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How to add on items?
1. Add your favorite products into the cart.
2. Enter the shopping cart.
3. Click 'Check items redeemed'.
4. Choose the product you want to redeem.
5. The item(s) in your cart can be purchased now.
1. Please confirm the minimum redemption value before you select items in your cart.
    If it doesn't match the redemption
2. You can check the program details and also whether the product is participating
    in the redemption activity.
3. Please note that if you return goods, the redemption product must also be returned to us. 4. Due to system constraints, some products cannot be placed together, please purchase
    these separately.
5. You can only redeem products if you meet the conditions. 6. Presale products cannot be redeemed, please select standard products. 7. Only products from the same warehouse can be purchased. 8. Limited stock Redemption Items are available on first come, first served basis
    (decided by payment time).