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  • Logan Swafford
    Yes (2) Color: Black Size: 20W (US Plug)
    This is Overall a great product. 20W does as advertised.
    This is a great budget laser engraver. I have the 20W version and it can do everything as advertised. Do not the fact it is a budget engraver deceive you though, this is not necessarily for beginners. The product comes partially assembled, so you have to build the rest. Inexperienced builders/engravers use their inexperience as a reason to give great products like this a bad review. If you are a beginner, learning this machine is very doable. Just read the instructions carefully and watch the assembly videos provided carefully. While this product is great and deserves 5 stars, Gearbest has been horrible to work with. The customer service is mostly automated and not great. It took over 40 days to get this product when told me originally it would take 15. It ended up being worth the wait though. I received all the parts I needed and its working well. I have already made some really cool stuff with it. Great Product!

    Jun 20,2020

  • Simple Builds
    Yes (2) Color: Black Size: 15W (US Plug)
    Off to a great start!
    Easy assembly and the basic software is a good place to start, however for more advanced use I will be using Light Burn. The only Con is that the software it comes with does not say what the alarm codes mean.Note for Hobbyists the machine does get residual power from your computer and it appears to be on. The power even is enough to light up the green LED on the power supply. I spent over an hour checking the wires and searching for error codes because it recognized the machine and appeared to be on. After reading that someone else had similar issues I checked the power and sure enough the surge protector that I plugged into was not on. I felt stupid but was redeemed when I made my first engraving in just minutes after finally getting power.

    Sep 03,2020

  • Suitmonkey
    Yes (5) Color: Black Size: 15W (US Plug)
    Great machine, works very well
    The machine is great and worked flawlessly without any hiccup. Installation got a little tricky but following some instructions after reading again, it all worked. I am using Lightburn on windows and the Ortur performs very well. In terms of capability, it can manage to"cut" 3mm ply after 6-7 passes, but I would recommend using it more for engraving. I am using it mainly for wood. I took the 20W option which is actually 5W laser output, so please be sure of the purpose you are buying this for. The negatives - the power adaptor supplied with the machine is crappy and I have had to change that since it did not supply the required power and the gantry did not move initially. Worked well after replacement of the adaptor. Shipping is so darn slow.

    May 08,2020

  • Ortur Laser Master 2
    Yes (1) Color: Black Size: 15W (US Plug)
    Ortur Master 2 15 Watt Laser engraver
    Very high quality build on parts sent, detailed video on how to assemble located at Tinyurl website. Look for firmware upgrades and full instructions there as well. Very important to upgrade firmware correctly ! Always wear protective glasses included as this thing can blind you permanently. Place it in well ventilated area preferably with power exhaust system. Tip, I watch my engraver via wifi camera on my phone after starting it up to burn so I don't need to be in same room as laser. Overall good value for money, see youtube demo. Happy burning :-)

    Apr 11,2020

  • bobcat
    Yes (1) Color: Black Size: 20W (EU Plug)
    Excellent Laser Engraving Machine at a good price
    Package arrived in very good conditions, even if with some delay.The structure is quite solid once mounted. The mounting instructions are contained in a MS word document with many issues in the paging and some missed instruction.This made the building up activity a little more cumbersome than needed. In particular there is a connector (4 pin) that can be mounted in both direction (and the cables are all black). Unless is reversible this could be a risk.I did not yet start to carve, but I play a little bit with the commands to of the LaserGRBL software and the Laser engraving machine is well responding

    Jul 13,2020

  • R. Faulk
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: 20W (US Plug)
    Painter and Illustrator
    I’m new to laser engraving and found found positive review about this machine, so I decided to purchase it from GEARBEST online. What a good decision! I recieved the shipment in short time, assembly was about a hour.Just a little research into best software for my needs, I decide on Lightburn and it’s camera capabilities. After a week, I need better ventilation, so I decided to build an enclosure. Building models as a kid really paid off. Having fun!I included photos and video

    Sep 21,2020

  • herve
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: 15W (EU Plug)
    bon produit ... mais le laser ne fait que 4,5W lumineux (pas 15W)
    Bon produit, reçu rapidement, emballage soigné.Mntage facile en 1 heure maximum. Notice en anglais, mais simple et claire. Si vous êtes en difficulté, il y a des vidéos sur internet (mais normalement, sans aide, le montage est assez logique)Le laser est donné pour 15W mais attention, c'est la puissance électrique ! Après quelques recherches je me suis rendu compte que la puissance lumineuse est de 4,5W. Malgré tout, il fait bien son travail.Précis, très grande surface de travail.Le logiciel laserGRBL n'est pas totalement en français (l'aide entre autres) mais en cherchant un peu, on s'en sort.J'aimerais son équivalent sous Linux, mais apparemment il n'existe pas.Bref, je suis content de mon achat.

    Aug 30,2020

  • Tennessee Hick
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: 20W (US Plug)
    Great Laser!
    After watching several youtube videos about this machine decided to give it a try. It arrived in approximately 14 days. More than half that was waiting on the US postal service. It is well made nothing feels cheap. After about 30 mins assembly It was ready to roll. Have been very surprised at the support in the Official Ortur Laser facebook group. Great information and community.

    Sep 28,2020

  • Hextra
    Yes (1) Color: Black Size: 15W (US Plug)
    Ortur Master 2 Laser
    The Ortur Master 2 was ordered and delivered by DHL quickly, I was very pleased with the speed of shipping and delivery.Assembled easily, instructions were clear and didn't skip any parts. Laser work great with LaserGRBL and Lightburn. I was able to engrave hardwood with my logo easily and cut heavy paper with ease.My only wish is that the laser focusing ring was easier to turn. It's difficult to turn but I was able to focus to a dot.

    Apr 18,2020

  • Tony Cavazos
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: 15W (US Plug)
    I just started with laser engraving, pick this because of cost and right now foe engraving wood it's great . Some time to play with the software but still working on it . Shipping is a little time consuming but worth the wait . If your starting out it's great even if your into engraving its still worth the cost . I have no complaints with this engraver. Can't wait to try other materials

    May 05,2020