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  • Alen
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    qi standard smart phone wireless charger review
    This product arrived in a very well designed protective box. After unpacking I found charger, cable and manual with very small letters and hillarious English translation (probably with google translate) so I started my review with a smile. Then I connect charger with a cable and computer and tried to charge my phone. Then I found I turned charger on wrong side (probably producer should mark charging surface in a future) and mobile started to charge normally. besides mobile I also tried to charge my Braun's wireless toothbrush and it also charges normally. generaly I am very happy with my charger and I reccomend it to everyone with a big smile.
    And a word of advice: charger is only 10w but cannot be used as fast charger,but,because of its size I reccomend use it permanently in a car as a wireless charger (factory built in Costs around 100 euros or more)

    Jan 13,2020

  • Abdo Hrifach
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    chargeur sans fill

    * Nouveau modèle de chargeur sans fil Qi, plus pratique.

    * Léger et pratique.

    * Conception simple, convient à tous.

    * Régulation de température intégrée et puce de surcharge.

    * Il ne peut être utilisé qu'avec la norme sans fil Qi.

    * Compatible avec toutes les marques telles que pour iPhone 6 6plus, pour Samsung Galaxy S1 2 3 4 pour Samsung Note1 2 3 4 ect.

    Paramètres fonctionnels:

    1 tension d'entrée: DC4,3V ~ 5,5V / 1,5 ~ 2A, sur cette plage d'alarme de tension et d'arrêt de charge

    Tension de sortie: 5V + 0,1V,

    Courant de charge: 500 -1000 mAh

    Puissance de charge: maximum peut atteindre 5W

    Efficacité de conversion: supérieure à 73%

    Distance de transmission: maximum 10 mm, distance recommandée entre émetteur et récepteur 2mm ~ 4mm

    Puissance en veille: la puissance moyenne est inférieure à 50 mW

    Protection contre la surchauffe: lorsque la température est supérieure à 60 degrés, il cessera automatiquement de charger pendant 1 minute, puis rechargera la recharge lorsque la température aura baissé.

    Mar 24,2019

  • Panxcy
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    QI standard wireless charger
    This is an inexpensive QI wireless charger, just €2.08.
    It works, i have tested it with my LG smartphone.
    It's very convenient to use.
    The cons are:
    1.The charging distance is 5mm< .To charge my phone i have to take it out from the PU flip case, since it has some milimeters thickness making charging through it impossible. The charging distance it should be more, at least 1cm.
    2. My phone when i tested it, it was charged to 97% and shut down possible due to an overheating of the battery. I let it cool down by removing the battery and later i put back the battery and turn it on.
    3. Very short USB cable just 24.5cm with the USB plugs. So there is the need to use the phone's original USB cable that is long enough.
    Its a cheap charger, i didn't expect more.
    Maybe is better for me to buy the original QI wireless charger.
    Thanks, P

    Jun 25,2019

  • Xan
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    Não testei ainda, mas parece ser bom
    Parâmetros funcionais:

    1 tensão de entrada: DC4.3 V ~ 5.5 V / 1.5 ~ 2 A, sobre esta faixa de alarme de tensão e carga de parada

    Tensão de saída: 5 V + 0.1 V,

    Corrente de carga: 500 -1000 mAh

    Potência de carga: máximo alcance 5 W

    Eficiência de conversão: maior que 73%

    Distância de transmissão: máximo 10mm, distância recomendada do transceptor 2 mm ~ 4 mm

    Potência de espera: a potência média é inferior a 50 mW

    contra temperatura: quando a temperatura é superior a 60 graus, ele
    será automaticamente pare de carregar por 1 minuto e, em seguida,
    recarregue a recarga após a temperatura cair.

    Proteção contra
    sobretensão: quando a corrente de saída é superior a 1.5A quando
    carregada, a carga é automaticamente interrompida e o carregador é

    Padrão executivo: padrão de carga sem fio Qi

    Peso do produto: se deve suportar a detecção de corpo estranho: suporte

    Função de luz indicadora: luz de carga e luz verde, luz vermelha vermelha em espera, falha dupla

    Mar 13,2019

    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Very good QI Wireless Charger..
    Good charger for qi smart phone, good manufacturing quality, very small purchase cost operated immediately and loaded wireless 3 mobiles, ZTE, XAOMI, ULEFONE....
    Negative :
    1. The very short and uncomfortable position LED Charge
    2. Overheat of the base when the mobile is open
    3. Accompanying bad cable ... changed

    But in general is a good market, mainly because of the cost ...Arrived in Greece in 18 days ...

    Oct 29,2018

  • Raul
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    Buena calidad
    Es un buen producto, de buena calidad para su precio. Tiene un anillo de goma adherente por las dos caras que hace que no se mueva al poner el móvil a cargar, ya que es pequeño y ligero. Es mas pequeño que el ancho del móvil lo que hace que quede my bien al poner este a cargar. Ademas no tiene ningun led que indique que esta conectado ni emite ningún pitido al ponerlo a cargar, solo sabras que se esta cargando por la indicación del movil.
    Debe dársele una corriente de 2A para el correcto funcionamiento, pero llega a funcionar incluso con un cargador de 1A., he tenido otros cargadores QI y encuanto el cargador no era de 2A no funcionaban.

    Mar 23,2019

  • Víctor Fernan
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    Cómodo cargador para móviles
    Base para carga inalámbrica que se debe enchufar a la red eléctrica o al ordenador y sobre el que se puede dejar un móvil para que se cargue, no tienes que conectar el móvil cada vez que lo vas a cargar, tan sólo tienes que dejarlo sobre la superficie de la base, siempre que el teléfono sea compatible con la carga inalámbrica Una ventaja es que en un hogar con varios móviles compatibles con carga inalámbrica no hacen falta cargadores para cada terminal. Tiene un tamaño pequeño en comparación con otras bases de carga y no es demasiado rápido en el proceso de carga pero por el precio que he pagado es buen producto.

    Mar 09,2019

  • jessie
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    Nikolai Tesla dreams.
    I've bought this because of price and free shipping at moment. But I liked it. It came only with a small cable, so you may need a longer cable and an AC adapter.
    This simple small wireless charger works well, if you have the patience to fully charge your device. it's 's great for night charging, while you sleep, it charge slowly but safe without stressing the phone battery.
    If your phone is an old type like mine, you can buy the adapter as cheap as this charger.

    Oct 03,2019

  • Gladzilla
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    Qi standard smartphone wireless charger - works as designed
    Simple, small yet with no major flaws. Works as designed - charges phones wirelessly (the ones which can be charged using this technology).

    The external black ring on the upper side is a softer one. The remaining parts are rather stiff.

    No major drawbacks especially considering the price. It's not a preqmium-quality-level-built item but also far from premium pricing level therefore everything is more than fine.

    Feb 06,2019

  • Farid
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    Goog Charger
    Good charger for qi smart phone, good manufacturing quality very small purchase operated immediately and loaded wireless 3 mobiles, ZTE, XAOMI, ULEFONE...Negative : 1. The very short and uncomfortable position LED Charge2. Overheat of the base when the mobile is open3. Accompanying bad cable changedBut in general is a good market, mainly because of the cost ...Arrived in Greece in 30 days

    Jan 16,2019