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Android Mini Pc Remote

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W95 Amlogic S905W Android TV Box
18% OFF
I was looking for use tv. Because I don\'t have smart tv. I want to see netflix. So I decide thia devixe.
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W95 Amlogic S905W Android TV Box



TK668 2.4GHz Wireless Air Mouse
- good looking glossy slim remote control <BR>- buttons very responsive, with good feedback on pressing them <BR>- it feels good in your hand <BR>- it does the job on an android media player
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TK668 2.4GHz Wireless Air Mouse


M3 2.4G Wireless Remote Control Keyboard Air Mouse
2% OFF
This is so good to use.i have buyed 3 of them to my familie.i love this remote controll
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M3 2.4G Wireless Remote Control Keyboard Air Mouse



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FAQ in Android Mini Pc Remote Products

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What is TV box and how does it work?

What is TV box and how does it work?

Why is the screen blurry on start up?

Check the HDMI connection, also you can change a new HDMI cable.

Why does the box stay on the splash screen and cannot get into the system?

This is mainly caused by incorrect power cut when the box is still operating, try to reset your box.

Why can't i download some Apps?

Ensure the system supports the Apps you download, upgrade the firmware if necessary.

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Reviews in Android Mini Pc Remote Products



It's a great device, currently this is my perfect streaming system


Beryl .Elva

very well, 4K ultra HD picture, the speed is faster, the play is very smooth and stable.



Mecool km8 is a very capable android tv device with good features. I have tested it with 4k 2160p videos and they play flawlessly. H265 encoded videos plays buttery smooth. It also supports youtube 4k videos without issues. 2.4ghz wireless is good but dual band wireless would have been better. Thanks to its ethernet port i could connect it directly with my router. Google play store works perfectly and i could install many apps without any problems except the netflix app which kept crashing at launch. Installed kodi on this box it works great. Kodi addons ran smoothly. Vlc player ran perfectly. It supports OTA updates, that is a good feature to have. Voice search while pressing d voice button on the remote works flawlessly.



My MECOOL tv box arrived in the mailbox right on schedule and was in good condition. The box itself is smaller than I expected but that's not a bad thing at all.. Setup was a breeze and took no time at all! I decided to go with this particular model because of it's stellar reviews and affordable price point. The device is equipped with bluetooth and WiFi so I can connect my keyboards, mouse, headphones and cell phone with no problems at all!! The reason I got a box in the first place was to replace my firestick because it seemed to be slowing down over time and the comparison between the two proves it! Also, it's nice having the option to plug in an ethernet cable for assured connection speeds. Overall, Best purchase i've made this year!!


barry shiels

​ <BR>The Xiaomi Mi Box arrived and I was pleasantly surprised by the build quality, whilst smaller than initially imagined, its a beautiful form factor. <BR> <BR>The outer Packaging is plain and fits the product snuggly. included in the box were the main unit and adopter, HDMI cable and Remote control. <BR> <BR>Plugging in the box for the 1st time, and having used an MXQ up to this point, there were significant differences from the start. The remote feels comfortable in the hand and is intuitive to use for someone picking up an Android box from new additionally the voice search feature is worthy of more expensive units. <BR> <BR>The 2GB ram makes a big difference to streaming and this box handles 1080p with ease, something that would buffer on the MXQ continuously. <BR> <BR>The Android TV interface is pleasing on the eyes, and the system does learn to offer up content that you might be interested in watching overtime. <BR> <BR>Overall the performance, the packaging and the build quality all add up to a wonderful little package, certainly worth the money. This really is a Great All round Android box. You\'ll be hard pressed to find a better quality unit anywhere at this price!



Good quality product



Egyszerűen FANTASZTIKUS! Hihetetlen gyors szállítással (9nap) hibátlanul, sértetlenül érkezett MINDENT tud, amivel hírdetik! köszönöm!!


Gale Partridge

I purchased the Beelink GT - King Android 9.0 TV Box because it has decent hardware spec, and the price is cheaper than my budget. It came with 4GB LPDDR4 + 64GB ROM, android 9.0 OS and functions like 2.4G voice remote control, 4K, 60fps, 2.4G + 5.8G WiFi and so on. I use Android TV Box mostly streaming YouTube and Netflix. The Beelink GT - King came with Youtube and many more system apps, very convenient for me, no need to download by myself. The Beelink GT - King has a very simple interface and user friendly. Start up really fast, I did test all the apps and they all works great, not loaded with all junk apps like other TV Box. I watch HD movies on YouTube and have no issue with speed or loosing image quality, movies run very smoothly.



It comes with a remote and instructions, the menu interface is super easy to use and so far I'm pleased, the remote controller works great above all, with my last TV box from another brand I had to point directly the controller so it was quite uncomfortable and also it interfered with my TV remote It does not get hot or any problems shown so far, consistent system

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