a few minutes. You'll see the display on the phone update as it scans servers, etc.
    12) The camera feed will be added to the app. Go ahead and customize the name / settings / etc by clicking on the feed, then clicking on the gear/setti
    You must use the English sub-version of the mainland china version of the app to be able to use this camera. The English version of the international app (likely what you'd find in an app store) will NOT work currently. The English sub-version of the Chinese app is mostly translated, but there are still some notifications that show up in Chinese characters.

    The language barrier in this app - being marketed on an English-language website, but instructions in Chinese, the camera only able to speak in a Chinese language (not firmware upgradeable), the app being a dedicated Chinese version (roughly partially translated to English) not obtainable from any of the mobile marketplaces, combined with the account being on Chinese servers (apparently) and an unknown level of Chinese governmental oversight on the camera's views into our private spaces is moderately unnerving. I do know that Xiomi has quite a dedicated user base hacking the code to adapt it to different purposes, so perhaps they are able to have greater insight into what does or does not happen behind the scenes.&nbsp

    Feb 14,2016

  • Ruslan
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    Камера идеально подходит для наблюдения за домом или небольшим офисом. Понравилась простота в использовании и возможность качественной ночной съемки и наблюдения. При подключении главное не забыть сделать сброс иголочкой сзади кнопкой ресет. Использую камеру месяц. Еще не подвела. Хорошо видно лица и действия. Отлично срабатывает детектор движения. Для просмотра трансляции в HD нужен хороший интернет. Покупкой доволен. Теперь и брат заказал, после того как опробовал мою камеру.
    За свою цену, эта камера однозначно хорошая. Качество изготовления, продуманность настройки и работы, сделают её востребованной для многих задач.
    К покупке можно рекомендовать смело. Особенно таким как я, не особо разбирающимся, да и не особо желающим разбираться в настройке видеонаблюдения, людям.
    Мне в данной камере понравилась простота, нормальное качество видео, возможность привязки к своему аккаунту Xiaomi, достаточный функционал и низкая цена.
    За такую цену их нет.

    Nov 23,2015

  • Joaquin Arosemena
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Best camera at any price.
    I have ordered a total of six of these cameras, one at a time to make sure they worked properly. I could not believe the low price when compared to USA brands selling for 2 to 5 times more. The image quality is excellent. The first camera that I ordered was totally in Chinese, a language that I do not speak but I was able to make it work. Now the application (I use an Android phone) has been 95% translated to English so it’s set up is so much easy, as a matter of fact it these are the easiest cameras I have ever set up and none has failed to register. You can compare the quality of these cameras to the famous Dropcam (now Nest Cam purchased by Google), but the Nest cam cost US $200 and this one is under US$ 35. The main difference is that the Dropcam will save it’s recordings to the Nest Cloud at a cost of US$ 10 per month and this one saves it’s recordings to a Micro SD card that you provide and there is no monthly charge. I am recommending this camera to all my friends who need a security camera.
    Some of the vocal prompts are still in Chinese but you can ignore them and just follow the App instructions.

    Aug 28,2015

  • Lexar
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    Отличная камера. Давно брал. Работает без нареканий. Сейчас в нон стопе снимает и записывает на объекте. В простейшем варианте запускается через фирменное приложение, но можно прошить и под себя, исходя из разных нужд. Получить статичный IP и управлять по лакалке. Расшарить доступ по всем протоколам, отвязать от Китая и т.п. Через стандартное приложение на андроиде, PC или Apple очень хорошо себя показывает. На PC есть маленькие проблемки со временем на перемотке. Пишет по активности, работает в темноте, все светодиоды отключаются, чтобы не палиться. На флешку в 16 гиг пишет на объекте примерно пару месяцев, потом по кругу дальше, затирая старое. Флешку нужно брать нормальную, не медленную. Активность на объекте не большая. В день раз по 20 по несколько минут. В креплении есть возможность крепить на стену, смотри в описании. Легко скручивается в пол оборота камера с крепления и там есть дырочки под винты.

    Oct 07,2018

  • Massimo Mezzina
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Excellent IP CAMERA
    - Prezzo di appena 28 euro(eh si questo nel video non l'ho detto!!)
    - Bella Esteticamente e adattabile a qualsiasi superfice
    - Applicazione intuitiva in inglese con una community attiva(l'app è stata anche tradotta in Italiano)
    - Facile Configurazione, è tutto guidato
    - Ottima qualità sia in HD che SD
    - Supporto MicroSD fino a 32 GB
    - Funzioni Alerts
    - Visore Notturno, Funziona alla grande ed è automatico grazie al sensore di luminosità
    - Microfono per captare l'audio oltre al video e speaker(serve sopratutto per riprodurre la nostra voce quando vogliamo parlare attraverso lo smartphone e anche per riprodurre le inutili istruzioni in cinese)
    - Alimentazione da parete, da smartphone, da powerbank
    - Monitorabile dall'esterno(3G, WAN) della propria rete senza nessuna configurazione sul router(si basa sul Cloud e da questo ne deriva anche la sicurezza)
    - Manca accesso ufficiale per monitorare la cam da un device diverso dallo Smartphone(pare che Xiaomi abbia protetto, forse giustamente, il protocollo RTP/RTSP per questo i metodi sparsi sul web non funzionano più)

    Nov 13,2015

  • LPolgar
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    DO NOT Update the Firmware via the app
    After a FW update the camera will switch of with telling this: "this camera can only be used within china" so you have to roll back the firmware:

    You need to follow these steps below to fix the cam:

    * Turn off the camera
    * Pull out the memory card
    * format the sd in FAT32
    * extract and copy the firmware file to the memory card home (link for the firmware I use)
    * Turn on the camera and hold down the reset button for 6-8 seconds
    * Turn off the camera
    * Insert the memory card
    * Turn on the camera
    * Wait for about 5 minutes
    (will flash orange, then turn orange, then speak Chinese and then will flash orange)
    * Connect the camera via the camera app
    chinese version, firmware update problems

    Mar 07,2016

  • millerj004
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    Follow Directions and it works Overall Great Value
    * When you get the latest client it is easy to setup. I had the wrong client version and wasted an evening trying to setup the camera. You don't need a Xiaomi router to use the camera, I am using a Netgear r6300v2. You must use 2.4Ghz not 5Ghz. I downloaded the latest client from the Xiaoyi website and everything worked perfectly in about 5 minutes:

    * After looking for other cameras you really can't beat the price for the performance you get from this camera and no subscription service required like some other cams.

    * Night vision works great

    * I could upload photos but others have and the camera really does look that good. It is simple, stylish, and has a good quality feel to it.
    * Like other people have said the time zone is restricted to Bejing so you will have to adjust to your timezone if you plan on setting the time notifications. Hopefully it will be resolved in a future software release, it does not effect overall usability of camera.

    * Not really a CON or a PRO just something I noticed is that when switching to IR it makes a noticeable pop.

    * I am having a problem getting the firmware to update through the app but it does the effect the operation of the camera.

    Aug 26,2015

  • Manolis Polenis
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    Great camera if you speak chinese
    Excelent build quality.
    Very Good performance.
    Great features like motion alert, night vision.
    1. Plug in the camera to power adaptor.
    2. Install the app by scanning the QR barcode found on manual (There are two of them scan the one on the right side).
    3. Change the language of your phone to English.
    4. Open the app (it should open in English "mode").
    5. Follow instructions (you have to have an functional WiFi internet connection, you will be asked to choose your WiFi put your WiFi credentials and the a QR code will appear on phone screen that you have to scan it with your camera, DONE).
    Chinese spoken!!!
    It will take some time to setup because manual and application are in chinese, but fortunately there some videos in youtube that help a lot.
    Although the app actually has been translated in English too, you have no option to change the language EXCEPT to change the language in android interface (I don't know about ios).
    I could not spot the application on google play (probably because is in chinese) but instead you have to scan the barcode found in the manual to get the link for it.

    Oct 24,2015

  • Nikolay
    Yes (0) Color: White
    The best one for it's price
    rought this for home security. Easy to setup and connects to home router/network easily. Only issue was finding the app. The app initially had limitations on what you can do. after doing an update on the firmware more option became available. had this over a month now and never failed or lost connection. The camera is fast and very little lag (unnoticeable) in and out the house. Video quality is excellent. the design is nice, slick and compact. Compared to my other camera (tenvis) is is way much better in every way. ordered a second Camera yesterday.

    Sep 12,2015

  • paracord
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    Fiyat performans ürünü
    Ürününün programından modem şifresini girerek modeme bağlıyorsunuz istediğiniz heryerden telefonunuzla internet üzerinden izleyebiliyorsunuz video kayıt ve resim çekme özelliği var ayrıca ürün üzerindeki hoparlöre telefonunuzdan konuşarak ses yollayabiliyorsumuz (bebek telsizi gibi) gündüz çekimleri öyle yazıldığı gibi hd değil gibi idare eder ama üzerindeki 8 tane 850nm ır led sayesinde zifiri karanlıkta benim test ettiğim kadarıyla 20mt ye kadar gündüz gibi gösteriyor sırf bu özelliği için almaya değer unutmadan hareket dedektörü sayesinde hareket alğılayınca resim çekebiliyor yada video kaydediyor ama bunun için cihazın üzerinde yer alan micro sd yuvasına kart takmalısınız.
    Gelen ürün çin piyasası ürünü olduğu için telefon programını çin olanını indirmelisiniz o program da ingilizce olduğu için sıkıntı yok ama video ve resimlere köşe kısmına gömülen tarih saat, çin programı olduğu için türkiyeden 6 saat ilerde gösteriyor, bunun haricinde fişi 2 uçlu bizdeki gibi silindir uçlu değil düz fiş geliyor (ingiliz tipi) ürünü alacaksınız birde adaptör alın.

    Mar 11,2016