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Cartoon Desk

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Cartoon Character Dragon Model Desk Ornament Toy Gift
28% OFF
- ABS material - bookshelf decorations - Dragon Ball - Shenlong (神龍シェンロン Shenron, lit. "Dragon God") - Eternal Dragon in the Ocean and Funimation dubs and as the Dragon God in the Harmony Gold dub
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Cartoon Character Dragon Model Desk Ornament Toy Gift



Cartoon Figure Doll Model Desk Ornament Toy Gift
29% OFF
I bought this figure because I was browsing for one that looked similar to an Anime avatar my partner used for a time on social media. What actually sealed the deal for me to purchase, aside from how similar the character looked, was the little panda with the black star eye, which I felt gave the whole figurine set a bit of an edgy look. When my purchase arrived I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and detail. Having since discovered the Anime TV series this figure is based upon (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU) I can say it's a fairly faithful depiction of Yukino Yukinoshita. The figure is an ideal size for displaying on a desk or bookshelf without taking up too much room. The 1/8 scale allows for a good level of detail, particularly in the characters clothing which, despite being PVC, visually reads as cloth material convincingly. The plastic chair and base plate included in the set do feel a little cheap by comparison to the figure but do the job of hinting at a classroom setting context for display purposes. As well the little panda adds an additional point of interest that encourages the viewer to see the detail of the whole set by drawing your eye away from the main figure momentarily. The paint job on the figure is particularly good and does not look rushed like it sometimes can on cheaper, mass produced figures. Overall I'm very happy with my purchase. A great item for any Anime fan regardless of whether they know the specific character or not as the face is fairly classic Anime style teamed with the popular Japanese school girl outfit. Great value. You won't be disappointed.
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Cartoon Figure Doll Model Desk Ornament Toy Gift



Super Mouse Pad Lol Game Cartoon Keyboard Thickening Large Edge Wrapped Desk Mat
36% OFF
The huge mous pad is a nice decoration and makes a good feeling for my hands on the desk even though I do not use a pushing mouse there (using a trackball type). Really like it. Price is fair.

Super Mouse Pad Lol Game Cartoon Keyboard Thickening Large Edge Wrapped Desk Mat



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very suitable as a decoration in our bar, the color-changing design can create a great dance ball mood

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