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  • CFX
    Great machine for the price
    Firstly the actual unit itself - construction quality is great, everything is really solid and heavy, sticks and buttons feel really nice, the switches and ports at the back are all solidly placed. Came very well packaged with good quality long HDMI, VGA and USB cables and even extra replacement buttons. Stick can be connected to PC via the bottom USB port on the back and is immediately recognised as a 2-player arcade stick and so can be used for MAME or PC fighters (it does not need to be plugged in and powered for this). There's a soft RGB glow near the bottom which can't be turned off but looks good - you can't see the individual LEDs shining through like to can on some other sticks, which is good. There's some Engrish on the sticks, most noticeably "POWER CONTROL SYTEM" right across the bottom and "stereo-of-the-art sound" at the top. The over-dramatic bootup sequence is amazing. There is fan which while not being loud is certainly noticeable.Game selection is very good. All the real oldschool games like Bubble Bobble are there, as well as lots of the late 90s games. The later games tend to be weighted towards SNK and Capcom games, and this is because the emulator the system is built on is very much geared towards these games. This means these games mostly run fantastically. Rarely some games on different chipsets do not run as well - notably Afterburner, Outrun, Sonic and Mortal Kombat are all pretty glitchy. The vast majority of games run either perfectly or with minor issues like occasional slowdown or some screen-tearing while scrolling.Finding games is a bit of a problem, there's no list included and they're not in alphabetical order. There's also no option to remove games from the list or add to favourites, which I've seen on some other sticks. I found PDF of a similar stick which seems to have the same ordering, so I've been using that as a reference and to ctrl+F to find the game's number. The games are loosely grouped together by type, with fighting games tending to be at the start.By pressing the CFG button on the back of the machine you're taking to a settings menu where you can choose if it's on free play mode and edit per-game settings like difficulty. There's also an option to turn on or off a filter which tries to smooth out the pixels, a bit like SuperEagle on zsnes. If you turn this off it still seems like there's some kind of processing going on, which might annoy purists. The screen is stretched across your entire display in 800x600 and there's no option to keep the original aspect ratio, which is something I would have liked. Overall it's a fantastic retro arcade machine for the money and with the added benefit of being able to use it as a USB controller for your PC. I imagine you could also put a Rasberry Pi inside or on the back and connect it via USB if you wanted to try different emulators or games, just using the sticks as controllers.

    Sep 27,2018

  • arcade
    excelente control arcade muy buena jugabilidad y estabilidad nada complicado para jugar los juegos retro excelente en verdad
    un poco golpeado la paqueteria solo hay que empaquetar un poco mejor ya que las paqueteria tratan demasiado mal los paquetes

    Mar 12,2018

  • Giulio
    Fantastic old console with nostalgic arcade games
    No one

    Jun 04,2018