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Chrome Steel

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FAQ in Chrome Steel Products

Where is the product made?

Sorry I don't know where it is made

Is there a temporary off area between the stream and spray button on the nozzle?

No there is not. There is either the stream or the spray.

Does it have a fragrance?


What key is this ?

Thanks for contacting Steel Drum Source. We have both key of F or key of G.

What is the length of the threaded tube? I have a counter top with a 1.75 inch deep hole. Will this fit?


Does this faucet have a magnetic clip?

No, this faucet does not have a magnetic clip. The head is kept in place at the end of the swivel bar by using the tension of the spring from the arc of the neck of the faucet.

Are these stainless? They are not gonna rust, aren't they?

They are in chromed steel, they do not rust while the chrome is not broken

Does it fit 2007 E-150?


Are there 6 plastic shelf liners included?

No, but go to COSTCO. They sell a roll of 18" wide heavy duty shelf liner you can cut to fit. Can probably line all six shelves for $15 or less.

Is the tail piece removable?

No, it's not. Is one piece the shank and the tail piece

Are the posts single or 2 piece?

2pc. You could actually build it as two shorter shelf units if you wanted to

How well do this product work on chrome rims. Giving the rims shine.

Was very disappointed in this product. I've since switched to using mineral oil.

are the wheels included? If not I won't order now...

Yes, they are included, but I didn't want mine, so I'm stuck with 44 wheels! I bought 10 racks of shelves, then bought 2 more. The shelves hold more weight without the wheels.
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Reviews in Chrome Steel Products


M. Bell

This product is what I was looking for. I had originally purchased the Kräus matte black dispenser, but it would drip for about 5-10 seconds each time the pump was pressed. The design of the Kräus makes it to where the pump return is slow, and that makes it dribble soap until it has completed the return. If I were able to replace their spring with a stronger one, it would have helped, but it's a sealed spring system.I was hesitant to buy this Kimi Cuisine one, not being a brand I'm familiar with. However, it is matte black and looks exactly like the Kräus model. The only difference in the two models, is the Kimi Cuisine one operates as intended. It's a good pump that returns upright quickly. Therefore, it does not dribble soap. I sure didn't want to keep wasting soap with the other one, nor did I want to continue holding the sponge under the pump for 10 seconds. That gets old rather quick.I would recommend this product to anybody looking for a dispenser. Whether matte black, stainless, whatever finish is needed. If anybody is to ask for my assistance in choosing a dispenser, this is the first one I would point them toward.This is a well built dispenser that looks like top brand models, and performs above the standards of top brand models.I have yet to add a long hose into my soap jug, so I've only used the screw on container that the pump comes with. I don't see how that would affect the performance, but I wanted to make that clear. I've only used it in the configuration it arrives with.


Amazons Customers

Exactly what I was looking for. It's a very nice quality dispenser and matched the sink and faucet perfectly!



Straight forward to install; decent quality and robust enough for home use. Not clear to me the price premium I paid for this vs similarly priced dispensers in big box store was worth it.It is fussy about what soap you use. It works fine with Palmolive Ultra but Kroger store brand is a disaster because it gets gummy in the spout which means you need to put more pressure on dispenser and when it suddenly unplugs the clot of soap in the nozzle causes soap to spit out in random direction.In the dispenser installation directions there was reference to a kit to replace the soap reservoir with a tube to your bulk bottle of detergent. That would be worth having as dispenser is difficult to get full but not too full.



Nice brushed nickel device that is easy to install and that works well. We added plantation shutters to our kitchen that interfered with the more expensive dispenser that matched the faucet. We needed something shorter like this product. Very pleased and appreciated the proactive email from this supplier listing installation instructions and a place to contact if we had issues.



Grille looks great on my truck! Definitely recommend this grille.

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