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Digital Time

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FAQ in Digital Time Products

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Reviews in Digital Time Products


Allen Schindewolf

This is a great quality product for a very reasonable price. They are used almost everyday. I particularly like the way they return to the preset time when countdown is completed and stop button is pushed. This is a very useful feature upon the completion of my wife's home hemodialysis treatments.



We recently got a new oven that does not have a timer, so I purchased this product and I am very impressed! The display is very large and easy to read, and it is so easy to use I gave one to my dad, who has to do a lot of special cooking due to dietary issues, and he loves it! It is loud enough to hear from the next room over as well, I have not forgotten about food in the oven since buying!



These timers are packaged nicely in bubble wrap inside a small box so they will not be damaged. Unwrapping the first one I noticed a protective film across the readout and go to peal it. It was not very satisfying to peal cuz it's edges were under the plastic so it did not come off perfectly and I can see there maybe being issues with the plastic sticking under there. None of mine had it but I pealed slowly so that probably helped. Though honestly this is nitpicking.The readout is nice and large thus easy to see and the buttons are as well. They are all marked with their function.They come with an off brand AAA battery installed but it is covered in plastic so make sure to pull that out and unwrap it.The stand in the back is a little flimsy and the way it is held up is a tiny plastic peg to the side so it may break off with repeated opening and closing in the future though after many openings and closings it did not bend or brake for me. It does hold the timer perfectly and does not fall over at all so it preforms it's function.The magnet is nice and thick and glued on well. It holds the timer to my cooler extremely well with out any sliding even for how big it is.The function of the time is spot on, it keeps time well (when compared to my phone's clock app) and it even has a stopwatch type mode where it can count up if you just hit the start/stop button without the minute or second buttons which is nice.They do come with a set of instructions but these are so easy to use you probably will not even need them.All in all I would totally recommend this product.

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