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Longer High Resolution LCD Printer Orange 120 SLA Printing UV 3D Printer with wifi offline printing
I was very excited when I purchased the machine for the first time. First of all, the delivery speed is really very fast, and the machine packaging is very strict! At first I was worried that the machine would be cumbersome to use, but these concerns were superfluous. The machine accessories are complete and the operation is not as complicated as imagined. After disassembling the machine, my first thing was to read the instructions carefully, assemble the machine cover, and then install the slicing software. It is worth mentioning that the assembly of the cover is a step of installing the instructions, which is relatively simple and saves time. The operation interface of the machine is very user-friendly, and the icon is easy to understand. The slicing software is very easy to use and simple. The parameter settings are basically the default, and the focus is on the slicing speed. The printing effect is very good, the machine precision is extremely high, the model printed by the default parameters of 0.05 shows almost no layering, the effect is very good, the surface is very smooth, the structure is clear, and the precision of viewing is really high.

Longer High Resolution LCD Printer Orange 120 SLA Printing UV 3D Printer with wifi offline printing


Geeetech  A20M 3D Printer With  Mixed color printing_Modular assembly_255x255x255mm Printing Size
After receiving the order, I received the goods very quickly. It is great, the machine is not bad, where can I buy the accessories?

Geeetech A20M 3D Printer With Mixed color printing_Modular assembly_255x255x255mm Printing Size


Geeetech  A10M 3D Printer With  Mixed color printing_Modular assembly_220x220x260mm Printing Size
The A10M two colour printer is an easy to assemble 3D printer, can be put together and working in 45 mins. to 2 hours depending on experience and skill level. Once up and running I suggest updating to the latest Marlin firmware, instructions can be found on the many YouTube articles out there. On saying all of that, mine developed a couple of faults after a week or so of fairly heavy use, faults I did not realise and kept adjusting settings to compensate. So why the five stars? this is still a very good printer and more important the support from Geeetech could not have been better (the best support and service I have experienced), very quick email response and once I explained, over a few emails of diagnosis, the problems I was having they asked if I would like them to send replacement parts out to me, which I accepted. The parts arrived fairly quickly and were soon fitted. To sum up this is a very good 3D printer, may be the best at this price point, especially for a two colour printer. I may have been unfortunate or just unlucky with the printer I received, but the support and service gives me confidence to buy Geeetech goods again and I have. This is a brief resume of my experience with a A10M and I have no connection with the Geeetech company, only the purchase of goods and experience of their support and service.

Geeetech A10M 3D Printer With Mixed color printing_Modular assembly_220x220x260mm Printing Size


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FAQ in 3d Printer Printing Products

How to make my 3D-printed models look smooth and shining?

Acetone Vapor is an easy way to smooth your ABS prints. Please check the specific steps in this guide:

Acetone Vapor - A great way to make your 3D-printed models look smooth and awesome

Reviews in 3d Printer Printing Products



Great quality product. My son was really happy getting this product for Christmas. I think you need a little bit of trainig to get used to creating with this product. Its kind of hard.


Smith Hong

Hi folks, I just received my own 3Dp. before use this, I have been used Rokit 3D printer. but it was sucks. So i searched and purchased this JGaurora updated printer however, I look up new brand! Its perfect!



these were great for the kids to trace out there 3D prints would recommend for any kids to draw with their 3D pens


wow ,good

Delivery turned out in 3 days. I already took 3 printers of this company. I took for myself and friends. There is a small lack of assembly, do not tighten the belt roller of the x axis, so when printing gave a wild crunch. Otherwise satisfied. Be sure after purchase update the firmware, smooth printing will increase. Update is very simple, close the update file on the usb flash drive and insert into the disconnected printer, and then turn on and wait for the update and all



Like the title says! I assembled with my 7yo during the day and was printing by the afternoon. After reading everyones experience i was ready to print bed mounts and whatnot to fix wobbly parts, but i didn't need to. This printer is totally solid! No wobble at all, everything is tight and no bed wabble or lose fits. The only 2 issues we had was loading filament through the feeder, it wouldn't go through to the other side of the feeder wheel. I founds it looks like an alignment issue, and adjusting the 2 parts of the squeeze grabber helped a lot. The only other issue was the filement we received with the kits, lots of little bits from a couple inches to a foot! Why? I dont understand!! However, there were 2 lenghts long enough to use, and print the test part in the picture which came out awesome. I did have the Silocone boot on the extruder block, and nozel temp stayed solid all the way through the print, although i haven't used it without, but with it it looks like a really nice print. Rounded parts aren't perfectly round, but that because the belt has twists from packaging, and needs to be a bit tighter. A belt tensioner is next. All in all i think its a really great 1st printer, and will be using for quite a while to come.


3d print lovers

The quality of the print model is great and the appearance is small, I like the look of this machine, very nice.


Grégory Labareda

Well packed and fast shipping. The power cable sent has a UK plug, while I live in Portugal. I sent a message to the supplier to change this cable but no reply. Double check that you mention what type of plug you need while ordering.

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