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Home Haircut Tutorial and Tips

Hey there! How long has it been since you got your haircut? 

Let me guess: it’s been three weeks or three months? 

What’s worse, some folks said, “I haven't cut my hair since January, and my hairs are super shaggy right now.”

As the barbershops are nearly all closed around the world during the lockdown, we need to maintain a social distance and couldn’t take a haircut from the hairdresser as usual. 

However, do stay-at-home mean a slovenly look? Absolutely not, we have to maintain a good look at the daily video conferencing. That’s exactly why you are faced with the following questions: 

How to cut your own hair? If you cut the hair wrong into a bald head, you will rather ask before a haircut: How to manage long hair? 

Here’s a quick and easy home haircut guide to show you how to cut hair at home and how to choose the best hair clipper for self-grooming.

How to cut your own hair?

Before cutting the hair, you will need to hunt for a haircut you want and a tutorial for the haircut first. 

Then, prepare the following tools as possible: 

✁ Hair clipper x1

✁ Comb x1

✁ Sharp scissor x1

✁ Hand-held mirror x1

1. Wet your hair -- when you're finished, towel dry.

2. Comb up off the sides and find where you normally part your hair which sections your hair.

3. A hair clipper kit typically has 5 guide comb attachments (Let’s take Kemei KM600 Hair Clipper Kit as an example). Start with a 3mm attachment guide comb. Start at the temple, go up, and fade out (not up and over). Repeat to the other side. Last, grab your hand-held mirror and do the back. (If your hair is too long, you better first use the hair-cutting scissor to crop the hair at the length you want in this step).

4. Next up is the 6mm attachment and then the 9mm attachment. When goes to 12mm guide comb, moves the blade as far out as it can go. Then fades lower at sideburn and base of neck for a tighter look. Roll the clippers for a gradual fade rather than a hard line.

5. Clean up around the ear and neck -- you may need help as this step is a bit tricky. Go nice and slow.

6. Progress to the top of your head -- your hair needs to be dampened on the top. Then pull up a section and cut a bit of the end off. Move section by section over your hair.

Is it worth getting a hair clipper?

A top-rated hair clipper like Xiaomi ENCHEN Boost Hair Clipper is priced under $16 yet can be used for a few years.

However, a hair cut for a time in the barbershop is equivalent to $10. Obviously, investing in a hair clipper is your best bet in the long run.

If you have enough budget, go for a complete hair clipper kit with guide comb attachments and brush comb such as Kemei KM-809KM-1990KM-605, KM-600 electric hair clipper under $36 or Xiaomi MiTu kids hair clipper under $25. 

Also, you won’t go wrong with a can of lubricant spray or lube disinfectant (included in the Kemei KM-809 hair clipper kit), which helps keep the blades sharp and clean after each use. 

Let alone all grown-ups would recall their first haircut from dad or mom. Getting a hair clipper to cut your family’s hair would also be one of your most wonderful memories in a future day.

Home haircut tips for beginners

Whether you are attempting to cut your own hair or grandfather, husband, boyfriend, son’s hair, a cordless electric hair clipper kit will help. 

Practices make perfect. If you as a beginner are worried about making your husband’s haircut a disaster, try first cut other person’s hairs before you cut your husband’s hair. 

Why did I mention this? Because a wife joked on the YouTube haircut tutorial, “The survival of my marriage may well depend on the instructions in this video.”

May the odds be ever in your favor.

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