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Blade Cutting

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FAQ in Blade Cutting Products

nothing current on the number of blades. Package of 1 or 2?

My package had 2.

Why does the blade chip so easily?

I have not had that problem. I have been very pleased with this product.

Will these 60 mm blades fit Clover rotary cutters?

They should fit your 60mm Clover cutter. (We also carry 45mm, the most common size.) In the unlikely event you have trouble with the fit, returns are free and easy.Jill PlackQuilter's Cut and Wild Goat Markets

Does this blade fit in a fluke D914 punch tool?

Yes it does as the Fluke punchdown tool accepts the bayonet-style (twist & lock) form factor heads.

What's the plastic tool thingy that comes with the blades?

It is to help you snap off the blades.

This blade came standard on my Slugger chop saw. Will there be any damage to this blade if I use it occasionally on aluminum?

I doubt you would have any issues cutting angle, tube or flat bar. The blade geometryis probably not correct for thick pieces and will probably gall up or grab. If you are using it intermittently i would go ahead but get a blade for aluminum if you can.

It says it is a 1 pk, yet it has two cutting blades? So how many are in the package? 1 or 2?

The package we received with our order several months ago contained two blades, and it was labeled 2 PAK.
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Reviews in Blade Cutting Products


uncle bob

This is truly an amazing saw, the construction and design is outstanding, I was accidentally shipped an extra saw which I intended to return for a refund but two of my nephews who are general contractors observed the performance of this saw and bought the extra saw on the spot. My neighbor who has done farming his life came over to see how I was building a pipe fence, when he saw the fein saw in action he wanted to buy the sold saw. One word of warning if the tubing or pipe you are cutting has been welded or cut with a torch or had any type of material left inside the tube do not cut the pipe in these areas as it will quickly dull your blade. It's an outstanding blade if you use it correctly.


TH 9341

Great blade! Cuts steel way better than the evolution blade it replaced. Much cleaner cut with no deburring needed. The only issue I have is the current price. I bought this in April 2018 for $80, by October 2018, it now lists for $112!!! That's ridiculous!



Lately I have been cutting up polyester (where good fabric goes to never die) into narrow strips for twined rugs. Poly is really hard on blades and scissors so I decided to try these blades instead of the'other" brands. I can cut hundreds of strips before a blade needs replaces. That's good enough for me!


Book Lover

This is the perfect replacement blade for the silhouette cutting machine. I found a few things help have better results with this blade.1. If you cut vinyl or paper and there are small pieces which clot around the blade carefully remove the debris to allow the blade to function properly.2. Manually adjust the cutting speed - SLOW IT DOWN - for most projects, especially vinyl projects where there will be small pieces. It might take longer but I notice that the vinyl (and paper) tear less when the machine is not moving as quickly. I personally get better results this way.



I admit, I don't like the price you have to pay to refill your rotary cutter. I've cut corners (hehe) and gone with non-name brand replacement blades, but let me tell you: Nothing cuts right like an Olfa blade in an Olfa rotary cutter. save yourself the hassle and just buy this replacement pack. The blades fit correctly on the cutter, and they cut like butter. So smooth, so nice, and perfect cuts each time, no hacking or shredding involved!

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