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Color Natural

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I'm half black and half Korean. My hair is just past my shoulders and is naturally wavy/curly. My hair color is dark brown. About two weeks ago I had used a box hair dye to cover my grays. The box dye left my hair a little drier and didn't cover any of my gray hairs. I didn't want to wait another 6 to 8 weeks to dye my hair again so I did some research and stumbled upon henna.I found this product at my local Vitamin Cottage and decided to try it out. On Sunday before running errands I made the henna paste with warm distilled water and lime juice (I didn't have lemon juice). I made my paste the consistency of yogurt. I left the paste to sit on the kitchen counter covered with plastic wrap. I was gone for 4 hours and when I came back I found my paste had turned green to brown green.I added a teaspoon of lavender essential oil to cover up the stale cigarette smell before applying the paste to my hair. I also covered my hairline, ears, and back of my neck with Vaseline (prevents staining). I applied the paste outside on my deck as I was worried the paste would drip all over the place. I didn't find this to be messy at all. It took about 20 minutes to apply the paste on my hair. Once I was done I put a plastic shower cap on my hair.I left the paste on my hair for 2 hours. Rinsing the paste off took a while. After rinsing for 15 minutes I used a tiny bit of shampoo which helped remove most of it out. The conditioner helped get rid of the rest of the henna grit from my hair.The immediate results was reddish brown hair. My gray strands were a copper red color. A day later my hair is much darker and more brown. My gray hairs have also turned more to a medium brown color with a hint of red. My hair is super soft, has volume, and it does smell. My hair doesn't smell as bad dry as it does wet but my hair doesn't smell nearly as much as the day I put the paste in my hair.I am satisfied with the results and I will use this again to cover new growth. I think next week I will use this product again and keep it in for 4 hours in hopes to get my gray hairs a bit darker.***Update: I've used the product 2 more times since my initial review and have found a process that works for me with satisfying results.-I mix the henna in distilled water and use it immediately.-I apply a thick layer to many small sections. On each section I place a thick layer on both sides and massage with my finger tips to make sure the product is completely covering my hair.-I let the henna stay in my hair overnight. I find using plastic food wrap works much better than a shower cap or the cap that comes with the product. The wrap also helps contain some of the smell from the product.-I place a towel over my pillow to prevent accidental staining, however I never had any issues with leakage.-The next morning I rinse my hair out with conditioner. I find conditioner makes it a little easier to remove the grit from my hair.



Much easier than indigo and henna separately. I loved how shiny and healthy my hair felt. The color didn't really stick to the grays. I'll need to do more research. Maybe let it sit longer than two hours?

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