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Ball Stress

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YUNMAI Wrist Ball Stress Reliever from Xiaomi Youpin
23% OFF
Work very well i like the way to operate without need of the rope. It presents good grip, is easy to put into operation and is effective. Then you check that the muscles of the fingers, wrists and forearms have been working. The detail of the LEDs that change with the speed encourages you to go forward. The use also extends to merely relieving stress and strengthening of the muscle around the hands. As the only counter that is somewhat noisy.
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YUNMAI Wrist Ball Stress Reliever from Xiaomi Youpin



Stress Relief Grape Vent Ball
Okay let me start by just saying man this magnet is super strong I recommend keeping this far away from little children and babies because this would definitely hurt them if they use it in a wrong way my boyfriend loves that I bought it for him for his birthday and he plays with it every single day and try to do so many different experiments with it and he is so in love with it that I told myself that I have to buy him more but he pinched his fingers so many times and it is so hard to pry it apart when it's stuck to something it really it's so strong if you're someone that loves experimenting and loves anything that has to do with science than this is definitely a product for you to definitely get trust me you won't regret it is going to make you want to buy more more and more so I highly recommend this product to anyone
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Stress Relief Grape Vent Ball


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Worth the money



This was a fun cheap toy to entertain for hours



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real stress reliever with nice squishy feeling. comes with a smell like strawberry..

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