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Business Watch

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FAQ in Business Watch Products

is it solar?

Dear customer,This watch is not a solar watch.Thank you for your inquiry.

I cannot loosen the pen mechanism to alter the watch band. It is screwed so tightly, it wont come undone. Please advise.

I had the same problem. Finally we got it loosened thanks to my hulk of a boyfriend but the needle broke shortly thereafter

Is it solar power ?

So what

Reviews in Business Watch Products



I've been wanting to try a GPS watch, and when I saw the price of the GPS Master IV I just had to give it a try. The first thing I did after taking it out of the box was to go outside and try to sync with GPS. To my delight, the watch found my location and started setting the correct time zone and DST time in just one minute. I was even able to get time reception from inside my house. The manual is a little sparse, but written clearly enough. I have been able to test every feature of the watch, including the automatic GPS reception, over the last week and everything works just as described. The date numbers are extremely tiny and difficult (for me) to see. There is no way to disable DST, so in some areas you might have to manually adjust the time zone. You also cannot manually set the time. I would say bracelet quality is good, and in line with the price of the watch.The manual makes no mention of how, or if, the watch will handle the GPS week number rollover that will happen on April 14th, 2019. It also doesn't address the issue of leap seconds. I sent an email to LAD Weather but have received no reply. Hopefully the watch update automatically when the time comes, as the current Seiko and Citizen models will. If the watch date is forever wrong after 4/14/2019, we will know it didn't.

About Business Watch

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