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Top home office supplies
setup your workplace at home

How to have an effecvtive time at home during the coronavirus outbreak?
A quick guide of all essentials you need to prepare for a work-at-home quarantine time.

Best HD USB Webcam

A great webcam for video conferencing, streaming, or checking in with distant friends and family.

Best Laptop Stand for Desk Bed Couch

Easy to adjust to a comfortable viewing angle, improve body posture.

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Where to get laptop for working at home online? Best laptop in stock of Germany local warehouse for you to work at home efficiently.

Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

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Best Budget High Performance Laptop

Best Budget High Performance Tablet PC

Best Budget High Performance Mini PC

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How to set up your workplace at home?

Everything you need to work from home.

Working from home has been an inevitable trend to maintain a social distance during the coronavirus pandemic. 

For most people, it’s hard to keep productivity away from the office. So, you need the right work-from-home equipment to set up a productive workplace at home.

Still, think about how to set up your workplace at home? We offered the best deals on webcams for PC, the best laptops with built-in webcams, must-have PC accessories such as laptop stands, keyboards, mouse, headsets, memory cards, and networking adapters for you to work remotely for the next few months.

Best PC webcam for videoconferencing

If you use a desktop computer without a built-in webcam for work, it’s necessary for you to get an external webcam for video conferences or online business meetings.

Best webcam for streaming

Besides, whether you are looking for a vlogging camera, YouTube camera or live stream camera, we’ve got tons of selected HD 1080P webcams for you to choose from. 

With these HD webcams, you could easily stay connected with friends in chatting with them online or sharing quarantine life on YouTube or TikTok.

Best Logitech webcam

There are many brands of webcams, and the Logitech webcam is the top-rated webcam for 2020. 

Logitech was debuted as a selected brand from Xiaomi Ecosystem but now it is known as an independent tech brand featured with high-quality geek products, including keyboards and mouse, and the above-mentioned webcams. 

Logitech C920 series including the C920 HD, C920E, C920S, C920pro are the most popular webcams for videoconferencing. Moreover, Logitech offers more low-range webcams like C615, B215, C525, C310, C270 webcams and top-notch webcams like 4K Pro, Brio Ultra and C930E.

Best laptop stand for a breeze work without neck strain 

If you use your laptop for work, you should get a laptop stand, which ensures your laptop is at the perfect height, to avoid a neck strain or upper back strain.

Best budget laptops with a built-in webcam

If you don’t own a desktop or laptop computer at home, you will need a notebook computer aka ultrabook to start your work. 

We offered the best cost-effective laptops from Xiaomi, Teclast, CHUWI and the best budget notebook computers from Huawei and Lenovo. 

If your work is in need of loading large media files and demanding applications, you better choose a laptop with a minimum of 8GB of RAM.

Best PC accessories for working from home comfortably

In order to make working from home easier and more comfortable, it’s crucial for you to invest in some PC accessories. 

Ergonomic mouses and keyboards would help reduce your fatigue for working on the computer for a whole day, and a Bluetooth headsets would help you take audio or video calls hands-freely. 

Also, you will require some networking adapters to ensure a stable internet connection at home and some ideal memory cards or U disks to back up some important files for work.