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  • Robert
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix Size: Green Letter
    green balancing scooter
    absolutely fantastic. our son loves this hoverboard. he bought it from his own money and it's worth every penny. it looks great with the detail sticker and the lights look cool. And the sound from the bluetooth is excellent. I'm buying another one now as my daughter wants one.
    the bluetooth is set to high when you first turn it on so when the lady says bluetooth device ready and bluetooth device paired it's quite Lou. But once playing music on it it can be turned down via the phone.

    Mar 09,2018

  • Shelby Deason
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix Size: Green Letter
    It takes little space, This economic purchase requiring some efforts to bring it to Canada does impact the enjoyment and quality of life, The low price is surprising, The quality seems to be high as well, low price and high quality

    Apr 04,2018

  • Seabra
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix Size: Green Letter
    Overboard muito boa e resistente. Consegue facilmente suportar um adulto tamanho XL mas preferencialmente deverá ser utilizado por adolescentes/jovens para um desempenho mais "dinâmico".

    Nov 13,2018

  • TKay
    Yes (3) Color: Colormix Size: Green Letter
    I've been looking at folding bikes for a while and have seen bikes in this price rage at far lower quality, not like some other folding bikes that felt like they were going to fall apart under me

    Sep 27,2017

  • Patricia Sheehan
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix Size: Green Letter
    The frame also has good quality welds which for me was a must, I just ordered some Slime self healing tubes and new tires with Kevlar so I think that should do the trick

    Dec 23,2017

  • Robert Griffon
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix Size: Flag
    a big short coming was the fact that the ratcheting mechanism that holds the bikes down could be removed easily to make theft of the bikes easy

    Jun 20,2018

    Yes (0) Color: Colormix Size: Flag
    After receiving the new rack it is very similar, There is also some extra metal welded on the bottom of each individual wheel carrier

    Aug 09,2017

  • DavidP
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix Size: Green Letter
    jó ksi járgány - menőn lehet közlekedni vele
    Szépen, jól becsomagolva érkezett.
    Minőséginek tűnő darab.
    Kaptam egy kevés visszatérítést a hosszú várakozásért.
    Akksi ideje kb 30perc maximális feltöltés után.
    A leírásban kamu a 20km hatótáv.

    Balesetveszélyes az összes hoverboard - sok gyakorlást igényel!!

    Jan 23,2018

  • Anne C.
    Yes (7) Color: Colormix Size: Flag
    the biggest negative is that it doesn't easily tilt down when loaded up with bikes, I think a better design would add yet more weight

    May 02,2018

  • Pedro
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix Size: Green Letter
    good price package ok , fast shipping, Gearbest is my favourite online shop

    Nov 11,2018