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Drill Rechargeable

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BOSCH Electric Power Drill 12V Rechargeable Cordless Steel Drill Screwdriver
29% OFF
If you need a drill this is the one you should buy!

BOSCH Electric Power Drill 12V Rechargeable Cordless Steel Drill Screwdriver



BOSCH GSR120 - Li Rechargeable Hand Electric Drill Practical
37% OFF
Well, we’ve used this on quite a few projects now and I honestly think it was a great purchase. It holds a charge well and charges fairly quickly.

BOSCH GSR120 - Li Rechargeable Hand Electric Drill Practical



TONFON Cordless Gun Drill 12V from Xiaomi youpin
35% OFF
가격대비 우수합니다. 배송도 생각보다 빨랐구요~ 20v도 가격 저렴해지면 하나더 구입할까 생각중이네요~ 센스있게 돼지코 플러그도 챙겨줬네요~ 추천해요^^

TONFON Cordless Gun Drill 12V from Xiaomi youpin



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FAQ in Drill Rechargeable Products

How do i turn the drill on?

Charge up the battery for between 3 to 5 hours.Press the trigger to test. The chuck will rotate.Please see included manual for more details.

Where is the reverse button?

A small switch on the grip near the trigger.

is this drill powerful enough to attach the'power cone" attachment for polishing the chrome wheels on my car?

I'm not sure how much power your device requires but I've found this drill to be very powerful for all my normal drilling operations.

does it come with a carrying case?

It did not come with carry case

I cannot insert the drill bit - My chuck is too tight and I cannot get it to open. I have followed the instructions in the manual. Help!

Try putting the drill in reverse and while holding the chuck it should break free and open up. If that doesn't work you can always put the chuck into a vice and put the drill in reverse. Either of these 2 suggestions should work. Hope this helps.

Can I charge at 220v?

I love my Deko works great I put 2 dresser worked great would have never be able to put it together without it.

Is this cordless?

Yes when it's charged.

Does battery pack have to stay attached when using

remove and replace operator

What tools does hti scome with? T20 open end?

According to my handyman, it is very powerful. He was surprised, because of it's size.

Hello, could this be used to drill a small hole in crystal for jewlery?

if you had the patience and the proper bits it could drill into crystal, however, the drill bits that come with it, would be nearly impossible to use for that. They are more for plastic, metal or wood. I drilled through a dime and it took me 4 or 5 minutes (after the hand cramps subsided).

Does this drill have an electric brake? When you let go of the trigger,does the bit stop spinning immediately?

No it does not. Release the trigger and it will coast to a stop.

Can I use this to drill holes ?

Yes, you could drill holes but you need drill bits with special ends to fit the screwdriver. You can also use spade bits. The screwdriver may not drill many holes until it needs recharging.

How do I use the keyless chuck?

Put the bit in the chuck, hold the chuck, press the run key. It will tighten the bit in the chuck.In all honesty if you can't figure out how to put the bit in it maybe you shouldn't be messing with power tools. They can hurt you.

Are men able to work with this drill also?

Thank you for the interest in our goods. The kit is suitable for men and women. Please check the specs before ordering. Thank you.

Hi can the drill be use without the cord??

No, the Hi-Spec 300W Hammer Power Drill is corded and needs to be always plugged in for operation.

Where do I plug in the cord to charge the battery?

Any outlet will work.

Since this is battery operated / cordless drill? Does it work well?

It does work well. Drills holes and drives screws.

would this drill run an ice auger

The drill is pretty nice but I doubt that it has the power to run an ice auger if it could the battery would not last long for such a demanding task. you would need a 4.0 ah battery to run something at demanding for very long.
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Reviews in Drill Rechargeable Products



This drill is a great hand held size, and is very powerful. This is great for taking off the gel powder manicure. Good quality machine!



I was so excitedly to get this nail drill,and couldn't wait to use it ,I was certain this was a high quality professional nail drill which works powerful and stable,it's fully charged in just over 2 hours,but it can be used for a long time,the favorite point is that ,when is charging ,the 4green lights will indicate that they are fully charged,really recommend!

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