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Baby Sponge

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FAQ in Baby Sponge Products

This is listed as a 3-pack, and also as 100 items... Is it 100 scrubbies, 100 3-packs, or just 3 scrubbies??

It only comes with 3 scrubbies

Is this only for kids or does it have effectiveness in the kitchen too?

Yes, it can absolutely be used in the kitchen. Adults also use them on their faces. So it's not just for kids!

Can an adult use them?

i guess; but it's a very gentle brush. my main use was for my newborn's scalp.

How long before you throw these away?

I had been using natural bath sponges for both of my kids for 2 years. I usually bought the baby buddy brand but decided to give these a shot to save some money. That was a mistake, these only lasted only a few baths, whereas the other ones lasted a few months with proper care.

Is this a mediterranean silk sea sponge.

No, the smaller silk sponges come from the Pacific and the Caribbean.

Do all babies need this ?

Everybody can use it during bath time instead of the smelly washcloth. It can also be used for dry skin, eczema, and cradle cap.

Is this more aimed for newborns or would it work just as well on a 2 year old?

Both! It can work on newborns and older.

Do you have to replace every 8 weeks? like baby buddy's natural baby bath sponge

Since InfactCo baby silicone towel is an anti-bacterial & sterilization available product, it is semi-permanent baby brush towel. Please refer to the listing photos and description page for the detail.

Is this baby bath sponge large enough for a 5 month weighing 14 lbs?

Babies as young as five months old typically measure about 27 inches,The length of this baby bath mat sponge is about 20 inches,A child's legs can be extended into the bathtub,then you may use the bath mat sponge product.

Where is this manufactured and what are the materials?

Made in China

where is this product made? country of origin?

The sponges are harvested from the Caribbean and the Pacific. These are then cleaned and processed in the United States.

Does it bend? We are having twins and will end up using the sink more then anything. Will this fit in the sink and be comfortable for them?

It bends. You can roll it to wring it out. It will fit comfortably in the sink. I use it in the tub and only put a little water in there. Baby's fert and eventually legs hang off it but it is useful for tiny and wiggly ones.

Why are they only good for 6-8 weeks! That's what the card reads inside the package.

Ours lasted longer but they start to fall apart soon after due to wear and tear.
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Reviews in Baby Sponge Products



Great for bathing infant in a sink or tub and easy to clean up and store. Not bulky like a baby bathtub.



I used these sponges for years and I loved them. But recently, I found what i think is sea kelp stuck in the sponge. I had already used it on my baby several times and then out of the blue I felt something hard in the sponge. I poked and it and squeezed out what looked like a piece of reef. It was very hard and had I not found that and just washed my baby as usual, I would have surely cut him with it. It was hard like a stick. The next one I bought had another piece of reef or something in it. I have since switched brands.



Great size and lathers up well. I have to agree with many of the other reviews, they are not very soft - even after soaking them in water a while first. But they do the job and my 5 year old doesn't seem to mind them. I just don't push hard against his skin with them. I would not use on a baby or newborn however.



Instead of buying an expensive infant tub that my baby will only use for a few months I got this. This works great and you can't beat the price.



I am not a mom but I am giving both my nieces this product! I was lucky enough to see it being demonstrated at the NY Baby Show and it is really great. The scrubbing part is super soft and I could tell the kids loved it too. I already had a product from the company (the snow angel towel) so I know they are reliable and the quality is great. I kind of want to buy another one of these for myself. :)

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