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Bicicleta Electric

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FAQ in Bicicleta Electric Products

What should prepare for a long outdoor ride?

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High-Quality Bike, Bike GPS / Bicycle Computer, Foldable Knife, Bike Light, Bicycle Helmet, Sunglasses

Protection Gloves, Flashlight, Waterproof Backpack,

Raincoat, Compressed food & Water

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Reviews in Bicicleta Electric Products



Pros: -bike manufacturing looks sturdy and good quality, I was impressed. -bike came with a cool remote control with motion alarm included with the bike! You may use the RC to arm or disarm the bike, to start the siren, to switch on the bike power or to switch it off. The bike came with two sets of keys and two RCs. There is an “ignition” key to turn the bike power on (which can be done alternatively by the RC) and a battery key. -practical handle on the frame just in front of the seat to lift the bike to train, staircase etc. -the Li-Ion battery is really big and heavy (3 kg), which promises a good range -actual bike weight with battery is 26,5 kg, not 28 -the battery can be locked to the frame in a really robust way -you can take the battery out to charge it (contrary to what Gearbest says about the bike) -you may use throttle to accelerate instantly, or use pedal assistant (which has a little delay) -cool phone holder with really strong grip and easy release, with USB charger port Cons: Just really minor things, but I list all I discovered. -it took more than 7 weeks for the bike to be delivered. Out of that, more than 4 weeks it was stuck with a message “ready for UPS in Germany”. I contacted Gearbest and they replied it was delayed for customs procedure. -there was a little damage to the bike during transport, which fortunately did not influence the function. The front toothwheel is a bit bent and I had to bend the derailleur protector to give it the full range.There were no scratches or no other damage, the bike was packed really well. -in the first week, the speed was limited to some 23 km/h measured with GPS (28 on the display). I started communicating with Gearbest about that, but suddenly (after third battery charge), the speed limit increased to 29 km/h (35 on the bike screen). Now works well. -brakes make squeaking noise (but this improves with time) -the tachometer display shows about +5 km/h difference, 28 km/h means 23 measured with GPS. When you release the accelerator, the speed on display drops to 0 althogh bike moves on. -the trip meter resets to zero every time you switch off the power of the bike. There is odometer which seems to reset if you switch bike on/off in a row without riding. The distance is measured in whole kilometers (at least 100m accuracy would be better) and it shows more kilometers than you rode, just like with speed. -the frame folding point lock is really tough to close. There is an adjustment screw, which I could not move by any means. -missing tail light -the battery back cover broke during my first removal of the battery. But this is just a piece of plastic at the back of the battery, which does not really matter. -the pedal assistant has a 1-2 second delay when you start pedalling and when you cease as well. The pedal assistant is either full power until 29 km/h, or nothing if you switch power off.



Prodotto perfetto e ottima assistenza alla vendita.Imballaggio ottimo!! Sono stato assistito dal personale tramite chat per poter modificare il mio ordine e sono stato assistito in modo professionale. (ho cambiato il mio articolo con quella dai cerchi in lega) La bici è ottima robusta e pure più bella di quanto immaginavo.



Positiv: Die Verarbeitung ist sehr gut und hat mich positiv überrascht. Ich bin bisher auch sehr zufrieden mit dem Produkt. Ich vergebe daher wegen den unten genannten – wenigen negativen Punkte- vier Sterne. Negativ: Die lange Wartezeit und Hinhaltetaktik (Sendedatum wurde immer wieder verschoben). Es gab vom Kundendienst (Gearbest) auch nur die Informationen von der Webseite. Das Produkt selber ist sehr gut. Einzige Schwachstellen, die Bremsen könnten etwas besser sein, dass Gewicht etwas geringer und der Stand- und Tragekomfort in geklappter Bauform. Bezüglich der Elektrokleinstfahrzeuge-Zulassung in Deutschland gibt es noch die Anmerkung, dass eine Typengenehmigung vom Hersteller gut wäre, so dass man es nicht illegal fahren oder den Griff abbauen muss.


Christina Weibel

It does take up less space in my apartment though and i love it for that



Bycikel arrived according to the information when ordering. I very much appreciate the way of transport when the buses were shipped to my address home by the shipping company. Worse it is with instructions. For those who are not very technically capable (such as me), I recommend compiling a hobbyist with someone who knows a little bit of confidence in the bikes. And you can not find any instructions on how to use it. So far I did not have an electro-cycle, so I had to think long how it works and how best to use its options. So far, I'm just learning. This could actually improve in the package. Otherwise, the bitch has come to the right, is excellent, I recommend a lot. I still have to learn all his options ....



Easy to drive and lots of fun. Will get one for my dad.


Martina Yule

I live and cruise on a boat. I have to somehow buy groceries and supplies ashore. An electric bike with saddle bags and my backpack enables me to bring back 6 bags of groceries at around 30km/h and go more than 40km without recharging the lithium battery. This electric bike from Samebike has four modes free to choose, more convenient to use. Its battery life is awesome, far beyond my imagination. I’m about 98kg, this bike can hold me stable, unlike those flimsy cheap bikes. It equipped with a display shows several moving data, and the super bright headlight will provide a safer riding experience. Overall, I’m very satisfied with this foldable electric bike.

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