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Backpack Folding

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FAQ in Backpack Folding Products

Does this back pack come with a warranty?

Really don't know didn't even think about it when I purchased, I can say it's a great pack for me.It's a tuff pack don't see you tearing it should tell in the details

Anyone use this as a diaper backpack?

Yes, I have used it for a year or so now as my diaper bag. I have LOVED it! The bag is so lightweight that it doesn

Is this backpack small enough to be considered a personal item when flying?

Yes. I used it twice, once to Mexico. Than to Europe and perfectly fit under the airplane seat.

Reviews in Backpack Folding Products



Love the look of the color I chose - grey. I could see this backpack being somewhat small for someone trying to haul a lot of things, but I only plan to use it to carry a laptop and a few notebooks. It fits everything I need it to without looking bulky. Excited about this one!


Howard Chambers

I was looking for a small but comfortable backpack for day trips in Europe, something that would hold water, sunscreen, a visor, and perhaps a windbreaker/rainslick. This filled the bill. It wasn't bulky like my heavier computer backpack. It worked so well, and when done, it fits into a small attached bag only inches long. Five stars for a great creation.



This thing really expands. I got it for my son who was used to carrying a duffle bag and was worried a back pack couldn't fit all his junk. With the expandable nature of this thing, he can fit a ton of stuff. It's almost like it has a Undetectable Extension Charm on it. He's used it for a couple of months now and the only complaints are from people who get stuck in a small space with him when he decides to turn around. The quality seems good, with no signs of wear yet from daily use as a school backpack. My son is a moose and has no complaints about the fit in his shoulders or the weight when it's crammed full and no one else wants to pick it up. He's horribly hard on backpacks (and shoes, but I won't get started on that) and this thing might actually last him a while. I'll try to update if we encounter any issues, but I'm impressed with it so far.Update:He's now had this thing for 10 months and it's still going strong. (Knock on wood, as my mother would say!) My son doesn't use his locker much, so this thing is usually so packed and heavy that I tend to avoid picking it up if I can... and it gets packed around 5 days a week like that, and he's none too gentle with it. This is the first backpack that's lasted him through the whole school year without a seam tearing or a zipper busting. So if you're looking for a backpack that will stand up to abuse and hold a lot of stuff/weight in the process, this is it. I even have hope it might make it thru at least part of next year. Definitely worth the money!



Great backpack for travel. I can comfortably fit my 15" laptop, water bottle, small pair of flat shoes, a course reader and a bunch of other little things (agenda, ipad, journal, pens and pencils, iphone.) Really an awesome backpack that looks professional, clean and holds a LOT. I use it for my frequent travel (airplane) and it fits perfectly under the seat.



I purchased this backpack only because a different model I wanted was sold out, and wasnt coming back into stock anytime soon. I cancelled the order, and was hesitant, but I liked how this bag looked, so i went for it. So happy I did. I had two backpacks before this, a small VANS bag with no pockets, and a bulky swiss gear with tons of compartments. I loved how the vans was small, and loved how the swiss had pockets, but this backpack is perfect. It's seriously the best of both worlds. It's a perfect size to hold things, but not so huge that its obnoxious to tote around. The front slanted pocket is perfect for quick finds like my gloves/ID for work, and the inside pockets are what I use for my wallet/phone. The included lock is meh, but it didnt really matter as I had bag locks anyway. The material feels strong and well made, and the zippers caught my attention. They're solid and wont break anytime soon. The side pouches are a nice touch for waters/things you need right away. It's stylish, functional, and despite having it for only a week, im in love with it. My only gripe with this bag is sometimes when you sling it over your shoulder, the straps adjust themselves/fall out of where you had them. It's a little annoying, but you learn how to avoid it. A perfect product that I would buy again. The included USB port for charging is such a nice touch that I didnt know I needed until I had it. I pair it with my cocoon grid it organizer and its perfect. Even full its bot heavy. Awesome awesome awesome bag!!

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