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  • powerrelaxer
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    Very good
    Xiaomi S50 Roborock- Saugroboter - Ein kleiner Erfahrungsbericht
    Ich habe den Roborock 2 jetzt seit etwa 6 Wochen in Benutzung und bin sehr zufrieden. Das Wichtigste vorweg: Er saugt sehr gründlich!
    Mit seinem Laser-Distanz-Messer vermisst er die Räume und erstellt eine Karte, wodurch er einerseits sehr systematisch saugt und dementsprechend schnell fertig ist, andererseits ihm bekannte Möbelstücke sehr langsam anfährt und kaum dagegen stößt.
    Mit Hilfe der Karte kann man in der App auch Zonen festlegen, die er nicht reinigen soll, z.B. weil dort lose Kabel sind oder der Futternapf steht. Andersherum kann man auch Zonen festlegen, die gezielt gereinigt werden sollen..
    Die Lautstärke ist auch nicht zu hoch. Im selben Raum möchte man zwar nicht unbedingt sein, aber das ist bei anderen Staubsaugern ja auch nicht anders. Erwähnenswert: Das Gerät erkennt den Unterschied zwischen glatten Böden und Teppichen und erhöht entsprechend die Saugleistung.
    Nach abgeschlossener Reinigung fährt er zuverlässig zurück zur Ladestation und im Gegensatz zu seinem billig Vorgänger bleibt er kaum stecken oder hängen.
    Er benötigt zwar WLAN, um mit der App (dem Server in China) zu kommunizieren, allerdings ist er auch ohne WLAN in der Lage zu saugen, wenn auch dann etwas unsystematischer.
    Die feucht-wisch Funktion funktioniert auch gut. Dabei saugt er vorne während er hinten mit dem Mob feucht nachwischt. Ich habe diese Funktion aber bisher kaum genutzt, weil ich dazu jedes mal Sperrzonen für die Teppiche definieren müsste, damit er diese nicht auch feucht wischt. Außerdem ist mein iRobot Braava 390t dazu besser geeignet.
    Ich bin absolut begeistert von der Reinigungsleistung des Geräts, wobei ich allerdings keinen Vergleich habe. Die Konkurrenz von iRobot Roomba schafft das wahrscheinlich auch ziemlich gut, dafür kostet sie auch einige hundert Euro mehr.
    Was mich stört ist, dass man bis dato keine Reinigungszonen speichern kann und jedes mal das Bad, die Küche oder den vollgebröselten Teppich erneut von Hand in der App einzeichnen muss, damit dort gezielt gereinigt wird. Vielleicht wird hier allerdings auch noch mit einem Update nachgebessert.
    Seit kurzem kann das Gerät mittels Siri-Kurzbefehl per Sprache gestartet oder pausiert werden, eine Integration von Amazon Alexa gibt es bis dato nicht.
    Alles in allem ein sehr gutes Gerät, das mir viel Freude bereitet und den Grad der Sauberkeit in meiner Wohnung noch steigern konnte. Wer hätte das gedacht!? :-)

    Oct 07,2019

  • lucser
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    Great device
    I've read many reviews of similar devices on the market and finally decided to go with Roborock S50 as this had by far the best price for a similar set of features. I didn't use any similar device in the past but looking at the youtube videos of other devices, this seems to be one of the most advanced on the market from the routing algorithms point of view. It is not perfect but I must say is very efficient. When start it is scanning the surroundings and detecting the boundaries and then it starts sweeping the area inside. After finish one area it is going to detect a new one and the process repeats until is completing all the house or battery is 20% in which case it returns for charging and then resume cleaning. In the process of detecting the boundaries, a house map is gradually registered in the app.
    When I said it is not perfect I was mostly referring to the mapping feature that, at this stage is more as a gimmick than of practical use. This is because sometimes the house map is forgotten, sometimes is rotated and there is no possibility at this moment to define different zones. If the house map is completed you can define a rectangular area to be cleaned but you cannot save the map and/or different zones of the map (e.g. rooms) so that you could schedule cleaning different rooms at different times. If these features will be implemented will be great. Nevertheless, as it was able to clean my hose (~140 sq m total/ ~100sq m cleaning surface reported by app) in 1 charge and in ~40-50 min without assistance, I'm very pleased. The app enhancements, if it will happen, will made the cleaning process more efficient and also will offer the possibility of very flexible scheduling by zones. I'm not so optimistic that this will happens as it looks (after some research on different forums) Xiaomi is not so responsive to the user's feedback or suggestions (at least coming from non-Chinese users). It is usual behavior of big companies, but who knows, maybe it will change.
    Anyhow, even without those enhancements on the mapping feature, Roborock is very efficient comparing to other similar devices and at this price level, it has no rivals at this moment.

    Feb 01,2019

  • Vinc
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    Good robot cleaner, but still need some improvements
    Overall this robot works very well, i'd give it a rating 9/10 based on performance and also the price at GearBest. It is good competition to iRobot.
    Before i had two old iRobot Roombas 555 that had to be replaced due their age.

    Roborock S50 vacuums all my rooms great (I have tiles and parquet, i don't have any carpet), the battery will cover upper and also bottom floor (together about 80 m2) and will still remain more than half of battery. It works quietly and has a lot of functionalities inside the app.

    When i purchased this robot, I understood from the description that you can save maps and use these maps individually when needed.
    That is not true... even after I did the update and enabled the "map saving" function, there is not much improvement in this functionality. Robot will remember only last used map, but this is useful only if you use it at one floor with one settings (no-go zones and barrier). In my case i have two floors and i carry it from one floor to another, each floor has it's own "don't go there" zones (for example there is an area with food for my cats on the floor and this should be a "no-go" zone - on the pictures are are visible as red lines that i draw). But since there is not actual map saving functionality, I have to set these no-go zones every time i carry Robot from one floor to another. This is very disappointing for me and time consuming. I hope Roborock will provide us a new firmware update that will solve this problem.
    Another CON is the iOS app on my phone - sometimes it is not very responsive, it has some lag and takes time to move from one function to another.

    GearBest service:
    It took about 10 days to dispatch the product and another 10 days to deliver it to Europe. There was no additional cost for me at delivery, no import duties also.

    GearBest also sent me the wrong AC socket adapter which is useless in my country. I complained to the customer service and they have provided me another solution.

    Dec 15,2018

  • lukinho17
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    Quasi perfetto
    Questo è il mio secondo robot, provengo dal primo modello aspirapolvere.
    E' un modello decisamente migliorato rispetto alle altre versioni.
    Pulisce molto bene in modalità aspirapolvere, nelle 4 modalità ed è ottima la funzionalità di riconoscimento automatico di tappeti dove aumenta al massimo l'aspirazione.
    La modalità lavaggio è abbastanza buona, perché è sconsigliato aggiungere detersivi sennò sarebbe stata ottima ed ha anche un difetto software che personalmente dovrebbe essere facilmente risolvibile, ovvero:
    visto che è presente la modalità rilevamento tappeti, perché quando è attivo il lavaggio, dove si deve evitare di bagnare i tappeti, non viene evitato il tappeto una volta rilevato? Così uno non deve essere costretto ogni volta ad aggiungere zone offlimits per i tappeti o levarli ove possibile.
    Non è possibile anche settare un timer (ripetitivo) per il lavaggio: ogni volta che si vuole lavare, bisogna impostarlo manualmente e sarà per un unico lavaggio. Anche qua secondo me, è un impostazione facilmente risolvibile con un aggiornamento software.
    Un altro punto positivo di questo robot è il mapping di casa ed una volta fatto, si possono aggiungere muri virtuali e zone da evitare dall'app, senza usare le scomodissime strisce per i muri invisibili.
    L'app è completa (finalmente anche in italiano!) e facile da usare. Si possono pulire/lavare anche singole zone ed altri comandi per lavaggio singolo o specifico di casa.

    Feb 26,2019

  • Soulfan
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    Great product, it;s a robot not a human but still does a good job
    Great! I only had some issues with a rug that has a black background and the Roborock avoided thinking it was going to fall. Solved it by covering up the sensors, since I don't actually need them cause I live in a single floor house (would it be nice if you could disable them).
    The amount of dust, cat hair and my wife's hair that this thing picks up is amazing. Even after a clean up with a regular vacuum it picks a lot of stuff. Reaches places we cannot reach.
    The mopping function is not more that a small compartment filled with water with a small cloth that gets pulled by the machine. Its a nice to have but does not last that long.
    The app and set up are quite easy to use and do. You can program the Roborock to run on a schedule (I have mine running three days a week) to do a complete clean up of the entire house. Each time the map resets itself though. It would be nice if you could save it and set up the rooms so that you could say "Alexa clean up the kitchen". The only thing you can do is tell it to clean up, which will start the complete clean up of the house.
    For all those cons I mentioned I took one star off. Overall its a good device to help you maintain your house, but does not replace a good regular vacuum and mop of your house.

    Dec 05,2018

  • Gio
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    Sono entusiasta!
    Fa bene il lavoro che deve fare.
    Parte, pulisce, riconosce i tappeti, evita gli ostacoli e ritorna alla base. A differenza di altri aspirapolvere "robot", ho notato che una volta mappate le stanze, non sbatte contro le cose ma le evita.
    A volte si incasina un po' con le frange dei tappeti se sono molto lunghe.
    Anche il lavaggio del pavimento viene fatto piuttosto bene. Naturalmente non si deve avere un pavimento pieno di terra e fango...
    Unica cosa che non posso sapere adesso e' quanto dureranno le batterie. Ho comunque fatto fare una pulizia da 1h:20' e la batteria era ancora al 25%.
    Molto interessante vedere, una volta che ha finito la pulizia, la traccia che ha percorso...Allego una immagine della mappa fatta dall'app con i giri del robot. In centro c'e' un tavolo circondato da sedie. Proprio per provare, ho lasciato un varco che RoboRock ha trovato ed ha utilizzato per andare sotto il tavolo e poi pulire.
    Il software sicuramente si puo' ancora migliorare. Ad ogni modo, con uno degli ultimi aggiornamenti, c'e' stata l'aggiunta delle zone da pulire: molto comodo.

    Si, sono proprio entusiasta!

    Oct 01,2018

  • A****
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    Good quality auto vacuum cleaner
    Any xiaomi products comes in a package with a minimalism design. The s50 model was no exception. The front side of the box contains only brand logo and manufacturer name. Review of the new smart vacuum cleaner xiaomi roborock s50 On the back there is a sticker with basic information about the vacuum cleaner. It shows the weight of the device 3,5 kg and several improved options, which will be mentioned later. Also attached is a user manual. Review of the new smart vacuum cleaner xiaomi roborock s50 One of the main innovations of the vacuum cleaner is wet bionite technology. The filter automatically absorbs water in the required quantity. Thus, the mop maintains sufficient water content when filtering impurities in the water. Review of the new xiaomi roborock s50 smart vacuum cleaner review of the new xiaomi roborock s50 smart vacuum cleaner Compared to the first generation model, the roborock s50 has an extended identification area. Two horizontal charging slots were replaced by two small contacts

    Mar 14,2019

  • Weiß
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    Besser als erwartet
    Ich muss sagen, ich bin wirklich sehr positiv überrascht. Ich habe mich schon zuvor online erkundigt und Tests gelesen. Ich kann es nur bestätigen, das Teil ist Mega gut.
    Alleine schon wie er die Hindernisse umfährt und auch Tischbeine sauber umsaugt. Da wir einen Treppenabgang haben, hätte ich etwas Angst, aber keine Probleme.
    Darum habe ich mich für dieses Produkt entschieden, da es meines Erachtens ein besserer Saugroboter als ein deutscher ist. Die saugleistung ist gut und die Lautstärke ist angenehm. Man kann sich nicht beklagen. Die Verarbeitung macht einen soliden Eindruck und es werden alle Sensoren in der App angezeigt ( wann sie gereinigt werden sollen ). Somit hat man einen guten Überblick über die Verschleißteile.
    Was verbessert werden müsste ist die App:
    1. man sollte es einrichten können, damit man mehrere Stockwerke erstellen kann und dem Sauger sagen kann in welchem Stockwerk er sich befindet ( wegen der Ladestation ), somit müsste man zwei Karten, oder zwei Bereiche definieren können!

    Dec 28,2018

  • Mundo
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    very nice and valued product
    The parcel arrived on time. Everything was very well packed. The Roborock S50 cleans about 60 m2 in an hour. He does this when I'm not at home according to the schedule. The mop function works well up to around 30m2 depending on the floor being soiled. After wiping this surface it is recommended to clean the cloth, otherwise it will leave streaks on the floor. I also recommend wetting the cloth before the mop - it definitely improves the quality of this function. The robot has a carpet sensor that works great on low carpets - I do not have high carpets. It is a pity that the same sensor is not used to bypass the rugs during the mop. The contamination container is 80% full after two cleaning cycles in which the dog loses fur. In the case of vacuuming rooms in which there are no animals, I estimate that I would have to empty it once every 5 days. I do not know how I functioned without this toy so far :)

    Oct 18,2018

  • Teonis
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    Cool little help
    So I bought this to my wife, but yeah, I am the one using it. Still, it is a great little help in vacuuming. Does what the description (and the thousands of reviews) says, and works flawlessy. Not perfect, since there are places, where it cannot go in, but there are places, where only this can go on, like under our bed. Amazing, how much dirt it collects on every run, and I use it every single day. And the kids really like it, maybe too much. The floor has to be clean from toys and everything, so we learned to live a little bit more cleaner too. Mopping is not that great, but is useful, since it reduces the flying dust in the air, so I use that too, especially with the last update, so now I can set borders for the vacuum, where it cannot go. Anyway, worth every penny. If You can afford it, I think noone will regret buyin this. Thank You, Xiaomi, Thank You, Gearbest!:-)

    Jan 05,2019