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  • Gagan Gupta
    Awesome Product
    Nowadays it is ideal to have the processor with adequate temperatures so that it can perform at full capacity, especially if we want to overclock the processor. my system configuration is core i5 8600k, z370 motherboard,16gb ram, samung nvme m.2 512 gb hard disk. In this case the Segotep perfectly fulfills a perfect performance. No doubt its easy installation (despite having the instructions in Chinese) coupled with a wide compatibility

    Sep 05,2018

  • gabrielle devlin
    With the popular craze for liquid cooled solutions I decided to go with the trusty but old traditional radiator solution, this radiator is huge and is great, with high performance fans and near silent running make this a great solution for those who don't like the thought of liquid in their PC, while even I would recommend liquid cooling for most gamers, temps are comparable to liquid cooling at the cost of size

    Oct 21,2018

  • Shirley Gleave
    Best Air Cooling CPU System I have purchased many of these for cooling Hashfast ASICs Chips which run severals times hotter than standard CPUs, you need to clean the dust out of the radiator every so often but other than that these are the best option for overclocking or simply needing a quieter cooling option

    Oct 17,2018

  • Roger K. Kissner
    WOW !!! JUST WOW !!! This is an AMAZINGLY high quality piece of kit !! If you are thinking about buying one of these coolers, this is seriously high quality, really nice quality metal craftsmanship, noctua are evidently SERIOUS about their kit, you're considering buying any new cooler

    Jul 21,2018

  • Krinchki
    Silent compare to my old and also huge heatsink, excellent cooling, even special speed reducing wiring for even less noise at expense of less cooling will work if you do not go overboard with overclocking - I did not, overall quality product

    Sep 08,2018

  • Kenton Hartman
    Extra mounting hardware, i have to say that for such a large heatsink, keep in mind that this cooler is pretty massive, it runs extremely quiet running off the motherboard, it's not the prettiest heatsink I've seen bequiet, great heatsink

    Oct 18,2018

  • Jack Burgess
    Only major complain is the size it's huge and a pain to put on and still interferes with ram space, it works better than liquid cooling and the fans are awesome quiet, amazing quality, performance wise it's awesome

    Jun 29,2018

  • Brent B
    It had so many good reviews and even my techie friends have all said they use it too, i saw people saying their liquid cooler of various brands stopped working within about a year just like mine, fans are great

    Jun 26,2018

  • ugur
    sıvı pompa
    Güzel ürün özellikle radyatörün üstünde gelen fanlar çok profesyonel. biraz pompası sesli çelışıyor ama sanırım hepsi böyle deil kasanız masanın altında ise duymuyorsunuz. alıcak arkadaşlara hayırlı olsun

    May 21,2019

  • Tom Booth
    Installing it is very easy if your case has an opening behind the motherboard to install the mounting bracket and if your case has enough room for this monstrous cooler, very good product

    Aug 06,2018