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  • Tomita
    Raspberry al top
    La versione da GB consente di risparmiare qualcosa pur offrendo prestazioni nettamente superiori alla generazione precedente. Consigliata soprattutto se non vi serve usare l'uscita video con interfacce grafiche pesanti, ad esempio è perfetta con applicazioni web.
    Segnalo che ultimamente Gearbest sta perdendo colpi: spedizione molto lenta e nessun tracciamento

    Jan 14,2021

  • Malcolm
    Nice initial starter kit
    This is a nice initial starter kit for this little computer. It has the Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB of RAM, heat sinks for CPU and memory modules, a case, and a 32 GB micro-SD card for loading operating system and data storagem, a EU power adapter, a HDMI cable. Assembly and OS installation both went smoothly. With this kit, you need a wifi, a wired keyboard and mouse and a monitor to get going. This is a good basic kit. With a good sized micro-SD card, you can do it all with this kit.

    Nov 27,2020

  • Daniel
    Highly recommended.
    It is exactly what someone new to working with singleboard computers needs to have a good time getting started. The case is incredibly well made, being entirely screwless while still fitting together perfectly. If you're looking for a tiny computer for projects or running services around the house and you want some growing room, I'd highly recommend this Pi kit.

    Dec 08,2020

  • MIKA1
    Got it several days ago. I am really surprised at such small computer. It is a really upgraded product and offers better performance and faster operation speed for me whatever I want to do on it as a normal PC , including editing document,listening music or surf on the internet. The data transmittion speed is also noise. All in all,very satisfied!

    Nov 23,2020

  • Mike
    Easy to set up
    Very small, inexpensive, and fast. The product is easy to assemble, just be careful with the fan wiring and position it to blow air into the case. A complete single-board computer that snaps together in minutes. The fan is a bit quiet and prevents excessive heat from throttling the CPU. But the shipping wasn’t fast. It took a few days to receive this product.

    Nov 25,2020

  • Nick
    Great purchase
    The kit arrived nearly a week ahead of the estimated arrival date. Quite an entertaining and highly useful product. The good news was that after everything was corrected and software loaded, the tiny little box delivered a great performance. Set up is easy. I got it up and running in about 15 minutes. Overall, this kit is an excellent value!

    Dec 09,2020

  • Brian
    happy to recommend this
    This is the best Raspberry Pi you can get. If you are using something similar to a desktop, I recommend 4GB. It's good because I can pick it up and put it in my pocket, and take it with me on business trips or other activities I need. If you are also looking for such a device, I am very happy to recommend this to you

    Nov 30,2020

  • Horst
    basic starter kit
    This is a basic starter kit. This toolkit will have everything you need to get Pi and run it. If you don't need it, this is very fast compared to the original. So far, I just use it as a playground, just fiddling with linux, until I decide what project I want to use it for.

    Dec 10,2020

  • Pearl
    Highly useful product
    Quite an entertaining and highly useful product. It's got Bluetooth and Gigabit Ethernet. The kit had everything needed to get the RPi 4 going.This kit is an excellent value!

    Nov 27,2020

  • Martin
    amazing system
    This is an absolutely amazing system. I was able to get this running in a matter of minutes. The performance is really good, and it works really well as a server.

    Nov 27,2020