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Dlna Wifi

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Acute Angle AA - B4  Mini PC
61% OFF

Acute Angle AA - B4 Mini PC



Refurbished Mini M8S Pro TV Box
55% OFF

Refurbished Mini M8S Pro TV Box



Q96 HOME Smart TV Box
51% OFF

Q96 HOME Smart TV Box



S95 TV Box


MX10 TV Box


MX10 TV Box


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FAQ in Dlna Wifi Products

How to connect your Android TV box?

More detailed connecting steps in our blog post: Still don’t how to connect your Android TV box?

How to restore the TV box back to factory?

You can refer to this post: WhoHoo! TV box factory reset is easier than ever!

TV box or TV dongle: which would you choose?

You can refer to this post: TV box or TV dongle: which would you choose?

How to flash the Android TV box via SD card?

Find the detailed steps in our blog post: How to flash the Android TV box via SD card

What is TV box and how does it work?

What is TV box and how does it work?

Why is the screen blurry on start up?

Check the HDMI connection, also you can change a new HDMI cable.

Why does the box stay on the splash screen and cannot get into the system?

This is mainly caused by incorrect power cut when the box is still operating, try to reset your box.

Why can't i download some Apps?

Ensure the system supports the Apps you download, upgrade the firmware if necessary.

What can i do when WiFi connection doesn't work?

You can refer to this post: 6 solutions to solve a TV box that won't connect to WIFI

Other issues about TV box: language, freeze on the interface?

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Reviews in Dlna Wifi Products


Saleem Al-Kahlout

The device is fast and beautiful comes with stock Android 7.1.2



Thank you for your delivery and mail selection. Fast and reliable. It works and serves! Thank you and have a nice day. Jiří Kristl



A tv box with good value for money. It offers the main features that any other box TV offers at a very low price. It runs pretty well with most apps. Just do not expect to run the heaviest games on the market on it, but the lightest to medium games play well. The interface is simple but effective, because what matters is working and not just beauty. I recommend the purchase. For basic use there is no need for anything much better and no more expensive. Good product.



Box looks good, running side by side with an older A95X Nexbox, launches into Android fairly quickly, decided to factory reset on receiving it, then install Ugoos launcher -, to replace the mediabox launcher, bit slicker Running ok, remote buttons are a little bit rubbery, quite pronounced off the remote itself, but if you've got an old A95X, the remote on that one seems to work on the new one too



Box works great, use the Android app for your particular device and monitor on TV


Ed Williams

Comes with KODI app screen as main large box that takes up the whole left side of the main screen, not that impressed with the operation of the remotes or the tv box itself ... you have to interchange between remotes to operate some of the other apps where one works and the other doesn't which is frustrating and time consuming



Great product very simple and easy to use



it has arrived in a nice box and it was well packaged. very easy to setup. for me it was like 3 min. to setup. if you live in Eu they send you transformer to plug. one little problem is you need to uninstall youtube because its not compatible with the device and install it again.



Good wifi reception with exterior antenna, Alice is freadly and quick respose and works very well / buena recepcion de wifi con su antena externa, Alice amigable y responde rapido y funciona muy bien.



Android 8.1. Box starts up very quickly from soft shutdown (sleep) and is very snappy in menu. The remote is better than regular remotes with it's voice search and quick mouse pointer. Voice is somewhat limited. Streaming is much smoother than my old box (M8S Mini) both with wifi and lan connections. USB 3 is a nice addition. Great value overall.


Ms. Nicole Donald

The box itself is very nice and sturdy but wall plate is very fragile



- Quick, he does not <BR>- Plays all movies <BR>- The ability to install games and software from Google Play <BR>- Works with any bluetooth headphones and mouses <BR>- Low power consumption



The MX10 TV Box works good. It opens the USB drives fast. It plays a lot of different file types even 3D. The menu is ok, could be more easy.

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