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  • Dimitrios
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    I highly recommend it from Gearbest
    The packaging is cardboard.
    Includes 1 x Earphone, 6 x Earbud Cover.
    They are made of very good quality materials.
    Their cable is flat and saves a little from being tangled.
    At the point where the cable exits jack has a thinner plastic for greater flexibility. So in a change of cable pulling it is not so easy to cut it (as shows in the image 2 and the video I upload).
    They have buttons Play Stop and Voice control.
    When you wear them you realize if you put them in the right ear (left in left and right in right) because they are with slant.
    Also adjacent well in the ear and prevent outside sounds to enter the ear.
    They have very good sound quality (especially for music) with good bass and Noise Cancelling when you talk.
    The play and volume buttons work perfectly (I test them in Iphone 4s, CoolPad F1 and Samsung S4).
    For sure, they are value for money. The price is very good on Gearbest.
    The sent it quickly and has a very good price in this product. I highly recommend it.
    In a test I did to a place with low mobile signal I was listen noise in the earphones which was coming from the microphone of them.
    To prevent the noise I had to put the phone away from earphones microphone.

    Jan 12,2016

  • Valdemar
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Начну с того, что посылку отправили довольно быстро. И месяца не прошло как я ее получил в Врн, для такого товара удивительно. Причем трек отслеживался от и до. Когда распаковывал посылку удовлетворило качество упаковки исключающей повреждения. Сами по себе наушники за такую цену просто подарок, особенно если применить купоны, кешбеки и т.д. Три раза заказывал, самый дешевый ценник вышел 6,07$. В комплекте дополнительно 3 пары уплотнителей разных размеров. Провод типа "лапша" с покрытием софттач. Звучат очень неплохо, нет никакого дискомфорта в виде режущих ухо высоких частот или отсутствия баса. Все частоты в балансе. Если использовать с аппаратом Сяоми любые настройки можно подкрутить под себя. Что хорошо - люди рядом не слышат, что играет в наушниках, ну если только на максимальной громкости когда лопаются перепонки. Кнопки управления на проводе работают корректно. В общем наушники достойные, если вы не повернутый меломан рекомендую брать.
    минусов пожалуй не вижу если сильно не придираться к качеству звука. Свою цену более чем оправдывают

    Mar 14,2017

  • Vovan
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Original Xiaomi Youth Edition Piston Earphone
    Start with the fact that the parcel has been sent quite quickly. Not a month after I got it in a VRN, this product is amazing. And track to track. When I unpacked the parcel, satisfied quality packaging eliminates damage. Headphones themselves at this price is a gift, especially if you use coupons, cashback, etc. Three times I ordered, the cheapest price tag out of 6.07$. Complete an additional 3 pairs of seals of different sizes. Wire type "noodles" with a Softtouch coating. Sound very good, no discomfort in the ear cutting high frequencies or lack of bass. All frequencies in balance. If you use with the Xiaomi smartphone any settings you can tweak for yourself. It's good that people nearby can't hear what's playing in the headphones, well, if only at maximum volume when the membrane burst. The control buttons on the cable are working properly. In General, headphones are decent if you turned the music fan I recommend to take.
    cons perhaps not see if not much to find fault with the sound quality. His price is more than justified

    Mar 14,2017

  • Vladimir
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Good headset from well-known company Xiaomi for a small cost
    Good headset from well-known company Xiaomi for a small cost - at GearBest there are sales at a very good price.
    The quality is good.
    Someone wrote that you need to pick up under my ear the size of the pads from the kit. Without matching bottoms have weak and strong tops. I think the correct size pads will fix this. === Хорошая гарнитура от известной фирмы Xiaomi за небольшую стоимость - на GearBest бывают распродажи по очень приятным ценам.
    Качество изготовления хорошее.
    Кто-то писал, что нужно подобрать под свое ухо размер накладки из комплекта. Без подбора у меня низы слабые, а верхи сильные. Думаю, правильный размер накладки все исправит.
    You need to find the size of plates.

    Jan 07,2016

  • Sergey
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Гарнитура XiaoMi / XiaoMi earphone
    Звучат чуть лучше чем предыдущая модель. Звук на твёрдую 4+. Классический плоский провод несомненно плюс - теперь не запутывется. В комплекте разного размера вкладыши. В телефоне XiaoMi для этих наушников есть специальна настройка. Клавишами можно переключать треки при прослушивании музыки. Покупкой доволен однозначно. Рекомендую.
    It sounds a little better than the previous model. Sound on a solid 4+. Classic flat wire is undoubtedly a plus - no longer confused. Included various Liners size. In XiaoMi phone for these headphones have a special configuration. To switch tracks while listening to music. Purchase uniquely satisfied. I recommend.

    Jan 11,2017

  • NachoTheSailor
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    great sound for a great price
    They sound great and especially at this low price. I generally do not like earphones. I have a pair of Sennheiser earphones which are much more expensive but I find the Xiaomi more comfortable and sound almost as good. I purchase the Xiaomi for taking them on the plane for shorter flights when I do not want to carry my Bose QC15 noise cancelling headphone. For more serious listening at home, my Sennheiser HD580 headphone still sound much better but the Xiaomi serves its purpose very well with my phone. BTW, I am using the Xiaomi with my Nokia 1020 Windows phone. I was not sure if the Xiaomi would work with a Window phone when I placed the order but the price was cheap enough to take a gamble. The volume button and microphone all work and if I do not compare it to my headphones, the sound is excellent.

    Dec 06,2018

  • Uddhav
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Great value for money
    A great pair of earphones from Xiaomi. About sound quality: well balanced. The bass is good and can be made even better with equalizer. The mid and treble are good as well. Clarity is excellent and there is a certain degree of sound stage so the music is not muffled. The mic works as expected and quality is good. The earphones are very comfortable to wear and stay in the ears. Build quality is good, earphones are quite durable but they stopped to work after more than a year. Even though, I am satisfied and also the earphones went through rough times (dropped, wired stretched, put in bag carelessly, etc)
    Quick shipping from Gearbest and best price.

    Sep 06,2018

  • Александр
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Отличные наушники

    Jul 27,2016

  • Marco
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    They are Amazing! (For the price)
    Amazing sound for the price. Really, they should cost 25$ or more.
    They aren't perfect, there are too much bass and you need to equalyze a bit to get something of good around the treble, but for the price they are really good!

    Fantastico suono per il prezzo. Davvero, dovrebbero costare 25$ o più.
    Non sono perfette, ci sono troppi passi e dovete equalizzarle un po' per ottenere qualcosa di buono negli alti, ma per il prezzo sono davvero ottime!
    For me they don't fit really well with any earpad. But probably the problem is mine, because other peoples wear them without problems.

    Su di me non vestono molto bene con nessun gommino. Ma probabilmente il problema è mio, perchè altra gente le utilizza senza problemi.

    May 13,2016

  • Tepik
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Хожу с плеером. Мои старые наушники поистрепались и я неспешно принялся искать новые. Купил локально пяток новых комплектов в разных местах (начал со 150руб, закончил 700руб :) - но все не то... Почитал отзывы и заказал эти - наконец звучат более-менее. Хожу уже пару лет. Не знаю как у других, но у меня в ушах эти уши держались фигово, проблему решил так: Нашел черный вспененный полиэтилен (от какой-то упаковки) вырезал пару шайбочек толщиной 1-2мм, диаметром чуть больше амбушюра, установил между амбушюром и пластиком излучателей.

    Nov 08,2017