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    Proscenic P8
    Zdjęć nie będzie :) Kupiłem za 99$ dostawa EU więc się opłaca. Powiedzmy że się opłaca.Mam w domu jeszcze Dyson V6 Fluffy a więc z fajniejszym wyposażeniem/ szczotka do dywanów i powierzchni płaskich.Będzie to porównanie Dyson - Mercedesa do FIATA - P8 .Kilkuletni Dyson jest głośniejszy i silniejszy, porównując szczotki Dyson szerszy chwyta wszystko i co ważne szczotka nie plącze każdego zbieranego włosia jest kilka zaplątanych i to wszystko. Natomiast czyszczenie szczotki jak i odkurzacza jest trudniejsze. Czas pracy podobny. P8 cichutki nawet przy włączonym "turbo" , zbieranie psich włosów z dywanu to porażka. Odkurzanie paneli w normie ale nie jest to Dyson . Przy cenie 99$z dostawą gratis chyba warto. Osoba ,która nie zna Dyson'a będzie bardzo zadowolona. A może warto dołożyć parę $ i kupić coś mocniejszego ? Wybór należy do was. Nie wierzcie prezentacjom produktów z YouTube Tam zawsze wszystko jest super można popatrzeć i to wszystko. Za parę srebrników można zrobić wszystko :(

    Oct 04,2018

  • Manfred
    Proscenic P8
    Ich brauchte einen Staubsauger für Teppichboden, Laminatboden und einen für das Auto. Also kam nur ein Akku-Sauger in Frage und den habe ich bei GearBest gefunden.Der Zusammenbau des Proscenic P 8 ist sehr einfach, man braucht dazu keine Bedienungsanleitung, obwohl eine vorhanden ist. Nach dem Aufladen wurde das Gerät erst einmal getestet. Für den Laminatboden reicht die erste Stufe, für den Teppichboden musste ich die zweite Stufe zuschalten. Das Ergebnis hat mich überzeugt; eine sehr gute Saugleistung. Da der Akku nach ca. 20 Minuten am Ende war, hätte ich gerne einen zweiten gehabt. Es gibt auch Nachteile, die mich aber persönlich betreffen.Als erstes die Wandhalterung. Man hätte das Ladegerät in die Wandhalterung integrieren können, so das der Staubsauger beim Einhängen direkt geladen wird.Zweitens das Saugrohr. Hier wäre ein Teleskop- Rohr noch besser.Alles in allem ist es ein sehr guter Staubsauger, den ich jedem empfehlen kann. Für den Preis ist er unschlagbar.

    Oct 21,2018

  • Twanna Foster
    I wanted a bagged vacuum cleaner because -- full disclosure -- we are dealing with a bug problem of some sort either fleas or bed bugs -- more likely fleas given I saw one, i wanted something with decent suction but I could just toss the bag properly when I was done, this vacuum performed better than the canister vacuum I had previously plus the Dyson stick vacuum I used for our hardwood floors and tile, so far I've had no issues of it adjusting from our hardwood floors to our semi-plush carpet, so far for the price I'm really happy with it

    Sep 28,2018

  • Glebo
    Good Price/Performance Ratio
    Pros:+ The device came well packed with double box+ Craft quality is very good, all parts fit tightly, quality of materials excellent+ Suction force ok+ Motorized roller brush+ Easy to clean+ Can be used as car vacuum cleanerCons:- Charging time too long in my opinion- Non standard charging voltage = no charging in car unless DC/AC voltage converter used.- no more then above really, for the price excellent deal

    Oct 11,2018

  • elfmir
    Soddisfa le attese
    Basta non aspettarsi un sostituto per l'aspirapolvere a filo: la potenza non è paragonabile.Ma questo lo davo per scontato.FA bene il suo lavoro; è leggero e pratico. Da un'idea di robustezza e qualità dei materiali.Su Gearbest l'ho pagato decisamente meno che su Amazon con consegna in 4 giorni. Consigliato!

    Oct 28,2018

  • Hannah Bentley
    I like the feel of the bag stuffed full of dirt before I drop it into the trash, i also like the challenge of having to handle the full bag very carefully so as to not accidentally squeeze out any dirt all over the place, suction is good ; and small and large particle pick up is excellent, this is a basic vac but it gets the job done on hard floors and carpets, the light is actually helpful in dark or low light areas

    Oct 10,2018

  • Taquia
    In the years since I have tried other manufacturers and I was never happy with the quality or performance, i have been using it for over four years and it is a good vacuum, the only con with this vacuum is that it is not self-propelled and I have to use a little muscle on the higher pile carpets, the hose is of good quality and the attachments are decent

    Oct 20,2018

  • Derek A. Evans
    High amps and a heavier than average machine equal great deep cleaning overall, incredible suction no lie attachment's, removal of filled bag easy and easier to reinstall, panasonic has that worked out by design and very happy with, bag is already installed remove attachments from packing and stow on machine nicely and go clean

    Sep 25,2018

  • Jesse Morgan
    I think I have finally found the right vacuum for my needs, i wanted a bagged vacuum as I do not like the mess of cleaning the bagged units, the bag is adequate in size, the suction is very good on both hard wood and floor rugs I do not have carpet, it is a pretty powerful machine and moves forward on its own

    Sep 26,2018

  • Tracy Allen-Hoeffel
    I switched to Dyson a few years ago because I had two big dogs who shed a lot, dyson was ok on the carpeted floors but attachment hose didn't work well, i saw this Panasonic vacuum cleaner when I was looking for something else on Amazon, over all I'm satisfied with this machine so far for this price

    Oct 20,2018