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Drill Jewelry

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FAQ in Drill Jewelry Products

what powers this rotary tool kit?

It is connected to a ACDC plug.

Will the drill chuck clamp down on bits smaller/skinnier than those that come with the kit?

It should. Those you get are pretty small.

Ac Voltage?

Don't know about the AC . The unit runs on 12 volt DC with 5 amps.

Does this drill into metal frame? I'm installing an air conditioner and I need to drill the frame to screw the frame holders. Would this work?

Yes, it will be helpful to work on it.

what do you use to hold the item that you are drilling? i want to use them to hold beads so i can make the holes larger.

You will need a dremel or some sort of small chuck drilling piece.

How fast will the phone charge the batttery from zero to full and how long will the cradle take to charge the battery from zero to full?

It takes around 4 hours to charge the battery to full, but my batteries are getting old and don't stay charged for long. So I do change them twice a day.

Is this gental enough to drill into sea shells without destroying them?

I think it is. I haven't really tried on sea shells yet but have found it to be fairly gentle. I have used it very easily on glass and it didn't shatter. Good luck!

Does this fit to my lg3 li-ion battery model bl-53yh?

I don't know about that particular model but I have 2 different models of batteries for my LG g3 phone that I use with this charger..The charger works great and they shipped it pretty fast from overseas.
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Reviews in Drill Jewelry Products


Nate Reeves-Davis

Great for detail work or anywhere a drill can not get. Used it on the jewelry box I made for my wife as well as several other projects that I wanted to do by hand. Light weight. Dose not slip. Can use other bits, but not anything to big.



What a handy little device for drilling holes in model cars. It seems to me that it has all the drill sizes you would need for use with plastic model cars. It was delivered on time and in perfect condition. I would recommend this hand drill to anyone.



This tool is very nice to have, especially for some delicate ornaments I make around the holidays. Sometimes this small type of hand tool is nice to have, over a very large drill (that doesn't always work well when drilling holes in tiny pieces).



I bought this drill to drill needle holes in beetle wings so that I can sew them to a dress. It works quite well drilling very small holes in beetle wings and does not leave burrs around the edge of the hole.



For the price, and the fact it uses battery's you can buy cheap at smoke shops. This is a great tool. I use it for arts and crafts with the kids, and it does a very good job. Don't expect too much out of a drill with a motor that size. It's very light and durable.

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