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  • Charles
    Fastest accurate printing
    This printer prints faster than my others, stable at 100mm/s, can push it even further but why rush? The jerk settings seemed a bit high and I experienced Y axis shifts when i first got it. The Y Axis seems really tight. Lower jerk settings (11-12 vs the 30 it was set to) seemed to stop the fans from smacking around and it stopped the y axis shifts. Auto level is amazing and watching the Z axis tweak a little during larger prints really shows how even level beds can vary by around 0.1mm and when printing with super small layer heights that is a lot of variance! Auto level gives me perfect first layers always.
    With the settings tweaks, printed a baby yoda at 0.05mm layer height at 110mm/s and it came out stunning.

    Dec 03,2019

  • Maxym Ternovetskyi
    This 3D printer is amazing. It’s really a game changer for the 3D printing market.
    After watching 3D printers for a couple of years, I decided to get this for two reasons - was on a good discount, and there were some good reviews from France. Product well packaged, shipped via DHL from China to France in 6 days! Assembly is reasonably easy, straight-forward, and methodical - be patient as some of the assemply can be fiddley, and takes 1 hour. I used Autodesk Fusion 360 (free for personal use and esy to use) for modelling, Repetier-Host for slicing, and this connected to the network with an OctoPi print server, I highly recommend this - easy to setup. Thanks ORTUR!

    Aug 27,2019

  • robert zokowski
    I recommend to buy. Thank you to the seller, answered the questions promptly.
    This is my first 3d printer. I saw some reviews that a newbie will have a lot of problems on the assembly - this is not so, everything went perfectly and easily. There are no curvatures, all the details are perfectly matched to each other, a very detailed video instruction on YouTube on how to assemble the printer. The assembly from the first time, without haste, took about 3 hours (I am sure experienced users will be able to do it in 30 minutes).

    Aug 28,2019

  • Caterina Vereshagina
    my settings and my first printing result. Seller sent me custom cura, works very well
    my settings and my first printing result. The seller sent me testing gcode for testing, works very well! and they sent me custom cura for ortur 3d printers, the printing result is very good. And the cura setting of Ortur is different from any other 3d printers I owned. Recommed linear guide rail 3d printer for its super fast speed

    Aug 29,2019

  • Rui Pisco
    here is a few photos of my first prints, still dialing in the printer setting settings
    I am new to printing and found this to be a fun experience assembling the kitset as i got to learn how a 3d printer works. Shipping was lightning fast. Flower vase ( test model) at 70% scale 0.15mm layer height came out amazing - very impressive results for a printer in this price range, very happy to have chosen this unit after doing a fair bit of research.

    Sep 04,2019

  • Anna Diduk
    tout est bon mais le plateau brillant n est pas bien !
    tout est bon mais le plateau brillant n est pas bien ! Le premier plateau de la ortur 4 était parfait , le flexible est très bien aussi il adhère beaucoup mais le PET est pas bien ...Maintenant elle fonctionne bien , j'ai réglé beaucoup j'ai un bon résulta ! J'attend le plateau Flexible ce sera plus facile pour enlevé les pièces .

    Aug 29,2019

  • Rodger Heinlein
    Very satisfied, i definitely recommend the seller and the goods
    Shipping fast! Printer super! The printer is very easy to assemble, easily calibrated the table level and print... The program "cura" rocked the freshest, for a month figured out the features of printing (support, extrusion, etc.)... I ordered in advance for the "concomitant" seven kilograms of pla plastic. Now print and print) 100% satisfied with the purchase.

    Sep 10,2019

  • Wallace West
    Delivery was fast. Quaility of printer is excelent. I am very satisfied.
    This is a really great 3D printer. It was really fun and educating to build, I’ve used the YouTube video for instruction together with the manual that came with the printer. You also get all the tools needed which is really nice and some PLA to get started. The build quality is super great and feels very sturdy. I can only recommend getting this :)

    Sep 05,2019

  • Jenek Plotnikov
    The seller provide solutions promptly, now it is working perfect now
    I have recieved the machine.
    After correctly mounting the printer I can not manually calibrate the art between the nozzle and the bed because in the reference position the nozzle is below the bed.
    The seller provide solutions promptly, now it is working perfect now, recommend seller.

    Aug 29,2019

  • Messanh Ajavon
    Test printing is made. The result is satisfied. Super fast iml shipping
    Came quickly to the post office. Immediately collected and printed owls. Came with a black pla. So far i like everything, The quality of laying layers is straight good. But you need to learn how to use, this applies to any 3d printer, Printed cooling, became straight luxuriously.

    Sep 10,2019