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  • Blake
    Well made printer
    It is very sturdy, with a simple design that makes it easy to use, maintain and troubleshoot. The provided software for slicing and printing is Cura based. I use mine with Simplify3D mostly. It also comes with a control/monitoring application that I use through WiFi. Once you start using the magnetic removable hotbed you never want to go back to a printer that does not have one. I swapped the original brass nozzles with stainless steel ones that are easier to clean, but you don't need to. I also built a filament dry box that you will really need to keep good filament adhesion and surface finish if your printer is in a place with high air humidity.

    I use the dual extruder for mixed color PLA prints. Once you find the proper configuration parameters for your setup and print job everything is a breeze. I have only needed to contact tech support once and they got back to me within a day. You can tell they care for their customers.

    Sep 10,2019

  • FAY
    Great support
    The full metal frame is extremely nice and the printer overall looks very nice. The full mental frame definitely makes it feel more durable and look more premium. There is also a level of stability achieved by having such a thick frame to cover the housing.
    The software used with the printer is fairly nice and has advanced settings similar to Cura.
    The touch screen is a nice touch and really makes traveling through the printer tools and other activities very user friendly with instructions right on the screen of how to do certain things.
    The ability to print in a variety of plastics is very nice. It prints in PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU. I have tested all but TPU as you have to print a different filament holder to be able to print that and I haven’t done that yet.
    The technical support seems extremely friendly and check up on you if you don’t answer in a while. They will also send you firmware updates if you request because of some issue you’re having.

    Sep 30,2019

  • Ray
    Easy to use printer, Great Customer Support
    The touch screen is very easy to use and is very intuitive. The print quality is very good as long as you get the right settings, and I LOVE the WiFi printing combined with their own slicer because it lets me go straight from my Fusion 360 CAD program to the printer is less than a minute. The removable build plate is also a huge bonus because it made the removal of prints super easy. The slicer is easy to use and pretty similar to Cura.

    I had an issue because of the settings and setup I used for the printer, and even through there wasn't an actual product factory defect, the customer support was extremely helpful and sent us a replacement for the entire hot end including the fans and wiring for the extruders. The representative from QiDi also sent us many helpful clips on how to assemble the parts that were sent to us. The support was overall super responsive and helpful.

    Sep 24,2019

  • Mark
    First 3D printer
    "My first 3D printer so I am not an expert.
    Easy to unpack and set up.
    Worked straight off once set up.
    The slicing software works well and I managed to get an ABS/PVA duel extruded test model on my first attempt.
    The magnetic build plate works well.
    You do need to have some mechanical ability to deal with the inevitable failures. I managed to get a large blob of ABS surrounding the nozzle and damaged the wiring to the hot end when removing it. The support team responded to my email and have sent a spare part without any quibbles.
    There is a good Facebook users group.
    Naturally I will be tweaking the settings (I now use simplify3d which does support it) and probably go to all metal hot ends etc in the future."

    Oct 19,2019

  • ROSS
    Outstanding printer
    Great printer that has been a workhorse. The unit feels very solid and well constructed. I have had it going 24/7 since receiving it a few weeks ago with only one failed print due to my using too high of a temperature for the pla. Maintenance has been easy to do and Is well documented with videos and very responsive customer support. I would happily buy a second pro but thinking of getting a max for the greater print volume. Also own a prusa mk3s but enjoy the touchpad on the qidi more than the lcd on the mk3. Has some WiFi issues but that hasn’t been a problem for me as I prefer to use USB keys and memory cards on all my printers. Dual extruders makes printing pva supports super easy. Would recommend to beginners and intermediate hobbyists.

    Oct 06,2019

  • mulac
    so far very good
    The printer has been a tremendous boon for my project and I cannot be more satisfied with the ease of use, quality of the parts, speed, noise level and its reliability. All my parts have been already printed as they had been previously designed on FreeCAD and migrated to the QidiPrint SW that comes with the device. There were absolutely no issues while pairing these programs and with the printer. (FreeCAD has a bunch of tricky and annoying quirks, but this has nothing to do with X-one2). QidiPrint is very helpful and with only a few editing features, sufficient for final editing of the final drawing. Also, it "polices" the size of the CAD drawing, so it is immediately obvious if the part does not fit the hot plate.

    Oct 17,2019

  • Harding
    This printer is easy to use and set up. The touchscreen is really nice for navigating to settings such as pre-heating and filament controls before a print. This printer also allows you change certain settings during a print such as extruder temperatures, the bed temperature and the fan speeds. It's also really nice seeing the final print on the screen before starting, especially when you have several revisions of prints and are too lazy to delete the old ones every time. The printer is very sturdy and never feels like your going to accidently break something (besides maybe the touchscreen which should have some type of cover with a digitizer over the screen itself).

    Oct 16,2019

  • Gandara
    Good Printing Quality
    I have two of these printers. The printing quality is great even off the box. I haven't had any issues with them besides the occasional filament not sticking to build plate.
    And once, the main circuit board had a malfunction but they helped me right away and the printer was up and running 2 days after.
    - Dual Extrusion
    - Easy to do maintenance on
    - Enclosed
    - Great Price
    - Some of the best costumer support I've interacted with
    - Flexible buildplate

    - Small printing volume
    - QidiPrint (their slicer) could use some more features

    Overall, I sincerely think they deserve the 5 stars. I will keep considering them as a potential source for 3d printers.

    Oct 07,2019

  • Artem
    An unbelievably smooth experience!
    From start to finish, my experience with the X-Pro has been nothing but flawless; the printer came packaged very well and with a substantial number of goodies (two free spools, spare parts, a 16GB USB with files, and some tools), and I was printing within an hour of opening the box. An INCREDIBLY frustration free experience, especially for someone coming from a build-it-yourself kit printer (Folgertech FT-5). I haven't tried printing temperature sensitive filaments like ABS or using both extruders simultaneously yet, but will update the review if it suddenly runs into issues.

    Sep 20,2019

  • Gordon P.
    Great printer for the price
    Set-up was easy. The slicer that comes with the printer doesn't run well on my laptop so I use Simplify3D, which is great. The heated bed is excellent and the bed-leveling wizard is useful. I have printed some PLA and a lot of ABS. I recently changed the print heads to a different brand to print elastic material but they don't print hard plastics as well as the factory heads. The only problem I have had with the machine was related to the aftermarket print heads, but the Qidi customer support solved my problem over a weekend. Thanks! I have recommended Qidi to friends.

    Sep 25,2019