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Controller Connector

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Smart Controller Connector Adapter
3% OFF
excelent shiping. everything good is working nice.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Smart Controller Connector Adapter



Ywxlight Led Lamp Band Connector Rgb Colorful Lamp Strip Controller 1 To 4 Connector Line
I already tried it as you can to the pictures and it\'s working great!! I bought it at a nice price 2,04EURO . It has 5 pin slots but it works and with 4 pin led stripes. One more must buy (if you need a splitter) product!!
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Ywxlight Led Lamp Band Connector Rgb Colorful Lamp Strip Controller 1 To 4 Connector Line


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FAQ in Controller Connector Products

Will this let me use my controller to play games on the computer?

Yes, but you will need to download the necessary drivers for your controller to be detected.

Will this cable re-sync my controller to the system? A basic micro usb won't work for some reason.

yes it will

Is this compatable with a xbox one controller?

It seems like the original Xbox and the Xbox 360 have different connectors, so unfortunately this will not work for the original Xbox controllers.

Will this fit an xbox elite controller?


does this work with a spark to a iphone X?

I have an iPhone X and work pretty well

Where does the controller sit on the line? How many inches is it from where it plugs into the fan?

There are two wires leading from the control, both of which are about 3 feet long. One of them is attached to a 110 V electrical plug and the other is attached to a female socket that plugs into the fan. There is no way provided to attach the controller to anything but probably some Velcro would work.

Is it compatible with the rocksmith real tone cable for ps3?

Yes, it will be able to work with the Rocksmith Real Tone cable.

Will this cable work with a Xbox 360 wired controller?

I'm not sure, I bought for my PS4. I would assume that it would work for the 360 as long as it takes a mini usb.
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Reviews in Controller Connector Products


Nathan Ridling

A disclaimer: I only just received this product, so I am not making any statement about its reliability. Others reviews can, perhaps, attest to its longevity. I can simply confirm that, with the Nintendo Switch 4.0 update which allows GameCube controller support through the Wii U adapter, this device serves perfectly well as a replacement to the harder-to-find Nintendo-branded product.


Nicole Grzes

Not only does it work for the Wii U but it also works for the Switch! It took a few tries to get it to work on Mario Cart because at first it wasn't connecting, but you just need to close the game and reopen it in order for it to register that the adapter is plugged in. The game cube controllers work with every game as well, so it's a nice switch from the joycons that the Switch uses to a classic controller.

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