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Cleaning Ultrasonic

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Reviews in Cleaning Ultrasonic Products



Exact match for my brush model.



The machine works like me. Cleaning jewelry is good, but it needs to be repeated several times. It is necessary to use hot water when feeling. Then the cleaning effect is better. The device makes the slag unpleasant noise, so I recommend using it in outdoor areas.



good price, electric, todo, profesional


Cliff Doyle

I really can't find any faults with this, I've used it several times for cleaning firearm parts, bicycle parts, and even jewelry. As long as you only clean materials that are SAFE for ultrasonic, and use cleaners that are SAFE for the material, things go terrific. The ultrasonic cleaner using a new heating method, which can effectively improve the heating effect, that's a real time-saver. What's more, the machine also using the high tech to reduce the noise while working, that's really thoughtful. I really love the fact that it uses the qualified stainless steel as the shell, very durable, and seems will last for a long time.



This product works great with jewelry. It is a powerful ultrasonic cleaner that with the right cleaning agents works great! I caution any jewelry with small diamond pieces as with any ultrasonic cleaner make sure not to leave it in there too long or be prepared to loose some diamonds. I love the heat feature, the water heats up really fast and changing the water out is very easy due to the removable plug. I recommend this product to anyone in the jewelry business looking for a good reliable cleaner.I recommend them highly.



I received the ultrasonic cleaner soon after the order was placed. Logistics is very fast. First of all, this machine is very beautiful. There is an embossed stainless steel casing, as seen on the picture. It does not leak and the cleaning is very clean. I used it to clean my rusted parts, the noise is very small, and the parts after ultrasonic cleaning are as new as they are. Like I said before, I would recommend this and my coworkers agreed that for the price, it's a good buy! I recommend them highly.


Clark Ferguson

Easy to operate and use. The ultrasonic working time and heating temperature are adjusted by the knob on the front of the product.


Humberto Monteli

produto bom, funciona bem.. Ainda em teste, mas por enquanto nada contra


Baroutas ioannis




very good quality ultrasonic cleaner, 600ml capacity, touch panel with timer and degas.

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