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Adults Electric Scooters

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Mega Motion Electric Scooter Easy Fold-And-Carry Design Ultra-Lightweight Adult
32% OFF
I bought this scooter to walk the dog, and to use it on holiday. I have arthritis in my knees so I'm not always capable of moving around as much as I used to; also, I weigh 210kg. Basically this scooter solves all of my problems. I'm well aware that my size limits the range somewhat; also, it won't go up slopes any longer than a few yards with me riding it! That being said, it did cover roughly eight miles today, the second half of which was in a full-on rain-storm - which meant having the lights on. Most of the time it's spent on rough ground so it needs to be strong: but, it really appears to be so. I hope it lasts! I have one moan: the brake does tend to be a bit abrupt but I'm getting used to that. I can't NOT give this scooter top marks.

Mega Motion Electric Scooter Easy Fold-And-Carry Design Ultra-Lightweight Adult



Evercross Electric Scooters Easy Carry Foldable Design for Adult with Handbrake and 2 Wheels
Absalutley happy with the scooter my daughter loves it would definitely recommend. Super fast delivery. Value for money!!

Evercross Electric Scooters Easy Carry Foldable Design for Adult with Handbrake and 2 Wheels


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FAQ in Adults Electric Scooters Products

What can I do when the scooter is not balanced?

You need to adjust the balance system according to the user manual.

Why does the balance scooter not receive a charge?

Make sure the charging port is correct and check the wire connection, try a new power adapter if necessary.

Why is there no response when pressing the power button?

Open the housing case to check the connection wire, replug the connection does the balance scooter and restart the balance scooter.

Which side should I take as the front side?

Both sides are suitable, you can choose the one you prefer.

How to test if your balance scooter charger is broken?

To find out if your balance scooter charger is broken, perform the following test: How to test if your balance scooter charger is broken

How to use your balance scooter?

It takes only 5 steps to use your balance scooter: How to use your balance scooter?

Which side should I take as front side?

Both sides are suitable, you can choose the one you prefer. Just have a look at this balance scooter FAQ list which can help you deal with the problems and save your time: Newbie troubleshooting guide: balance scooter FAQs

Why scooter runs but is very slow?

1. Check tire pressure.

2. Check both wheels to see if they rotate freely. Brake adjustment could be too tight (drum type brakes) or too much brake fluid in reservoir on disc brake models.

How to master the balancing on an e-scooter?

Riding a two-wheeled scooter can be difficult for beginners, but there is a way to master it: Tech lowdown: master the art of balancing on an e-scooter

Can this item be shipped to my country?

We can deliver orders to most countries. For a detailed explanation of each shipping method, destination and approximate delivery time, please check our posts:

GearBest shipping methods

20 things you need to know when shopping on GearBest

Short guide on tracking fees and shipping insurance on GearBest

GearBest shipping memo: save money on delivery by choosing the best option

What should prepare for a long outdoor ride?

We have compiled what we consider to be 11 must-have items for every discerning cyclist.

High-Quality Bike, Bike GPS / Bicycle Computer, Foldable Knife, Bike Light, Bicycle Helmet, Sunglasses

Protection Gloves, Flashlight, Waterproof Backpack,

Raincoat, Compressed food & Water

The detail you can read this post:

Buying guide: 11 must-haves for every cyclist:

How to choose hiking equipment?

Here briefly introduce you some important items of hiking equipment: Three most important items of hiking equipment you need to know!

How to select outdoor travel equipment?

4 important outdoor travel equipments: Purchase of outdoor travel equipment from head to feet
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Reviews in Adults Electric Scooters Products



· App which is available for both iOS and Android devices. <BR>· The third can be seen as the ultra portable folding design



A great product. It is massive. I did not have the opportunity to drive yet. If it is an improved model of the old version it will be great.



very well xiaomi m365 scooter, stylish white one - same as 365 black, extra 2x wheels and 2x tubes included


Verified Purchase

My son originally had a hoverboard from another company that burned out so I've been looking for a replacement. Before buying I did a lot of research on the UL certifications so i could find a safe hoverboard. I was a little skeptical at the price, but the hover board quality is amazing! My son says it's better than his last one (which was a $300 board i got him over the summer).



This is great! Runs for a long time before dying. I'm a little confused why the red lights continue to blink while it's charging, but it's ok. Came on time, works great! Got used to it really fast! The only problems I've noticed is the really loud voice with a hard to understand accent when you turn it on and pair to Bluetooth. Also, the speakers start to cut out a little when you ride it. I recommend buying a case if you are worried about scratching because it scratched the first time I rode it outside. The little battery sign on the top starts to blink when it's getting low, and turns red and starts beeping when it's about to die. I would recommend this!

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