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Celeron N3450

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Teclast F7 Notebook
With 6GB of RAM and 128GB SSD this laptop performs very great! Ultra lightweight and looks very slick. The keyboard is very convenient to use. After typing on it for just a few minutes I managed typing at my normal type speed. I bought this computer for my daughter but before handing it over to her I ran a few mathematical analysis software I use at work and it worked. Performance of the N3450 processor is three times slower than my 8th gen i7 based work laptop but it worked! The screen is not the brightest but is good enough for indoor usage with good colors. Speakers are OK and I like the fact they are coming from below the screen hinge and not under the laptop since so the sound does not change when working on a soft surface or on your lap.
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Teclast F7 Notebook


Jumper EZpad 6 Pro Tablet PC
17% OFF
Fast A lot of ram Stable

Jumper EZpad 6 Pro Tablet PC



Chuwi Lapbook Air Notebook 8GB RAM 128GB EMMC
Build Quality, laptop looks premium and feels extremely sturdy <BR>Thin and very portable <BR>decent speed if you only need it for simple tasks like microsoft office, web browsing, etc <BR>excellent price for the quality and build
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Chuwi Lapbook Air Notebook 8GB RAM 128GB EMMC


Onda Xiaoma 41 Laptop
8% OFF

Onda Xiaoma 41 Laptop



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FAQ in Celeron N3450 Products

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2. Is the video cable defective?

3. Connect the monitor to another graphics card

4. Is the graphics card correctly engaged?

5. Check the graphics card and monitor for a defect

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Reviews in Celeron N3450 Products



Small but very performant, including an SSD and a Windows 10 license, 3x USB 3.0, very fast card reader (USB 3.0), fast Intel WLAN+BT, easy to include another M.2 2242 SSD



I recommend this computer to anyone! This laptop is fast as light, It works smooth and it's affordable! Shipping is fast also! Thanks - GearBest!


Luis Sousa

Average product in line with the price



- Price <BR>- FHD display, good brightness <BR>- Good manufacture <BR>- Battery life <BR>- Processor and RAM are fast running Windows 10 and many applications (good multitasking)


Good value

I\'ve been using this laptop for a few days. So far so good. Good build quality. The screen is really nice, full IPS HD 2K resolution. the bezels don\'t really bother me. I get about 5 hours on a full charge. haven\'t had any heat issues. Great for web browsing and youtubing. Microsoft edge seems to work smoother than chrome. overall, I would recommend this laptop.



Great value and fast shipping, its works great love it also very east to set-up and comes with windows 10


Mike P (legend45191)

Fast start.<BR>General fast at apps, etc.<BR>Good picture quality<BR>lightweight<BR>Easy to use<BR>Good sound

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