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  • Shad Holland
    Yes (0) Color: Clover Green
    I found this book and it's examples quite good. Got me to where I needed to be ...
    As a Programmer who have never coded in Python before, I found this book and it's examples quite good. Got me to where I needed to be to take things to a whole new level and make learning Python easy. If you are not already a seasoned programmer, this might be a bit more challenging because you have to learn how programming works while also learning Python. Certainly not where I would start, mostly because Python syntax is quite different from most other commonly used languages.

    5 star because it is exactly what it says it is and does a great job showing how to program in Python.

    Jun 04,2018

  • LuizFernando27
    Yes (0) Color: Clover Green
    Beautiful Little Board - A Little Monster
    * Very compact and consumes very little energy;
    * Has a legal potential for various projects;
    * Currently with a distro all in one, but soon I will acquire another 3 to separate the projects;
    * Works as a desktop, so that surprised me by the Specs, I expected a worse experience;
    * Lots of material and documentation on the internet, well worth it!
    * A little RAM, 2GB would leave the board unbeatable, I know the focus is cost, but adding more 1GB would leave it better avoiding the "Nerd" Swap with the SD card, that even a class 10 has its limitations due to lack of controller dedicated;
    * The source has to really be of quality if not the poor one suffers;
    * Gigabit real network would be something incredible, but the 300mbps if used exclusively, that is without competition of other peripherals of the USB are enough, the problem there is that an external HD must necessarily be in the USB, but still for the cost is something understandable, but nonetheless a counter.

    Aug 05,2018

  • Rodgers
    Yes (0) Color: Clover Green
    Great purchase!
    I love these guys, I have a handful of them running various machine networks around my home office, including an printer, a DNS server, and a few others. Absolutely awesome value, hands down. The two units I will disclose are running Pi-Hole DNS and Repetier Server flawlessly. The 3D print server is on WiFi, and the DNS is on Ethernet with excellent results.

    Apr 06,2018

  • Aleksandr
    Yes (0) Color: Clover Green
    Raspberry Pi 3 Model B +
    Работает на базе обновленного 4х-ядерного 64-битного SoC Broadcom BCM2837B0 и увеличенной тактовой частотой 1.4GHz. Wi-Fi стал двухдиапазонным стандарта IEEE 802.11ac, а Bluetooth - 4.2 BLE, и Gigabit Ethernet.
    Raspberry Pi 3B+ потребляет больше энергии, чем его предшественник. Необходим блок питания минимум 5V 2.5A.

    Jun 22,2018

  • Madison
    Yes (0) Color: Clover Green
    Runs well
    I really wish I could give this product 6 stars because it's worth it. I was trying to decide between this and another and ended up picking this because I needed a separate OS and PC for learning to code and this fit those requirements. This is an amazing product in such a small package!

    Mar 05,2018

  • Farley
    Yes (0) Color: Clover Green
    I was skeptical of these when I first decided to give them a go, but I quickly fell in love. It’s a computer in the palm of your hand! All you’ll need is an hdmi cord, a screen, and a mouse/keyboard and you’ve got an insanely low cost desktop.

    Mar 28,2018

  • Abdey
    Yes (0) Color: Clover Green
    Great Value
    What are you waiting for buy this. This is the second one i bought for my brother. I turned mine into a retro gamer and video player and it's one of my prize possessions. I watch movies with my wife and play games with my friends.

    Feb 28,2018

  • Steve Empey
    Yes (0) Color: Clover Green
    Defintely buy it
    OMG yes. This is worth it just for the entertainment value alone. Already turned it into a game player and love it. Can't wait for the next project. Every SD card is a new project. Love it.

    Jun 03,2018

  • Jeff Mitchell
    Yes (0) Color: Clover Green
    Very good Raspberry Pi introduction
    This book provides a very good introduction to the Raspberry Pi. Instructions are clear and there is a good mix of programming and practical projects. Definitely a good place to start with programming the Raspberry Pi.

    Jun 04,2018

  • Marco
    Yes (0) Color: Clover Green
    Raspberry Pi 3 b+
    Great community.
    Low cost.
    You can do several projects.
    It works with a cell phone charger.
    Easy to set up.
    It does not come with charger, micro sd memory, hdmi cable.

    Jul 12,2018