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Diamond Saw Blade

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FAQ in Diamond Saw Blade Products

Why would one use a segmented blade vs. a solid blade?

Segmented clears dust and disperses heat easier.

Description only says circular saw. Will this blade be good for cutting granite tiles on a wet tile saw?

It worked well for me cutting concrete papers. Don't know for sure about granite tiles, but my guess would be that it would do well, especially on a wet tile saw

Would this cut dobie concrete blocks?

Sorry we don't really know if it will cut dobie blocks

Will this fit on a 12inch dewalt miter saw?

Sure! Good Luck with your project!

Will this blade work with the Circular saw model SCW-18a?

I don't know. I used this blade to undercut about 30 feet of masonry stone around 2 fireplaces in my home prior to installing a laminate floor, and it cut very well

Can a blade like this be used in a standard hand held power saw to cut concrete curbing?

That would depend on how thick the curbing is. This blade is designed to fit onto a 4.5" die grinder tool, and not a standard power saw. You should not substitute this blade into the wrong type of saw as it will not spin at the speed in which it was designed to do.

Will this fit on worm drive?

It should. It comes with a spacer ring in the center that pops out for a bigger shaft

Will this work on cutting a 4" concrete slab? Use on a circular saw?

The depth of cut depends on your saw, but yes, it will go through concrete and will work with circular arbors on circular saws.

Do you need to cut concrete wet or can it be cut dried? My only concern is electrical shock with a circular saw.

I cut 32" of concrete with a circular saw to a depth of 2-1/2" with this blade and did it without water. The blade shows little wear.

Will this fit the roberts jamb saw that home depot rents?

I have a Roberts jamb saw 10-56 longneck. and it fits that saw. It does ride the guard a bit.

I want to cut wine bottles, the blade that came with saw leaves a very rough edge, mess. What should I buy, not too much money? Thanks

This one should work if you go slow and have a good water flow

Will this cut rock

It'll cut granite so I'd say yes

Does this blade have a 5/8 arbor?.

Hi Lori. It has a 7/8" dia. hole for the arbor.
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Reviews in Diamond Saw Blade Products



I put this on my Rigid wet tile saw to cut concrete pavers. It works very well and has good life to the blade with a wet saw. You'll need to move the harder materials through the blade fairly slowly to insure you don't burn up the saw but it does the job well. I recommend it for use on 2" thick concrete pavers and other materials.


Sandy Gardener

You can pay as much or as little as you want to for diamond blades. This blade is probably best for cutting block or brick. The steel blade blank is thicker than higher end blades, meaning the diamond segments are thicker than better blades, which means more material is removed and cuts take a bit longer. I wouldn't recommend trying to cut harder materials like tile, concrete, or granite with this blade because of this. Diamond life seems decent so far.


Gary Harger

I cut a lot of concrete 1 inch deep for flat work. This blade made a nice thin line, I prefer a thinner saw cut on exterior flat work. It worked very well up until the moment it did not work! When this blade is done it is done! I will buy another



Buyer's beware the center ring is not pressed in well. I've had the ring fall out of this 4 inch blade and Whirlwind's 7 inch blade, when I opened the packaging. Easy to fall out, but not so easy to put back in.That being said, the blade cuts well and the price is cheap enough to buy two, just in case.I used the blades to cut a concrete floor for a bathroom drain. The 7 inch blade on my circular saw cut a couple of nice lines a little over 2 inches deep, then I used a jackhammer to break out the concrete, between the cuts. In hindsight, wish I'd used a 10 inch blade, as the concrete floor was 3 1/2 inches thick.Suggest using water while cutting, to hold down the dust and cool the blade. I didn't use water to start with, thinking that my shop vac could handle the dust. I was wrong... a cloud of dust covered everything, clogged the shop vac filter and my dust mask. I also managed to bend the first blade, when it got too hot while using it, without water, on long continuous cuts.



I was favorably impressed with this 7" blade..Used this blade in my Makita saw to cut a 2" thick slab. The blade tracked straight and dust was negligible with a little water in the cut. Took less time to make the 3 ft. cut than to change the blade into the saw.One note: 2 inches deep is about all that can be expected using a regular 7 1/4" saw.Can't tell from the packaging literature or markings on the blade if this is made in USA or a foreign import.If USA made, mark it accordingly for bragging rights.This is a good product at a fair price.

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